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  1. Hey guys … here's my take on an Astromech Droid as a race package -- any suggestions or critiques? -------------------------- Droid (Astromech): Also referred to as an astro droid or mech, is a repair droid that served as an automated mechanic on starships. These compact droids use tool-tipped appendages stored in recessed compartments. Many starfighters rely on astromech copilots to control flight and power distribution systems. In addition to its piloting duties, could calculate hyperspace jumps and perform simple repairs. Most astromechs were only able to communicate in writing, conveyed via another computer system, or through a special code of clicks, bleeps, and similar sounds, known as binary. Starting Characteristics: STR 8, CON 13, INT 13, PRE 5, PD 8, ED 8, BODY 15, END 40. 16pts Language: Basic (4 pts, literate. 0pts Durachrome Form: Resistant Protection (8PD, 8ED). 24pts Artificial Life Form: (life support total). 35pts Automaton: Takes BODY Only (no effect from stun, no STUN characteristic, takes damage on the droid damage chart below). 45pts Automaton: Does Not Bleed (does not lose additional BODY below 0). 15pts Dense Structure: Knockback Resistance -4m. 4pts Photoreceptor Relays: Eidetic Memory. 5pts Computer Interlink: Analyze Computers (15+INT/5 or less, analyze). 9 pts Base Programming: 12 points of the any of the following – computer programming, electronics, mechanics, PS astrogator, security systems, systems operation, transport familiarity. 12pts Distinctive Features (Droid): concealable with effort, noticed and recognizable. -10pts Physical Limitation: Can only speak binary (very frequent, slight). -20pts Physical Limitation: No hands (very frequent, great). -25pts Social Complication (Droid): restricted civil rights, suffers from prejudice, very frequent/minor. -15pts Circuit Overload: Vulnerable to Electricity (common, x2 damage). -20pts Mechanical Gait: Running -2m (10m total). -2pts Option – Onboard Computer Systems (Absolute Time Sense, Lightning Calculator). Variable Option – Utility Claw (5 STR, OAF -1, No Fine Movement or Manipulation -1, Character cannot use own STR -¼). 2 pts Option – Holoprojector: Eidetic Memory (5 pts, OIF -½, only to remember things received/transmitted -½, only up to 30 minutes of recordings -½, Sight Group Images (5 pts. OIF -½, set effect only received/broadcast images -1, only up to 30 minutes of recordings -½). 4 pts Option – Fire Extinguisher: Dispel (4d6 vs fire powers, expanded effect + variable effect all fire powers simultaneously +4, 60 pts), limited range (6m, - ¼), 4 charges (-1). 26 pts Option – Radar Sensors (radar radio group, discriminatory, increased arc of perception 360 degrees, telescopic +14 versus range modifiers, 32 active points), OIF (-½), concentration 0 DCV throughout -1, costs END to maintain -½. 11 pts Option – Utility Saw (HKA 1d6, 15 pts), No STR Mod -½, no knockback -¼. 9 pts Option – Rocket Boosters (Flight 10m, 10 pts) OIF -½, limited maneuvrability -¼, 4 continuing charges of up to 1 turn each -½. 4 pts Total: 165 points plus Options ; Complications 92 points (+42 points to character creation)
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