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  1. Surely you have the ends reversed?.... Or should it be an inverse palindromedary with two butts instead of two heads?
  2. Pariah discovered that you can produce death tribbles by starting with werewolves and feed them nothing but tofu, cabbage, and durian fruit for three weeks. I strongly advise not asking why he performed the experiment to prove it.
  3. I don't know where that one is, but I have been to this one:
  4. Lots of weapons seem to be coming in over the last day or two, so we'll follow that stampede. Stolen from another studio: Sting, the magic shortsword from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings; its representation in the films works for us. In our film it is THE holy blade, the Sword of St George, on long-term loan to the Marshal of Splato (George C Scott's Lord Borna) from Lepfene Monestary. Among its powers will be rendering its wielder immune to unholy sorcery as well as burning demons with blue-white angelic fire. We retain its original-material size as a long knife or rather short sword, interpreting its history and form as being a late-Roman gladius, and (if anything) towards the short end of the size range for those. EDIT: probably our next entry will come Monday, and with only three picks (Hero, Music, and Fantasy Race) and a bunch of colortext to come, that should complete our film.
  5. Yup, did that the two years we lived in New Mexico. I think I did that a once or twice in a different school, but it wasn't grocery bags; we were given some glossy colored cut-and-fold purpose-made covers there.
  6. There was a sheriffs' radio report of two cars stuck in the ditch at the bottom of a hill on Pull and Be Damned Road, followed by another sheriffs' radio report that a fire department response truck had become stuck in the same ditch.
  7. Not for me, but I do not claim to know all the vices of all my colleagues.
  8. Mt Pelee in Martinique. There was also the Harry Truman who lived in a lodge on Mt St Helens and refused to evacuate before the explosion in 1980. He was the only one who refused evacuation. Others killed were geologists and photographers (who went in knowing some of the risks) and I think most of the rest were people caught in the lahar flow.
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