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  1. Isn't it one of those things you can get in come restaurants like the one in the funny pictures thread with the notation "I can't find it on google but it's delicious"?
  2. Though the idea of positing that orcs emit particle radiation, and elven steel is not-quite-transparent to that radiation so that the orc radiation induces noticeable Cerenkov radiation in elven steel, is an amusing concept.
  3. Do everyone a favor and never, ever go to visit ITER.
  4. Q: Sir, are the 219 little green ... entities ... all with you? A: Vanilla ice cream for the lot!
  5. No, but where do you think the sinful toxic waste mangers get sent in the afterlife?
  6. Hmm. If you do it with fissile metal, you could get the hoard to melt down, maybe. Precious metal corium. Now there's a concept.
  7. To misquote the old Jerry Reed song, "When you suck, you suck."
  8. * Cancer starts framing an exam question from that *
  9. Isn't that just the place that Hell uses for toxic waste management facility?
  10. Because it is easier to do but harder to detect, reverse embezzlement is usually accomplished via adding small, high-value items (gems, artwork, magic items) instead of coin. Or, perhaps, surreptitious substitution, e.g., swap in platinum, swap out silver. The two metals look very similar. May have to use this idea.
  11. Casting aspersions at Death Tribble is impossible, since tribbles have long been known to be born pregnant.
  12. Q: You know you're in Los Alamos, not the Alamo, don't you? Go back down to Albuquerque and turn left onto I-40. A: Well, there are worse places to make a last stand.
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