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Tangent #7: The Depths of Zealotry PDF

May 22 2015 05:34 PM | in Store Item News

Eons ago, an ancient evil was trapped beneath the village of Farcaster. Now, however, dark forces are working in the shadows of the city. Cultists roam the streets. Villagers are disappearing. Messengers seeking assistance have vanished. The city needs heroes. Can the party restore the ancient wards are defeat the mighty Maranos?

The Depths of Zealotry is a non-system specific adventure from D3 Games.

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Surbrook' Stuff: Empty Rooms and Vacant Win...

May 22 2015 05:15 PM | in Store Item News

The newest release for Surbrook' Stuff takes an in-depth look at haunted houses and how they can be used in your campaign. The article explores what a haunted house can be like, where it can be found, what it can contain, and why it might be haunted. More importantly, the article also notes that you can have more than just haunted houses -- towns, space ships, and even entire planets can all be haunted!


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Surbrook's Stuff: Atomic Monster Hero PDF

May 22 2015 04:05 PM | in Store Item News

New from D3 Adventures and Michael Surbrook: Atomic Monster Hero! Thrill to the origins of atomic monsters in your campaign! Scream in terror as their powers are examined! Flee from their horrid appetites!

Pray their weaknesses can be exploited! Marvel at the Atomic Wasps, Giant Sea Scorpion, and the Sentient Slime Mold (from Space)!

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The Temple Of The Topaz Skull PDF

May 22 2015 03:09 PM | in Store Item News

A pulp adventure from Steve Long, author of Pulp Hero!

When the government enlists the help of Our Heroes to prevent the Nazis from obtaining a valuable Mesoamerican artifact, the PCs find themselves on an adventure that leads them to Mexico City, then to Central America, and finally to the mysterious, and potentially deadly, inner chambers of a long-lost temple! Can they survive the perils that face them — and the Nazis and tribesmen pursuing them — to return to civilization with the fabled Topaz Skull of Cozcatl Cuaxicalli?

The Temple Of The Topaz Skull is a Pulp Hero adventure designed for characters built on a total of 175 Character Points or less. The optimal number of PCs is four to six, but you can scale it up or down based on the number of opponents you pit against the heroes in various encounters.

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Gone To Texas

May 13 2015 07:27 PM | in Store Item News

This Friday I'm going to catch a plane from Reno to Ft. Worth, rent a car, and drive to the small city of Denton. Why do you ask? Because that's where the archives of Aaron Allston's work are stored. With the help of his mother Rose, I'm going to go through those files, locate all of the material related to his decades long Strike Force campaign (including the now-famous bluebooks), copy them, and send them where they need to go so that a new Strike Force book (or possibly books) can be created.

Before his untimely passing, Aaron and I had been talking about producing a new Strike Force book for Hero Games. But we were both involved with other projects, had a lot to do, and it didn't seem like there was any particular hurry to get the project done. However, now that he's gone, his family and I believe it's important that his part of his legacy be preserved by issuing a new and expanded version of this seminal work of RPG game design. I hope you all will agree and support this project when it goes live on Kickstarter sometime later this year.

Jason Walters, Hero Games

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Champions Universe Bundle of Holding Is Live!

Apr 17 2015 11:09 AM | in Store Item News

Right now our friends over at Bundle of Holding are running a great promotion for the Champions Universe 5th Edition. Get five great electronic books for $12.95, or level up to six more books for $28.95. As always with B of H projects, 10% of the money raised goes to charity. In this case we have selected the very worthy Heifer International, which empowers agricultural entrepreneurship in developing nations as well as here in the United States.

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Website Down, Back Up Again

Apr 17 2015 12:45 AM | in Store Item News

Sorry the website went down earlier today folks. There was some sort of problem with the database, but our own Dan Simon and Host Gator managed to restore things seemingly with little or no loss of data. Please let us know if you have any problems relating to purchases made right before the website went down.

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Larger Than Life: Tall Tale Adventures Funded!

Mar 02 2015 10:10 PM | in Store Item News

Thanks to the support of fans like you, Blackwyrm Publishing's Larger Than Life: Tall Tale Adventures has funded on Kickstarter. Work will start ASAP on the new HERO System version of this book. Thank you again for your help in taking this project over the top.

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Fantasy Hero Complete Now Available

Mar 02 2015 09:53 PM | in Store Item News

With all of the backer's copies shipped out, Hero Games is now proud to make Fantasy Hero Complete available to the general public in both Print + PDF bundleand PDF form. So, without further ado, the pitch!


Unsheathe your glowing swords, loose your mighty spells, and ride into glory with Fantasy Hero Complete! All the legendary flexibility and power of the renowned HERO System rules plus spells, monsters, and magic items, in addition to all of the Skills, Powers, and Complications needed to complete epic quests, delve the deepest dungeons, and thwart the devious machinations of evil gods.

Fantasy Hero Complete includes everything fantasy gamers need to play. New players will love the unmatched freedom of Fantasy Hero to create and play exactly the hero they imagine. Longtime fans will appreciate the tight, concise new approach, presenting the full game system in a convenient format. So grab your battleaxe, don your Elven mail, and prepare to battle evil with Fantasy Hero Complete!

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Larger Than Life at 70%!

Feb 22 2015 07:05 PM | in Store Item News

With five days to go Larger Than Life: Tall Tale Adventures is at 70%! Because of your generous support, Sisyphus has nearly pushed this boulder over the hill (and into print). Thank you, thank you!

But not quite. So if you haven't backed this project, please consider doing so.

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