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  1. Time to put real pants on and hike over and drop my ballot in the box. It's only local elections, but ....
  2. Not clear to me that a location between Houston and Dallas-Ft Worth is a viable long-term NFL site. Especially if the established clubs do the hidden Texas politics thing to keep out competition, which I fully expect.
  3. Ifri (7th Sea 2nd edition version of Africa)
  4. I remember hearing that on radio (Armed Forces Radio in Germany, though I don't recall where specifically) many years ago, but I hadn't seen the video until now.
  5. Obfuscation and concealment spells seem like essentials here. Ditto setting out false trails, and traps coupled to those.
  6. That is the product of a divide-and-conquer mindset.
  7. Dogs will ignore you if they know you're lying ... unlike young children.
  8. Might you have inadvertently left the "b" out of the final word there?
  9. "The formulae that will save the world are in my study, 3rd rack up from the floor next to the blackboard, 4th reel in. It's a 9-track 1200 bpi half-inch mag tape. It's encrypted, but the password is 'HasturHasturHastur', no spaces and capital H's."
  10. ... stays in the new Suicide Squad movie. (What?!?)
  11. So are you going to send the PCs back after the kid in a search-and-destroy mission in an effort to save the Sidhe from her?
  12. I've played 7th Sea, both 1st and 2nd editions. The differences ... some good, some bad. Bearing in mind that ours is a large group ... When playing 1st edition I tried making a go with a character who was neither in a duelist school nor a mage, and unless your campaign is far more plot-heavy and combat-light than the ones I've seen, such a character ended up as not really worth playing. I haven't decided yet if that's true in 2nd edition also; I have a Glamour mage in one campaign, and a none-of-the-above sailor in the other, and we spend enough time sailing around in hazardous waters and and in ship combat that the sailor is worth having, so far.
  13. Being a firm believer in randomness as a creative tool, just to see what happened, several years ago I coded up a little python script that read three files, each containing words, one word per line. One file was colors. One file was rooms. One file was "of words", which also included adjectives. Then use an RNG to draw one word from each file and slap them together with dramatic capitalization to create random dungeon room names, as I originally thought of it. You can see from the list of stuff in my post the structure of how it worked. Now, before doing the draw-and-assemble script I had to edit each input file by hand, and I did that looking to make phrases with a particular suggestive atmosphere. But draw-and-assemble process was random. As one might expect, you have to scan the output to decide what is cool and what isn't. The first run produced "The Sordid Maroon Lounge", to which my wife retorted, "I've been there." But that run also produced "The Sapphire Vestibule of the Old Gods", to which my brother replied, "That's not a room, it's a campaign arc."
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