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  1. Because their smile muscles are in there butt. Every cat owner knows that.
  2. I don't know if this helps you, but my wife typically goes through two Fire tablets a year. My daughter goes through one a year (not as heavy a user). The "amazon fire os" is, from what I understand, Android with a large chunk of Android ripped out of it (such as Google services-- not the most important (to me, anyway), but one of the first most people notice). Allegedly, it's still fine and stable. Our household experience is "not so much; no." As an old man, I can't say enough for having an honest-to-God keyboard-- so much so that at my last job, I used to carry o
  3. Ah.; the misunderstanding is my fault. I tend to wrongly assume that people typically give as few s@ts about pomp and pageantry as I do. Carry on celebrating a guy who dresses like pretty much the entire country; whatever. 😕
  4. Yeah. I still don't get it. It's cold; he dressed warm. I'm not going to go nuts over some guy with a touch of foresight.
  5. I was born and raised in Circle, Alaska. Mittens are the only reason I still have fingers. Gloves will never be as warm, period. I, too, am at a loss as for why the nation is so fascinated with that photo, either. 😕
  6. You have already stated my suggestion: Activation roll. Call it Knowledge: 14- or whatever, but for anything outside of whatever KS or sciences you may have bought specifically, roll to see if it knows about it. If it does, make a note of that.
  7. I don't want to be "that guy," but I do want it noted: There are a lot of suggestions on what to leave out, what to work up to, etc, I have taught this game to a group of kids, spendibg about 3 sessions (including character generation), all of whom can play without problems or confusion, and I have done none of those things. We started out tracking END, STUN, BODY, figuring range modifiers, assessing skill roll penalties and bonuses, countong damage, figuring DEF (to include Resistan vs non), etc. I didnt leave anything out, and they got it quickly, the same way we d
  8. Does-- No; seriously-- Why does the big robot have a beard, a turtleneck, and watchcap? Is it cold? Disguised as a longshoreman?
  9. Going offline for a few days to decompress and catch up on actual stuff. I wanted to leave you with this: Darth Tanyan. That is all.
  10. If it rains enough on a flatland, water on the ground can cover hundreds of acres.
  11. I'm currently doing just that (on corona hiatus): playing HERO with a bunch of beginners. As Christougher said, it'a easy to _play_. If you just want to teach them how to play, you cant go wrong. If you want them to learn the entire system and how to use to great things whole cloth or run adventures themselves, Well, thats another thing entirely.
  12. We've got Hopeyaliktit. Seriously: if it was any smaller, all the town limit signs would be in the same post. First time I went through it was in the 80s, back when I was moving houses (actually, every time I have been through it was when I was moving houses. Damn I miss doing that ). It's cute: the "entering" sign is "welcome to." That's it. a few yards later, the "leaving" sign is "Hope ya liked it!" I not only remember that, I _stole_ it!
  13. Good, because I have a minor quibble. I prefer not necessarily old games; I prefer games that say "sure; if you want." I _detest_ games that say "no" or "never" at the same time they say "you can do anything you want." What I really like-- and bear with me here-- is games that are easy to teach, easy to grasp, and can be read completely in one or two sittings. Honestly, the older I get, the more I like that-- the more I _need_ that, given that the closer I get to dead, the less the time remain is actually _mine_. Makes no sense, but there it is. I also
  14. I do not say this to belittle your contribution; I swear I do not. I am reasonably certain that was the joke: comparing the "value" of being an instagram, and casting it in a negative light. If thats not the joke, then I cackled like a madman over nothing.
  15. That's the Peterson write-up; yes. Thank you.
  16. Who calls an Asterisk a s --- ah, never mind. It's probably that same group of lunkheads that have no clue what an octothorpe is....
  17. You really shouldn't find any 5 or 6e write-ups for Crusader. Sam died in the 90s (the 4e / Fuzion era). It was part of a published adventure with a "Dark Champions" overtone, but at the moment it escapes me as to which one it was. Anyway, he was mortally wounded, made it to his girlfriend's apartment, lived long enough to spill everything to her, and died.
  18. I disagree. I posted the example here a while back where Steve Peterson himself published that character as a Multipower and bonus characteristics with the limitations "only for reasonable animal forms" amongst others. Oh-- nevermind. Technically illegal because you can't put one framework into another-- I misread the VPP of _multiforms_; I read it as "multiple forms." I take back my objection. Carry on!
  19. Off topic: I _know_ what it means; you can skip that part. Can someone tell me just how Splatbooks came to be called by this ridiculous name?
  20. How? No; I'm not picking at you or calling you out. I am asking you to hold that thought a moment. How did it lead to confusion? Remember that this was a Hero Games product released during the 3e of Champions. There was no "Hero System" available to anyone who didn't pull it out of all the games that HERO had already published, and there were a lot of us who didn't know Hero Games was anything more than Champions. Seriously: Espionage was a 2e game. I learned of it's existence sometime around the year 2010. I finally picked up a copy about five years ago. I saw a copy of
  21. That's pretty much what we've always done. I know I've said this before, but for this conversation, I will restate it: we needed vehicle rules before there were vehicle rules. The universality of the character building rules made it fairly obvious to us that we could build them as Characters are built, simply by doing what you said-- defining a base vehicle-- and using the existing system. The "base" vehicle seemed obvious to us: A man-sized vehicle, since the system was built around man-sized characters. So we opted for a motorcycle-- roughly the size of a person.
  22. You know, I don't think I have ever felt as much appreciation for another human being to whom I am not married as this statement made me feel for Steve Long. I detest (no; not past tense: I really can't let it go) Seeker, and for all the reasons LL mentioned. He might as well have had massively-outsized shoulder pads, been covered in pouches, and had a single glowing eye... Obviously, I had to check for myself after posting. However, I was still at work, and my AC's weren't. At any rate, the character I was thinking of was no
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