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New Product! Project WyrmStar: Seven Settin...

Apr 28 2016 11:42 PM | in Store Item News

The year is 2011. Hero Games has just released it's award winning Star Hero supplement for the Hero System 6th Edition. In response, Blackwyrm Publishing crafted seven unique science fiction campaign settings to support it. They're collected here for the first time in a single place and priced to please the most frugal space ranger!

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New Product! S.I.D.s Report - Shadow Coven PDF

Apr 28 2016 11:40 PM | in Store Item News

New from Greg Elkins! S.I.D.s is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes. Over the last few years the number of super-powered individuals has skyrocketed.
It has become a full time job to try and keep track of them as well as update information about the, that is the purpose of this database. The database is designed to give law enforcement as much information as possible on supervillains or superheroes they may need to call for help.

This is a series of small products that will introduce new villains and heroes for you campaign.

This installment will introduce a new mystical villain organization Shadow Coven. This organization has 6 members some are magical based, other are not. Some can summon creatures from the deadly Shadow plane to do their bidding. All serve the Shadow Lord rule of the Shadow Plane. His goal is to merge this dimension with the Shadow Plane and to rule the new dimension it will create.

46 Page PDF also includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.

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New Product! Villainy Codex II - The Return...

Apr 06 2016 10:20 AM | in Store Item News

New from Greg Elkins!

They tried to poison him and dumped him in the ocean in his melted armor. They stole his technology, his wealth and bombed his island fortress until barely an island remained. The world thought him dead, and they were right Professor Muerte is indeed dead.

From the ashes a phoenix will arise the legend says. He is back now and ready to have his vengeance on the traitors and all who have wronged him. Terror Inc. is now reformed stronger and more powerful than ever. Now it is time to extract his pound of flesh. Professor Muerte is dead, now there is only Muerte. The day of reckoning is here;

There shall be blood!

100 Page PDF which includes cardboard miniatures of all the characters.

Check out the PDF here!

Or get the PDF with the Hero Designer Files here!

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New Product! Shared Origins: The Green Butt...

Apr 04 2016 08:16 AM | in Store Item News

New from Dean Shomshak - SHARED ORIGINS: The Green Butterfly

Some Books Can Change Lives: More so than usual for the grimoire called Metamorphosis of the Green Butterfly. This rare and ancient book of magic teaches a spell to gain super-powers - to become, indeed, a nascent demigod. But the spell is unreliable and dangerous. Instead of metamorphosis and ascension, some people suffer death or transformation into rampaging monsters. Will you risk everything, body and soul, for a chance at power?

Check out the PDF here!

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New Product! Realm Of The White Worm PDF

Mar 18 2016 03:32 PM | in Store Item News

New from Greg Elkins - Realm Of The White Worm PDF
Villages near the lonely mountain range are scared and need help. A dragon and its henchman have been terrorizing them for months. They take their children and demand food and supplies, something the villagers have little to spare with winter coming.

They have turned to a mighty band of adventurers for help. They have little to pay other than their gratitude. Legends will be told of the adventurers if they can save the villages from the dragon and the dragon & hoard should be more than enough to make them rich.

Are you powerful enough to save the villagers? Are you ready to face certain death? Are you ready to fight a dragon?

Realm Of The White Worm is an adventure for Fantasy Hero with multiple options. It will be up to the GM to decide which one to used.

It works best with a party of 4-6 characters of 200 to 250Pts. GMs may need to adjust the adventure to suit other point level.

Check it out here!

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New Product! TITechCorp Flyer #1 - Defense PDF

Mar 18 2016 03:09 PM | in Store Item News

New from Greg Elkins - TITechCorp Flyer #1 - Defense PDF

Are you tired of your agents having inferior weapons?

Tired of your lackeys falling like flies to the superheroes of the world?

Tired of those dim witted Until agents having better equipment than your agents?

Then you have come to the right place here at TITechCorp we are dedicated to creating the best weapons, armor and other equipment money can buy.

So stop by today and pick up the latest blaster or force belt and get a jump on those pesky do-gooders.

And remember your satisfaction is guaranteed or we won’t see you again.

Small list of equipment to add to your Champions campaign includes Hero Designer files.

Find your copy here!

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New Release: Hero System Combat Manager V1.0.7

Mar 02 2016 05:24 PM | in Store Item News

Note: if you've already purchased Hero System Combat Manager, you'll find the new version in your account.

Release Notes for v1.0.7

New Features:
  • Complete rewrite of underlying character management
  • Hit Locations
  • Hit Locations - Randomly rolled for NPCs
  • Target List: Alphabetical would be best

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Remembering Aaron Allston and Strike Force

Feb 28 2016 01:49 PM | in HERO System News

With 36 hours left to go on the Strike Force Kickstarter project, Ross Watson remembers Aaron Allston on his personal blog.

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Armchair Gamer's "Things I Learned From...

Feb 23 2016 05:18 PM | in Store Item News

Can be found here. I found then entertaining and insightful. Have a look! - Jason Walters

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New Product! Wondrous Treasures - Belts, Sa...

Feb 12 2016 02:48 PM | in Store Item News

New from Greg Elkins!

Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find. This series houses information on varies information on just such treasures.

Belts, Sashes & Girdles – Every adventurer wants to have wand to help them in their adventures. Here you will find over 30 items to add to your Fantasy Hero campaign. From a Belt that has many handy pockets to a Sash that increase on attractiveness or a Sash that allow one to command many, maybe a Girdle that grants the wearer vast strength.

The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.

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