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  1. You are one-hungred percent correct; tracking scat is fundamental to both hunting and avoidance. But have you ever been sitting quietly by yourself, and you come to a certain comforting realization? Something like "I know English is a complicated language, but I feel much beeter knowing that there are certain words that I am never going to here combined into certain orders...?" Yeah..... I used to have those thoughts, too.....
  2. Going to make a stab at it( I have five minutes). Forgive the quote; time constraints. Again, sorry for deliberately mis-quoting you, but have you ever tried to copy/paste a large block on a phone? (my phone doesn't count words that I can tell, so you're on your own there. I might give it another stab tonight.)
  3. I am a fair editor, though : yeah I k kw; it makes no sense. First sentence: lose the phase "by default." it's not necessary, and is precisely the sort of thing you add as filler to your school papers when no need to fluff up the word count. I'd do more, but I'm at work and can't really play.
  4. Ah; I see. Thanks, N-B! (currently out of rep, but you're on the list. )
  5. Right. I don't want to violate any copyright laws, but from the text, the immediate "you can't do this" rules are as follows: "make multiple-Power attacks with spells. perform the following Combat Modifiers with spells: Bouncing An Attack; Spreading. perform the following Combat Maneuvers with spells: Blazing Away, Grab By, Haymaker, Hipshot, Hurry, Move By, Move Through, Pulling A Punch, Rapid Fire, Snap Shot, Suppression Fire, and Sweep." And I erred in my earlier comment that the Limitation wasn't spelled out specifically. Well, it really isn't, but the very last line of that section includes this: "if the GM feels it would be appropriate, he can roll all the restrictions up into one Limitation, Spell (-1⁄2), and let characters apply that Limitation to attack spells." Hope this helps. (and you think that crap would be listed in the index!)
  6. I tend to agree with this, which is why I play the version with 72 pages of rules instead of approximately one-thousand, seven-hundred and ninety-five pages of rules (vol 1&2, Martial Arts, Skills, APG 1&2. Other blue books not counted). I rather like the one with 130 pages of rules (6e Basic), but even that has "no" and "must" a lot more than I care for in my games. And apparently it left powers out-- I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think it was Negation. That could have been summed up handily enough to take up another page or less. Not sure why it was left out. :-/ We currently have a system that, to paraphrase, 'preserves the full flexibility of being able to build and do whatever you want,' so long as you want to do it _this_ way. But I won't quibble about this: for one, Tywill summed up the crux of the problem better than I could have, and for two, I am truly positive that you had no actual intent to slight people who simply don't have the time to eighteen-hundred pages of text only to find out that they didn't actually get a _game_, and now have to sit down and make the universe. At the end of the day, that's a damned hard sell. Well let's us step back just a minute, a little further back so we can look at this from more of an "outside" point of view than we usually do, what with all of us here being pretty well-entrenched HEROphiles and all that: Going back to the hectic world we live in-- Hell, I'll be sixty next month, I work two jobs totaling just over eighty hours a week, and I hustle side work on Sunday afternoons when I can get it. I'm not too terribly unique, really: most of my players work in the 60-hours-a-week range. A lot of people don't _want_ that kind of investment. They want someone to prepare them a game in which they can enjoy a little escapist fun. Villain-of-the-week type stuff; simple scenarios; maybe even >gasp, I say< a little murder-hoboing. They want to get together with friends, shoot guns, blow stuff up, and otherwise let off some steam. They want to be devil-may-care, live for some fun right now kind of people. They just aren't interested in looking at "where do I see this character in a year? Two? Even if we're talking game time, there are a lot of people that just don't _want_ to invest in a second life because the one they are already living just sucks the joy from them. Escapism, as simple as possible. I can live with that. It's not my bag, but I totally _get_ where it comes from. There's notthing wrong with them-- Hell, Im the exact opposite. To this _day_ I prefer to start out with 250 point supers and _grow_ the character, but I have to level with you: that growth occurs a crapload slower than it used to! Just food for thought.
  7. I placed an order roughly 2, maybe 2.5 weeks ago. I received my book two days ago. Hope that helps.
  8. Page 246, FH 5e. It's not so much a specified Limitation as it is a listing of what you cannot do with Spells in fantasy HERO. For what it's worth, that list almost exactly duplicates the forbidden list presented with the Limitation "Real Weapon." I would price it based on that.
  9. While the majority of us go to work sick (and contagious) because our employers know if we're going to miss a day of work, then we certainly don't have the extra money to buy a note.
  10. I like it. However, if you're using a flail, should you not be able to bypass shield _defenses_ as well? Or as an optional "instead?" My field of personal study was more Civil War / American Frontier / settling the west than medieval, but wasn't that the purpose of the flail-- to wrap around a shield and bonk someone anyway? (seriously: I really don't know if that's factual or not; it's just something i took from how they're built / operate)
  11. http://www.dumpaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/dumb-things-1.png
  12. Didn't take it that way, Sir. Just trying to keep this from getting out of hands amongst my fellow Americans: it's an election year.
  13. You're quite welcome. made it to five before I ran out, though. I'll have to come back to it tomorrow.
  14. I totally get it, LL, but I am trying very hard to avoid specifics: I don't like to be publicly political in the one forum where it's allowed. I certainly don't want to muck up the rest of the board with it.
  15. Because the examples with characteristics aren't getting through. Analogy time.
  16. Yeah, I think I'd have let that one play out. A barbarian thinking a god is a false God doesn't really hurt anything in the game, and gives a character a motivation. Let it ride.
  17. Well great. Now I've got to track down nine more of KA's posts, because I canly rep this one once.
  18. I'm with you. Went to the ER three years ago, presenting with symptoms of both stroke and heart attack. (I have record-setting high blood pressure) Won't tell you what the bill was, but I work two jobs now, everything is now in my wife's name, my credit is shot, and my ability to afford my htn meds is spotty at best. I know everyone thinks anyone saying this is full of crap, but I have decided I'm not going again. Had two more of those episodes since, but haven't sought help. If I died right now, my life insurance would almost pay off the balance on the current bill. Almost. There is no way in hell I am sticking my family with another two or three of that. Instead I had to teach a 12 year-old girl how to steer the truck off the road from the passenger seat 1 and kick it out of gear when it slowed down in case Daddy died next to her. I want to politicize this, but I know better.
  19. Yep. Under no circumstances should anyone in America ever go to the ER or ride in an ambulance. These are financial setbacks from which you will never recover.
  20. To be fair, there were a lot of things I liked about New Millennium, including that simplified approach that kept the size of the game at a ready-to-play-by-Friday size. Didn't like Fuzion a lot, though. I might have, if it weren't for the oversights in what got left out, but we will never know now, will we?
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