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  1. ... a bunch of people who all used INT as their dump stat ...
  2. There are occasional bits in the professional science magazines (Science, Nature, American Scientist) and their opt-in five-days-a-week email teasers, but not with the sort of focus described in the OP on a regular basis.
  3. No problem with this. While I thought about taking Entropy as a domain, that's more ... deterministic... in a global sense than I was looking for. An irrevocable end to personal existence is different from stealing the magic soul cookies and hogging them all in a formless limbo outside of Creation.
  4. More gratuitous violence Y'know, splice about fifty little clips like this into a single monolithic sequence and I'd watch this as I eat my cold cereal every morning.
  5. Part of northern Sweden is full of rocket shelters
  6. You can send it to me in a PM or an email and I'll look and comments about it.
  7. I'm sure this is symbolic as all get -out, but I want one of those guns, and If there's a stupid robin singing away at 4AM, this activity is totally understandable.
  8. For looks, hummingbirds win. But far more than blue jays, hummingbirds are dicks. If they weren't the smallest birds on the planet, they'd be terror-inducing. And yes, you can find pictures of hummingbirds that killed each other (corpses impaled on each others' bills), so yeah, they can be just insanely violent. Woodpeckers convey the impression of not being very bright (they do slam their heads into trees all day) but I don't see what I can interpret as orneriness in the behavior I've witnessed. And actually, barring the agricultural damage they do, crows are actually pretty cool. Admittedly we leave them stuff (old cat food, chip crumbs, etc.), but the ones around us recognize us and are pretty tolerant. I haven't seen what I can call clear unambiguous affection, but I don't mind them at all. Blue jays are just dumber than crows: they come to a source of food, spend half a minute yelling loudly and boasting of their discovery, by which time something else has come in and dispossessed them. They really are the dumb blondes of the corvids. (Most of the really stupid posts on Twitter can be thought of as coming from blue jays in human form.) But the most obnoxious are robins. Those idiots start calling loudly about 4AM here (and it's still full dark then, even here) and keep going until well past sunrise. Robins vs Pigeons
  9. Hm. I am aware of a napalm recipe that uses animal blood (as part of the thickening agents, not as the incendiary). Didn't know about baking.
  10. Hu Band going on US tour Hmm. Their Seattle date is Oct 16. Hmmmmmmm.
  11. You mean this one? Let me think about this and I'll get back to you next week. My August will be even more chopped up than my July has been, so any participation I might have can't happen before September at earliest, but I can scratch out/look over some ideas for how to structure things.
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