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  1. Depends on the students in the team. Might be more than one.
  2. Al-Hazred Hall, University of Massachusetts at Arkham, during Senior Projects week.
  3. Though in Super Mario 3 they made it easier by leaving out all the small-county sheriffs.
  4. * Waits for Pariah to make a post containing the single word, "Tomorrow" *
  5. That looks like Disneyland, but I've been there, and the visitors aren't dressed anywhere near that well.
  6. Though I think the coolest option for pretend swords (a page back now) is laser pointers in the fog at night while making the "vwom" noises with your mouth.
  7. L. Marcus wishes he could become a hussar. Cuirassiers are so ... mundane.
  8. Q: Madame Curie, are you quite sure it is safe to work with that stuff? A: Just don't try making wine out of it.
  9. Broken-off old TV rabbit ear antennas are an old classic that sadly is fading from our collective memory.
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