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  1. At about 2:45 AM, they all look like that.
  2. ... and this morning the little birds are hitting the feeder in force, despite the rain.
  3. Seattle's OL is Not Very Good.
  4. My wife was sent up to Anchorage for work a dozen years back, and the moose come into the city in the autumn. We have a picture (taken by an undergrad roommate of mine who lives there, and was driving the car), taken looking past my wife in passebger seat, of a moose munching crabapples off a tree in a yard, ignoring everything else.
  5. After the going-til-1:30AM loss against Cal last weekend, Washington handles Hawaii comfortably. Next up: the seemingly dangerous BYU.
  6. So.... Take some cows. Put them in glittery spandex bodystockings, and brightly-colored full-head padded masks (with openings for eyes, nose, mouth, & horns of course). Let them pose ludicrously in a feed lot in front of inebriated onlookers. "LAAADIEEEEEES AND GENTLEMOOS ... PRESENTING ... LOS MOOCHADORES!"
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nighthawk
  8. I put the bird feeders out for the first time this season, and it took a couple of hours before they were discovered by the birds (though the squirrel tried to find a way to plunder them rather more quickly). First in were the two crows resident south of the house, who are only interested in the suet. The juncos followed the crows in.
  9. I've been in meetings like that.
  10. Hobbes and Fluff Butt are bunkering with me on the bed while my wife is in the great room with that terrible kitten.
  11. Elk is larger, and beyond that, depends on the environment each is from. That sounds stupid and obvious, but it's true. The elk green chile we made a month or two back was great. (We'd had the ground elk in the downstairs freezer for a while and made chile because the peppers & tomatillos were in season.)
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