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    Kealios reacted to Christopher R Taylor in The Jolrhos Player's Guide   
    I'm looking at trying to bundle stuff up, but I face a couple of problems
    First, Lulu doesn't do bundles and that's the site I have the most familiarity and success building books in
    Second, Drivethru RPG has perhaps the world's worst possible interface and its brutally difficult to get everything the way they want it, but they can bundle stuff -- but if you put out a bundle, then the system cannot do a preview; it pulls the preview straight from the pdf file which is hidden in a zip file if you do a bundle.  Or, at least that's the only way I can figure out how to do it.
    I want to put all of it on Hero but I don't know if they will do that.
    I will work on it, but sadly right now I am getting zero done on writing because I'm cleaning and getting house work done to prep for moving my mom in and getting her house cleaned out and that is taking all of my time and energy.
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    Kealios reacted to Rapier in GenCon 2019   
    It actually went crazy well. Some RL medical stuff came up and I didn't spend anywhere near as much time on the ShadowRun stuff as I would have liked. So I pretty much ran everything as stock from the ShadowPunk stuff. But that stuff was...not great. There were some pretty glaring holes and things that just did NOT work well. My AD&D conversions were awesome. The CoH ITF I could have run twice a day all weekend and still turned people away. I caught a bunch of stuff we missed in playtesting. I'm planning on making a bunch of changes and I'm continuing work on my AD&D Hero (titled Caverns and Big Lizards). I've also decided that when that is done I'll be converting ShadowRun. Once ShadowRun is done, a few people have expressed an interest in me tackling BattleTech using vehicle rules. So things went really well. I've already got notes and stuff for next year. I think next year I'll run the D series (the Drow modules) and possibly culminating in Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits. That's a lot of D&D conversions so I might scale that back a bit so I can squeeze in some ShadowRun playtesting.
    I would also like to actually get to participate in a game or two next year!
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    Kealios got a reaction from Ninja-Bear in Limitation for Entangle   
    My son, who I am about to introduce to Hero system (6th ed), wants to build a Scorpion-like character, which is how I found this thread. He wanted the option to not always yank the target to him.

    I was going through the rulebook last night and settled on Telekinesis, only to Grab or Punch. The Grab-and-Pull simulates the "Get over here" while the Punch can simulate it just impacting to do damage. I'd probably also limit the TK to Only 1 Target and Limited target: living beings.
    For what it's worth
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