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  1. "Everybody has something to hide 'cept for me and my donkey!"
  2. Our next draftee *is* a protagonist, despite historical typecasting. Natasha Nogoodnik
  3. In my class, according to my students.
  4. You're on a slippery slope now.
  5. Sigh. I used to count on 7-11 giving out free slurpees in observance on my birthday, but 2020 is so totally yngvied up ... Pandemic leads 7-11 to cancel free slurpees this year
  6. Really? I never saw his costume inked as anything but that purple.
  7. Next draftee for, well, calling it the Purple Gang isn't appropriate, but ... "The Ghost Who Walks": the Phantom.
  8. I assume the police will have already confiscated those.
  9. Nearly half of surveyed grad students in Australia expect to suspend or abandon their degree programs Economic fallout of the pandemic on graduate students.
  10. From the mid-1960's Saturday morning cartoon series The Impossibles, Coilman!
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