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  1. Yeah, Milk Duds are top shelf stuff IMO. The rest is forgettable.
  2. Maybe post-retirement I can run a Hero system game. Not sure what genre. My gaming group is packed with butt-kickers and power-gamers, so it isn't clear genre matters as long as there are lots of bad guys to wipe the floor with.
  3. A fanblog has pointed out Geno Smith for Seattle has averaged 3.3 yards per pass attempt, which is not only execrable, it is less (by an amount that is lost in the rounding) than Alex Collins' 3.3 yards per carry average for Seattle, which is also distinctly below league average in that category. I think the biggest question remaining is how the Jets are to botch the really nice 1st round pick they already have from Seattle.
  4. Q: What about this guy who said it wasn't the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor, it was the Democrats? A: I think your box lunch has a concussion and a bruised kidney.
  5. Great minions. Lousy counselors. Look for Amazon to hire them by the thousands.
  6. Not exactly; it was the Greeks, not the Trojans, who did the penetrating. But it was the Trojans that broke and let the penetrators in....
  7. They create greater disorder. Duh.
  8. Not quite everything, but I rarely discuss stellar structure or particle physics in detail here on these boards, so you can be excused for thinking that.
  9. Are these changing for all sports or just football? For some of these schools, I tend to think their basketball matters more than their football, so it could be a mistake to think of football in isolation here.
  10. Do it sideways and you'll be eating Kit Kats the wrong way.
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