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  1. The world would be a far richer place if every person spent more time unearthing the treasure between their ears.

    1. Duke Bushido

      Duke Bushido

      Thank you, Sir (I presume); that is much appreciated.


      Unfortunately, I've come to discover that's not as welcome here as it once was.  ;)   In the world, I mean.



      I agree with you completely.  I miss the days when it seemed more common.  On the plus side, I'm sixty!  I don't have too much longer to worry about it!  :D



  2. Sorry, by the time I had a good time to reply to your question and not just 5 minutes before leaving from work, they locked the thread for some reason.




      On 1/26/2019 at 8:59 PM, dsatow said:

    1) The large number of Champions I, II, III people who dislike it, seems to infer that the changes in unifying the system seems to be good for the users as a whole




    I was up all night, trying to finalize my Western HERO project for proofing.  I just wanted to check in here before going to bed.  I freely admit that thinking at the moment can barely qualify to be called thinking at all.  That said, I straight-up don't understand how you arrived at this conclusion.  Can I ask you to break it down a bit? 


    I broke the choices in the poll up by game mechanic.  If there was a change in game mechanic to the other versions, it would get its own option.  Champions II and III did not change any mechanic to the system.  It only added to it, so they were lumped together.


    In the poll, there were two major collection points: The first choice and the last choice, each with around 41% of the vote.  I can't infer the statement by the 4th and 6th editions though I suspect many of the 6th edition haters probably don't hate the other editions for the consolidation.  People who disliked the 1-3 editions, appear to accept the consolidation that was used in the later editions otherwise they would have chosen one of the other editions for disliking as that was the major change from 1-3 to 4.  The key factor is then the 5 ed people.  If they hated the consolidation as the primary reason, they would have chosen 4 (hated when it started) or 6 (just assume anything along the line is hated so chose the latest version).  So there must be something better in 4 or 6 over 5.  4 and 6 are both consolidated mechanics which means that it isn't the consolidated mechanics.

    1. Duke Bushido

      Duke Bushido

      Ah; I see.  Very clever deduction, Sir (I assume; full appologies if I am mistaken). 


      Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. 


      However, I may represent another subset:


      I enjoy 4e as well.  I didn't adopt a lot of the new stuff in it because: well, the elapsed time meant there were already house rules in place that we were familiar with, and they were close enough to most of the new-to-4e rules (which, as you stated, were primarily gathered from other champions-based games published by Hero) that we just ran with them.  And I _loved_ the over-all layout of 4e.


      I didn't "hate" 5e as much as I strongly disliked what I perceived as the emphasis on combat-combat-combat; how to make every character the Harbinger of Justice, if you will.  But that was also easy enough to ignore.  At the end of the day, I found it "unnecessary" as opposed to unlikable.  And I respected re-5 for its attempt to clarify with additional examples, etc. 


      (still not a fan of the sidebar stuff, though: develop an industry-leading table of contents and then purposely defy it.  Put it in the text, and let me make my own margin notes.  But again, an irritant is not a deal-breaker.) 


      6, though: it's that Fusion feeling all over again.  It's a good, solid game.  But it's not the same game.  I wish, for your research, I could express it better than that, but I'm afraid I can't. 


      But thank you again. 




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