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  1. Re: "Neat" Pictures I hear Jingle Bells in my head when I see that. The one with dogs barking.
  2. Re: "Neat" Pictures The faces get distorted and creepy, like grotesque caricatures. It's a bizarre effect.
  3. Re: "Neat" Pictures It's like Mantis Father Christmas.
  4. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Attack the Block. Just as good as everyone says.
  5. Re: "Neat" Pictures Mountain cur, maybe?
  6. Re: "Neat" Pictures And they rolled a 12!
  7. Re: Creepy Pics. I want one under my desk, too! Maybe I'll talk to HR. Wonder if my wife could pour my coffee that way...
  8. Re: "Neat" Pictures Cool idea, but how does it float like that?
  9. Re: "Neat" Pictures ...and a bottle of rum.
  10. Re: "Neat" Pictures Heh, yeah, I saw the link after I posted. Pretty funny.
  11. Re: "Neat" Pictures Wow, that's freaking impressive. Incidentally there's a disembodied ghost-head at the top of the steps to the far platform, center rear.
  12. Re: "Neat" Pictures RHPS, though I didn't find the movie especially memorable when I saw it. He didn't stick in my head until Legend.
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