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  1. Hey guys … here's my take on an Astromech Droid as a race package -- any suggestions or critiques? -------------------------- Droid (Astromech): Also referred to as an astro droid or mech, is a repair droid that served as an automated mechanic on starships. These compact droids use tool-tipped appendages stored in recessed compartments. Many starfighters rely on astromech copilots to control flight and power distribution systems. In addition to its piloting duties, could calculate hyperspace jumps and perform simple repairs. Most astromechs were only ab
  2. Okay ... next thing I'm doing is statting up stormtroopers! What do you think of what I have here for the trusty E-11 blaster rifle, and stormtrooper armor? E-11 Blaster Rifle: Multipower (45 pts), 100 Charges (+ ¾), Focus (OAF, -1), Real Weapon (-¼), extra time – full phase to change firing settings (- ½). 29pts Blaster Fire: 2d6+1 RKA (35 pts), 350m Range, Autofire 3 (+¼), OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-¼). 2f Stun Ring: Blast (9d6 vs ED, 45 pts), STUN only (-0), OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-¼), reduced range 20m (-¼), organic beings only (-¼), requires multiple charges x10 (-¾). 1
  3. Sorry ... posted it from my Word document -- I'll make it larger going forward.
  4. Here's how I did the force and the dark side ... The Force Skill: The Force is a skill that characters can take – 3 Points buys the skill with a (9 + EGO/5) roll. For each 2 points the skill roll is increased by +1. When using force powers, the skill roll suffers a -1 per 10 Active points in the power. The Force skill can also been used for non-power related abilities, such as a check to see force ghosts, or unlock a holocron, at the GM’s discretion. When developing or modifying existing force powers, a force practitioner requires time to meditate and align their spirits – a
  5. I'm an old, old, old HERO system user that is coming back to 6th edition, and I'm trying to build a Star Wars game. This is a great thread -- thanks! Here's a sample racial template... Aqualish (Walrus Man): Tusked bipeds from the planet Ando whose appearance combine aspects of arachnids and pinniped aquatic mammals. Aqualish have a reputation for being nasty, crude and aggressive, and they generally pursue off-world careers as mercenaries, bounty hunters, and pirates. The Aqualish people are made up of three distinct races which included the Aquala, the Ualaq
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