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  1. I got stuck in physical therapy for six or eight hours a week. Then I had some surgery and have a bit more in about a week. Kind of EVERYTHING has gotten tossed to the side. It's still on my list and I'm putting in occasional efforts.
  2. Rapier

    GenCon 2019

    In City of Heroes, Rommy and Requiem are Archvillains (kind of the biggest of the big bads). Cimerorans are citizens of Cimerora (a region patterned after ancient Greece). Nictii or the plural or Nictus, which are beings of dark energy.
  3. Rapier

    GenCon 2019

    It went very well and rather typically. The tank taunted Rommy to keep him busy and the rest of the team blasted the every living goo out of the nictii. Once they dropped them, Rommy was pretty easy to kill. Game was scheduled to run for 6 hours and we went for 6 hours and 5 minutes. I did pare back the encounters quite a bit. There first mission only had 2 groups of cimerorans in the caverns (with 1 seer). Up top there was no ambush. Second mission was again, a single encounter with one cyst. Third mission, there was 1 general, no computers, then Rommy and Requiem. Last mission was just the p
  4. Rapier

    GenCon 2019

    It actually went crazy well. Some RL medical stuff came up and I didn't spend anywhere near as much time on the ShadowRun stuff as I would have liked. So I pretty much ran everything as stock from the ShadowPunk stuff. But that stuff was...not great. There were some pretty glaring holes and things that just did NOT work well. My AD&D conversions were awesome. The CoH ITF I could have run twice a day all weekend and still turned people away. I caught a bunch of stuff we missed in playtesting. I'm planning on making a bunch of changes and I'm continuing work on my AD&D Hero (titled Caver
  5. OMG. I copied all my stuff over from my computer where I have dual monitors. I'm sure that's it. YEP! It was trying to open a window in another monitor I don't have! I knew it had to be something easy. Thanks!!
  6. So my old laptop was having windows issues. So I reloaded it, got it all up to date and everything. Installed Java (v8) fresh from Java.com. Copied my HD files over and it runs fine and everything. I went to make a change to a character and when the dialog box for the power should pop up, nothing happens. When I try and click it dings, because I'm not in the active window. The dialog box is clearly popping up someplace I can't see it. I looked through alt-tab and I can't see anything. I reinstalled java just to be safe. I don't need HD for my game today, but I need to print out character shee
  7. Rapier

    GenCon 2019

    I'm running a Champions game of a City of Heroes Task Force. I'm running 3 AD&D Fantasy Hero games, and 1 ShadowRun Hero game.
  8. Rapier

    GenCon 2019

    Yowza. Them crickets are deafening.
  9. IT WORKS!! I've so been there before though. You change something that 20 years of experience and more coursework that you can shake a stick at tell you should make no difference, yet it does. Thanks for digging into this for me. I owe you a burger!
  10. Hah we at the end of the BNSF commuter. I've tried everything I can think of (even the silly stuff). So let me know if you can think of anything else to try. New version of java?
  11. It's really weird. I got not error when opening the file. I can also edit the ACV values (even actually going into the modifier window, not just adjusting from the drop down in the power window). If I remove ACV and click OK, I cannot readd it. Since ACV was already in the file I tried to add another blase and got the error/problem. So having ACV is fine, but something about adding it to a power is throwing the error. EDIT: LOL you wanna hop on the train and come over and look yourself? We could grill burgesr!
  12. I unloaded all prefabs (I usually try to open them, use them, and close them, but I think I got lazy). So I unloaded all Prefabs and problem persisted. So I closed HD and opened it up again and still have the problem. Tried deleting appPrefs...problem persists. Could you maybe create a character with just a 1d6 blast ACV? See what happens when I try and load it? trace.log
  13. And I've used it before with no problems. So I'm really confused. It's like HD got possessed. This is the trace from last night. I'm also adding one from just now (problem still exists). trace.log trace.log
  14. I'm building a Mental Paralysis. Add Entangle and then as my first step go to add 'Alternate Combat Value.' But when I double click it nothing happens. Select it and click Select and nothing happens. I tried on different characters with different powers. I even created a 1d6 Blast and can't get it to work on any power on any character. I even closed and restarted HD. Then I rebooted. No matter what I do, I cannot choose Alternate Combat Value on any character. This appears to be the only Modifier with a problem. I just checked and I'm using the most up-to-date version 30 May 2019. I would norm
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