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  1. I like the TV episode style of play because the plot becomes more compact and interesting. 👍
  2. Fixed it, put that @Panpiper created both Killroy and Murgatroyd.
  3. We are actually using two of your characters @Panpiper, one of which goes by the name of KIllroy and he has been living up to his name. He has proven to be very useful by killing many monsters and by gaining info through his scope. @King Red is playing him. The other character is Murgatroyd who has been awesome as well. Murgatroyd's cool magic abilities, confident but comedic personality, and his cowardliness all come together to make an awesome character. In a way, Murgatroyd and Killroy are kinda the opposite when it comes to personality traits, physical traits, and combat traits. Murgatroyd is being played by @Durzan Malakim.
  4. @Panpiper, I have seen many of your characters and they all have cool concepts. It's shame that you have never played in this setting because I've you are one of the founding fathers of Here There Be Monsters.
  5. I like that each of the character has a thing that they are really good at but to succeed we all have to work together. For instance, Joey has the night thing, Murgatroyd has the magic thing, Drew got the cop thing, Beretta has the gunslinger thing, and Killroy has the sniper thing and we all work together very well.
  6. From a players standpoint it's also cool to see as well, especially when the relationships are comedic and productive.
  7. I also like the bond that Murgatroyd and Drew are developing, and the same thing goes for Beretta and Killroy too. I enjoy the relationships between characters because it adds a more fun role playing aspect to the game. Some of our characters used the abilities they just got, or ones that they hadn't used before in this session which I thought was cool as well. On the combat side, I feel like everyone who got a chance to fight did their job, and nobody has taken body yet. Overall, after looking at the overall session, I believe we all played our roles in the expected and unexpected ways which just allows our characters to show their true colors. Had Lots of Fun!
  8. Murgatroyd's UV attack was pretty freaking awesome, and his confident personality was too. I'm glad @Durzan Malakim decided to keep playing him because he provides a fun aspect to the sessions.
  9. Awesome session, the story is 100% accurate, loved it.
  10. Had a lot of fun last night can't wait till next session
  11. I'm glad Murgatroyd is staying in the campaign, he is very helpful. Let's hope he doesn't need to change his pants next session.
  12. Awesome story, hope the next session brings just as good of a story or better.
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