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Larger Than Life at 70%!

Feb 22 2015 07:05 PM | in Store Item News

With five days to go Larger Than Life: Tall Tale Adventures is at 70%! Because of your generous support, Sisyphus has nearly pushed this boulder over the hill (and into print). Thank you, thank you!

But not quite. So if you haven't backed this project, please consider doing so.

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Fantasy Hero Complete Printed

Feb 12 2015 09:06 PM | in Store Item News

That's right: Fantasy Hero Complete has printed and will be shipped to our Nevada warehouse tomorrow. We'll make certain every backer gets his or her copy, and then make it available to the public through this website, distribution, and Amazon. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy the book.

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Larger Than Life Kickstarter Is Live

Jan 31 2015 12:29 AM | in Store Item News

Blackwyrm Publishing's Larger Than Life: Tall Tale Adventures by Fantasy Hero Complete author is Michael Surbrook is now live on Kickstarter! If you are unfamiliar with this product, click through to have a look and see if supporting this unique product is right for you.

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Narosia: Sea of Tears Update

Jan 23 2015 12:50 PM | in Store Item News

Just a little update on Narosia from us folks over at Legendsmiths. We have gotten ourselves back on track and have revised timelines for the publication of Narosia: Sea of Tears. Since the start of the project many things have changed in the industry that caused us to question some of our approach and our overall goals with the project.

Last September we completed the content for the game. Since that time we have been fighting to get back on everyone's schedules to complete the publication and it has been a struggle. That is the danger of slipping on your production schedule — it can absolutely snowball, and it did. However, we have smashed that snowball and put everything back together and now we are back on track.

Our current estimate is PDF layout by end of January, back and forth with the printer end of February, and then off to print. Does that mean March for print product? Probably, at the earliest, but we will make the PDF available as soon as the proofs for print are finalized. Backers will have access to the pre-proof PDF as soon as we get it from layout.

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Larger Than Life Kickstarter

Jan 19 2015 10:54 PM | in Store Item News

Some of you purchased the *extremely* limited ashcan edition of two dozen copies of Larger Than Life at GenCon 2014 for the Hero System. Due to popular demand, Blackwyrm Publishing is dedicated to releasing three new editions via an upcoming Kickstarter project: one for Savage Worlds (book dimensions 9.61 x 6.69), one for Mutants & Masterminds (9.69 x 7.44), and another new edition for Hero Games (11 x 8.5). With new artwork, new layout, and new systems, your campaign can be larger than ever!

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Fantasy Hero Complete At Printer

Jan 19 2015 08:06 PM | in Store Item News

Sorry for the delay between news updates everyone! It's been more of a case of too much going on, rather than not very much.

Fantasy Hero Complete is currently at the printer, awaiting final approval. We are reviewing the final electronic components of the project now, and will be making the final versions of those available to backers very soon. (We've already made the roughs available.) Thank you all for your support once again.

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Tangent #4: Ragnarok PDF

Dec 23 2014 01:48 AM | in Store Item News

A new system neutral product from D3 Productions.

For decades, the Ragnarok group has sought to destabilize the current government and large corporations. They have felt the increase in power by these groups to be a direct threat to the survival of humanity and have been fighting in the shadows to bring these organizations down.

Labeled as terrorists by the people they fight against, they have slowly gathered support in their struggle. Due to being vastly outnumbered and financially insignificant, they have only had luck with small scale operations such as destruction of remote facilities (fuel sources, research buildings, etc.)

Within the last couple of years, the organization has seen a drastic increase in violent activity. This is due to two things: the recent promotion of a much less tolerant council chair, and the recruitment of many brilliant scientists and programmers. Among the recent recruits is an incredibly violent programmer who goes by the name of NeoSet.

NeoSet has no concern for life and is determined to bring the entire economic and political system crashing to its knees. He is fully aware that such an aggressive action risks exposing the Ragnarok group and any failure would not be tolerated by the new chair. Therefore, NeoSet has found a small time expendable criminal to release his AI upon the world:

Can you stop him in time?

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Evilution Unchained PDF

Dec 23 2014 01:41 AM | in Store Item News

From the pen of Pete Ruttman, Evilution Unchained is a three act mystery adventure that takes the heroes throughout the city to solve a series of high profile kidnappings. Heroes will hunt for clues on nine fully detailed color maps to discover a horrific plot that threatens the entire campaign city.

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The Jolrhos Bestiary Character Pack

Dec 23 2014 01:34 AM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a new product from Kestral Arts. Monsters and mayhem await you in this Character Pack for Fantasy Hero. All the monsters in The Jolrhos Bestiary are included in this one download, in Hero Designer format. From Accursed to Zhai, you'll find them all in their bare stats, ready to use!

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New Product: Jolrhos Bestiary PDF

Dec 08 2014 11:51 PM | in Store Item News

You won’t find goblins or giants in this new book by Kestral Arts, no dragons or orcs or werewolves. What you will find are strange, unique, and exciting creatures; creatures to stir the imagination and surprise your players with. With almost three hundred different creatures from the Accursed to the Zhar, this book is packed with friend and foe, and none of them fit the usual pattern.

The Jolrhos Bestiary is 337 page electronic book for any fantasy role playing campaign. Packed with useful tips and information far beyond just lists of detailed and fully illustrated monsters, every GM will find something useful in this book!

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