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  1. ... and theologians would be physicists?
  2. Physics cow talks about heavy leptons and the precession of their magnetic moments at the same time!!
  3. nominal ng 1.5167 1.6199 1.7647 1.85 1.5724 1.8464 1.4584 1.6699 1.4338 1.7681 2.41726 2.15846 1.4865 1.6725 1.5422
  4. Give us a few days and we'll have that here.
  5. My HP-33s is literally within 30 cm of my left hand, and with it I never need no d****d parentheses.
  6. Q: Alright, who's the target of this latest doxing campaign of yours? A: I, on the other hand, freely admit to being a conspiracy of thousands of intellectual deviants who take such great joy in biting the heads off of chocolate Easter bunnies that we'll bite the heads off of just about anything chocolate. But we can't stand Peeps. That's why our public handle is the Antipeepa.
  7. Well, at least the ones you're both willing to confess to in public.
  8. As the Graf von Spee said in his last signal, Sie haben aber recht.
  9. Q: Wait, you're gonna mess with the plot in your remake of Groundhog Day? How?? A: Ox, the Blue Babe.
  10. Needs the "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!" robot in the background also. And one of the babes in the short Space 1999 uniforms and silver hair, arguing with Cat from Red Dwarf.
  11. Yeah, I had to register for the old draft when I turned 18 in the summer of 1974, but I was never at risk. You still had to carry the card to show you were in compliance with the law, though. Even that ended when the old draft was formally abolished, and I took the card out of my wallet and put it among my mementos in my bedroom. Which was where the fire broke out a couple of years later. So while it's literally correct that the card was burned, it wasn't burned in the social/legal anti-war defiance sense when that sort of thing mattered.
  12. Glass Coca-Cola bottles with city names molded into the bottom.
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