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Strike Force Kickstarter Is Live!

Feb 01 2016 01:13 PM | in Store Item News

The Kickstarter for Aaron Allston's Strike Force is live... and On Fire! If you haven't checked it out already, please do so. There are interesting Add Ons, ambitious stretch goals, and new artwork for your eyeballs!

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Bundle of Holding: Champions 5th Edition Bundle...

Jan 26 2016 03:28 PM | in Store Item News

...meanwhile over at Bundle of Holding: "Heads up, hero! Our fellowship of Systematic Heroes brings you TWO simultaneous offers featuring Champions, the superheroic tabletop roleplaying game from Hero Games. If you're just starting with Champions, go get our FIRST offer, the revived Champions Fifth Edition Bundle from September 2014 with the complete HERO System rulebook, the Champions genre sourcebook, and many key supplements. Then return here to get this all-new SECOND offer, the Ultimate Champions Bundle, featuring the Ultimatebooks for Fifth Edition. These comprehensive character archetype books open new horizons in superhero campaigns, fantasy, science fiction, and every genre the HERO System covers -- that is, all of them!"

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New Product! S.I.D.s Report - PsiForce PDF...

Jan 23 2016 05:09 PM | in Store Item News

More from Greg Elkins! S.I.D.s is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed. (More below the fold!)

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Strike Force Designer Diary Four: Michael Surbr...

Jan 20 2016 12:55 PM | in Store Item News

Aaron was a very prolific game designer. He produced material for a number of game systems, including Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, and Champions. In fact, he produced some of the first supplements for Champions, such as Organization Book 1—The Circle and M.E.T.E. and Organization Book 3—The Blood and Dr McQuark. He also wrote such influential HERO System books as Lands of Mystery, Mythic Greece, and Ninja Hero.

I think what surprised me the most, was to discover that a great deal of what Aaron wrote, be it for Hero Games or Steve Jackson Games, was all part of a greater whole. Just about everything Aaron wrote—that was superhero related—was part of the Strike Force universe. (See below the fold!)

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2016 Third Party Hero System Release Schedule

Jan 15 2016 12:56 PM | in HERO System News

After taking a survey of publishers who license the Hero System for the purposes of releasing their own work, we've put together a schedule for the coming year. I hope you will find it informative and continue to support their work as you have in the past.

2016 Hero System Release Schedule
  • Monster Mash: Draklings (New Creatures for Fantasy Hero) – Greg Elkins Design, Released
  • S.I.D.s Report: Psiforce – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q1
  • Wondrous Treasures: Belts, Sashes & Girdles – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q1
  • Aaron Allston's Strike Force – High Rock Press, 2016 Q1 Kickstarter
  • Chasing a Golden Buck Version Two - Beautifulharmony Multimedia, 2016 Q1
  • Realm of The White Worm (Adventure) – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
  • Monster Mash: Phase Spider & Thornleg Spider – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
  • S.I.D.s Report: Shadow Coven – Greg Elkins Design, 2016 Q2
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth! - High Rock Press, 2016 Q2 Kickstarter
(See more below the fold!)

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Strike Force Designer Diary Three: Michael Surb...

Jan 12 2016 11:47 PM | in HERO System News

In my previous Designer Diary I spoke about the sheer size of the files I had been tasked to sort and read through. Now I want to talk about the sheer size of Aaron’s universe—and it was a full universe.

Initially, when Aaron started running, there was just Earth. But that quickly changed, as Phosphene, Denis Loubet’s PC, was descended from travelers from another dimension. Aaron also had two PCs who were aliens, which meant he needed to start detailing what outer space was like. And as the campaign continued, the size and scope of the universe expanded. It soon came to resemble (in my opinion) the DC Comics universe, with multiple alternate Earths. (See more below the fold!)

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High Rock Press YouTube Channel

Jan 07 2016 03:00 PM | in Store Item News

If you're interested in learning more about Strike Force, have a look at the new High Rock Press YouTube channel. It contains videos and interviews about the upcoming Strike Force project with Steven S. Long, Darren Watts, Ross Watson, Rod Currie, Shane Harsch, Michael Surbrook, and Jason Walters.

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Strike Force Designer Diary Two: Ross Watson Sp...

Jan 07 2016 02:52 PM | in HERO System News

In 1989, I found myself admiring an RPG I had never seen before. It was what I like to call “the big blue book.” The title splashed across an awesome George Perez cover art said: Champions. It was the 4th edition of the game, and it captured me like few other games ever had. Little did I know that one of the supplements for this game, published one year earlier, would change the way I played RPGs forever.

That supplement was called Strike Force, and it was penned by a man I came to know as a friend and a very talented, creative writer: Aaron Allston. Strike Force was not just a setting book, or an enemies book, or a GM’s book. It was all three, and yet it was also something more than the sum of its parts. Strike Force was the first book that ever taught me what it was like to run a long-term RPG campaign, to seize the superhero tropes and themes and make them fit into the experience of a role-playing game. Strike Force was the first time I was taught that different players want different things out of a gaming experience – common knowledge these days, but a revelation back then. (More below the fold!)

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New Product! Monster Mash - Draklings PDF

Jan 07 2016 02:49 PM | in Store Item News

New from the twisted mind of Greg Elkins! Welcome to the inaugural installment of Monster Mash. Here you will find new creatures and/or new takes on old creatures for your Fantasy Hero Campaign.

This installment will cover a new creature known as Draklings. Draklings are a small race of reptilian humanoids that have been seen in the realm of late.

They are small but very cunning and vicious in nature. They attack caravans and unexpecting parties of adventurers using ambush and pack attack tactics.

Includes Hero Designer Files And Cardboard Miniatures

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Strike Force Designer Diary One: Treasures With...

Jan 04 2016 11:49 AM | in Store Item News

It’s one thing to hear a campaign has been run for twenty years; it’s another thing to see it. When I first received the files for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force campaign, I was astounded. I had been given a 600 MB zip file, which eventually unpacked itself into 872 MB and over 5,800 items. And once everything had been unpacked, I started to poke through this extensive collection of files….

And what did I find? (Read more below the fold!)

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