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  1. Here's my review of Melinda's Ghost Pepper sauce
  2. Here's me and my spawnling discussing the recent IGN best video game of all time bracket.
  3. Here's the fifth episode of me and my son talking about all the movies and shows we've been watching over the last few weeks.
  4. Episode 3 of me and my spawnling's nerd related podcast.
  5. Here's Episode 2 of the nerd topic related podcast that me and my spawnling did.
  6. Product review for something that Teh Ebil Bunneh did
  7. ...annnnnnd, I made a quick review of the product. https://youtu.be/2OgEjUjEsLk
  8. I heard he needed a handler because his mouth had little to no filter. I kinda understand and respect that lol. RIP.
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