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  1. @Killer Shrike just showed me that Texas A&M has a better tech program than Texas Tech, so Joey actually was planning on going to Texas A&M from the start.
  2. When I was coming with the backstory and what he was doing before he was introduced into Arc 1. I said that Joey and his tech partner Teja were in a battle bots program and we won a national competition,and Joey was hoping to get a scholarship from Texas A&M because he knew he couldn't get into M.I.T.
  3. Joey has always lived in southern California, (at least he thinks that), but there is a possibility that Joey was indeed scoping out the Texas A&M area because he was planning on going there if he got a scholarship. Texas A&M however is pretty much in the middle of the main cities of Texas and is close to New Orleans.
  4. I'd say New Orleans, Ann Arbor or Las Vegas would be convenient. I would also suggest St.Louis, Memphis, or Milwaukee due to these cites crime rates in the real world. Also we could have a location in all four directions. We already have a east and a west location, so all we would have to do is get a north and south location, and possibly a middle of America location like a St.Louis. If we were to do that, which I believe we should, then here are my recommendations for the locations... 1. East- Boston- Due to the CEO being most familiar with the area 2. West- San Diego-San Diego is where all the players lives so every player would be familiar in the area 3. North- Milwaukee or Detroit- High Crime rate and Milwaukee, Detroit are pretty close to each other-Grand Rapids wouldn't be a bad choice either because it's in between both 4. South- New Orleans- Basically what Steve said 5. Central (Optional/Not Mandatory)- St.Louis- Highest crime rate in America, close to Kansas City, and is pretty much in the center of America (8 hour drive non-stop from St Louis to the center of the U.S)
  5. Last session was pretty interesting with the sandbox style. That's the first time I've played in a sandbox style. I liked how everyone played their characters and how they interacted with other characters. Also a Congratulations to @King Red for his very first MVP. @King Red, you played Killroy awesomely and I hope you continue to play KIllroy like that in the future.
  6. Awesome. Joey is going to start taking his career as a monster hunter seriously. I took a proficiency with KS: Supernatural Lore to show Joey studying what's out there and getting smart on how to function in the strange reality of hidden things. I'm also continuing to slowly buy off some of his "Only at night" limited abilities so that he isn't a weak link during the day. I hope the group agrees with the direction I'm going 👍.
  7. Liked the new addition to our team. Can't wait till he blows the head off one or more of the vampires.
  8. Thank You, I'm glad my character stepped up yesterday. Murgatroyd was also very helpful with his distraction and UV light beam.
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