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  1. That's kind of why I'm going at it from the other side. What I'm doing is, basically, creating a Fantasy Hero campaign that has all the IP/Lore of AD&D. For instance, I looked at things like Backstab. It's a multiple or, in Hero terms, a damage increaser. So I made it part of Skullduggery (the Thief Martial Arts package) and its +4 DCs (must be behind target). I could also build it with some + HtH DCs with Must Follow Suprise (-1/2) and Only from the Back (-1/4).
  2. I haz been busy. Even when they closed everything down for snow I was too busy to get anywhere near this. Things should slow down a bit in the next day or two and I should have some time. End of the week is better for me, so I'm hoping to have some more sent over to proofread then.
  3. There is no place, yet. I'm still proofreading and such. The plan is to publish (in some fashion) a sourcebook in the near future. I'm not sure about converting 5th Edition. I've got none of the source material and I've not played it at all.
  4. Ok, so I'm working on some of the sourcebook things because I needed a spell break. If I were to add in some of the skills/proficiencies from further editions, which ones and from what sourcebook? I'm looking to run things pretty lean, but I figured that some of them might be worth adding (if for no other reason than to showcase Hero).
  5. I totally hear you. I used to have an old copy of Davinci's (Vitruvian) Man that I could list sectional defense on. It would be pretty awesome if it could be overlaid on that image (or just the old BBB character outlines). I'll have to look at the XML and see if there are even fields for hit locations.
  6. HTML templates are pretty easy to do. HTML is very clear you just set up some tables and stick fields in them. If, like me, you prefer printable templates (RTF) that is a bit messy. Even trying to tweak templates that already exist can be truly maddening.
  7. SPELLS ARE FINITO!! At least the entry. There is still some proofreading and such that needs to be done but they are all entered. Phew!
  8. 4 spells to go and Illusionists are done! The last 4 are a bit intricate, so I'm going to take a break. Most of these spells are copies from Magic-User spells so there is quite a bit of proofreading to be done still to make sure I made all the changes. I might take off from spells a bit and work on the other stuff. I'm a bit spelled out.
  9. Yes, it was truly fubarred. I've been struggling this whole time with their system of measures. The same spell description can talk about 1" (ie 1 indoor mat inch = 10'), 1" (ie 1 outdoor mat inch = 2 yards, iirc it was 'horse sized') 1" (an actual inch), 1' (an actual foot). It's maddening.
  10. I'll admit that this whole AD&D (1st Edition) conversion is really pushing me. I've found a bunch of oddities in HD that Simon patched, and a bunch of really strange questions. It's actually been pretty enjoyable. I've done more digging to try and find the answer myself but no dice...so here it this morning's quandry: AD&D was fond of the total effects (magic missiles ALWAYS hit, some spells are save or DIE!) that Hero doesn't do (which I admit is nice, it always sucked to have a world renowned uber powerful character instantly destroyed for flubbing a single die roll), but there are some effects that do need that kind of total effect to keep the flavour. So I'm working on Phantasmal Killer from the Illusionist spells. In short, it is "cast an illusion that is so terrifying that if the illusory monster lands and attack you die." I started a build with Mental Illusions, but I was concerned that this would require a lot of work on the GMs part to decide on-the-fly what OCV/DCV, damage, etc the monster would have. Us GMs have enough to worry about without having to not only come up with all this but track it. So I was thinking that I could even keep the flavour of the AD&D version by using Transform. At least, right now, that is my intent. I may go back to Mental Illusions as I ponder this. Anyway, so I've got a 2d6 Severe Transform and every time the 'Monster' lands an attack (with OCV 5) the poor victim takes 2d6 Severe Transform effect and if the 'Monster' lands enough damage to hit the Transform threshold they die BUT this is still a mental attack. So I'm using AVAD Power Defence -> Mental Defence, but I think I might want to also allow Power Defence (since that is how I've defined generic 'Magic Defence'). I guess what I'm rambling on about is that I'm trying to build a Transform that can be defended by Power Defence AND Mental Defence. Even if I decide to go back to Illusions for this, I'll need these builds going forward. Since I'm using Power Defence as the "Magic Defence" I'll need to know how to handle EGO attacks (erg, I mean Mental Blasts...I'm old school) that can be defended by either Mental Defence and/or Power Defence. So how do I build it? How much is it worth? If a character has both Power and Mental Defence, do they add? Do they use the higher value? Normally, I would just make a decision and move on, but since I'm leaning towards Sourcebook I want to make sure I'm being fair and doing things properly (which means I bug you). Hope you are having a good day, it's still 0 here and the snow is thick on the ground! Oh and THANKS!
  11. Usable By Other has an option for "Recipient must be within Limited Range of the Grantor for power to be granted." Does this take the place of a Ranged, Limited Ranged Advantage? If I'm understanding, I should not need both. Neh?
  12. My current back-of-envelope idea is that there will be Maneuvers/Proficiencies/Skills that characters can buy (like AP, Penetrating, etc). There were some introduced in some of the Survival Guides and became more of a thing with 2nd+ edition. Since i can convert whatever I want, my intent was to include this kind of thing in with my conversion. When I start getting to that point I'll look into the current version of Pathfinder and see what they are calling things and what kinds of things are out there. I have no problem what-so-ever with calling an "Offensive Strike" Backstab and declaring you must be behind someone. There used to be (last time I was around here a lot, like 10 years ago) a thread on creating martial arts as powers. I think Martial Arts are already pretty aggressively priced for their utility. I haven't fully developed Skullduggery as an Art yet, but it may be the only Offensive Strike in the package. If, for some reason, I want another Offensive Strike I'll just make them buy it twice.
  13. When building Sense Powers, there are options for Increased Arc of Perception (from 180 to 240 or even 360). I'm building a bunch of detects for the AD&D conversion (Detect Magic, Detect Illusion, Detect Weasel [I just added that one for comedic effect], etc). So far I've been using Limited Power and kind of eyeballing the Limitation level. But I was wondering what your thoughts were. I've got a couple Detects that are "10m Line Straight Forward" which is pretty shrimpy as arcs go. I've also got some that are 60 degree cones. I've done some digging through the books, but there is a LOT of material to go through and I'm not finding anything on Decreased Arc of Perception. Oh, and while I'm on the subject I'm also limiting the range, sometimes to 10m, sometimes to 34m. So I've got the 2m x 10m line straight forward or a 34m 60 degree cone. Could you lend an eyeball? FYI, I'm finished with Cleric, Druid, and Magic-User spells. I'm smashing through Illusionist now. WHEW!
  14. Crickets: Hearing Group Flash 12d6, Area Of Effect (12m Radius; +3/4) (63 Active Points) I'm just going to assume that silence is agreement. I believe option c (above) is the best. I briefly considered putting the mini columns in alphabetical order (casting time, magic skill, range and AoE, DCV, Mana Cost) but decided that was the OCD Demon and not an actual good idea. I'm pretty happy with that layout and it's pretty close to the one used in AD&D. Because of the conversion to Hero I needed to add a couple of fields, but I think this works. At the end of the day, I don't think it REALLY matters. People who use this will get used to seeing AoE at the bottom of the right column and it won't be strange. I'm just obsessing (partly because I'd prefer to get this locked down before I start filling in fields! :)). I've got the framework (in 2 columns) for the Illusionist spells done and all the description are in. There are only 65 spells (plus the ten magic-user spells) and even a LARGE number of those (eyeballing it says 1/3 to 1/2) are just version of magic-user and a couple of cleric spells. So building should be VERY quick. I've also started to let me brain chew on the classes and how I am going to handle 'levels' in Hero and I think I have found a pretty elegant solution. I think you will like it. See that teaser? It's to make you come back for more!
  15. I haven't quite gotten to Backstab in my AD&D conversion yet. I'm still working through spells but Classes are next on my list. So this is my current thinking: Fighters are like bricks. SUPER cost efficient. You buy some STR and a little DEF and off you go. You don't need to spend all those points on powers. So Fighters (and to a less extent Paladins and Rangers) are going to be swimming in points and probably ridiculous skills just because they have nothing else to spend their points on. So I was thinking was that to really represent their 'Art' of war (see where I'm going here?), I think all fighters should spend points on Martial Arts. This gives them the versatility that kind of cropped up in later editions of AD&D/Pathfinder with Weapon/NonWeapon Proficiencies, Sweep, etc. To this, I'm thinking that the ancillary combat classes (clerics and thieves) should spend some points on Martial Arts to reflect their skill and focus. So I was honestly thinking that instead of being an extra Skill/Talent/Power that I would just include it as part of the thiefly martial art (called Skullduggery). Offensive Strike: -2 OCV, +1 DCV, +4 DCs sounds a lot like a Backstab to me, +4 DCs is an additional 1d6+1K. That's a good sized chunk of damage. Alternatively, there is always Find Weakness...but part of me likes the simplicity and one-stop-shopping of having all the abilities stacked there on the martial arts tab.
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