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  1. Here in the land that Eli Whitney and Sam Colt built, the stick is back down on the priority list a bit.
  2. "May random factors operate in your favor."
  3. Walter Jones is wearing a Sounders logo on 5th Quarter tonight.
  4. Hey, if you take their phones away, there's not a millennial in the world who could just hang out in a garden without f-----g it up royally in their own way.
  5. The play-by-play was fine, but the color guy ... has all the insight of a 15-year-old trying to talk and look down someone's blouse at the same time.
  6. I took the game in at my father-in-law's, got home half an hour ago. I did convince everyone to mute the game at halftime. The analyst, Twellman?, ... must have thought that it'd kill him to say anything good about Seattle. Like he'd never seen any of the previous playoff games. Cretin. And I couldn't yell like I wanted at Leerdam's goal; my wife was taking a work call at that very minute.
  7. So far the most interesting one is a guy who (I think) fled Turkey when Ergodan went after his enemies in July 2016.
  8. And 30 years ago today, the Berlin Wall opened.
  9. Well, he was manipulable beyond just about anything else, so it suited his backers/controllers quite well.
  10. So ... the note contains the single word, "Flavor."
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