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New Product: Jolrhos Bestiary PDF

Dec 08 2014 11:51 PM | in Store Item News

You won’t find goblins or giants in this new book by Kestral Arts, no dragons or orcs or werewolves. What you will find are strange, unique, and exciting creatures; creatures to stir the imagination and surprise your players with. With almost three hundred different creatures from the Accursed to the Zhar, this book is packed with friend and foe, and none of them fit the usual pattern.

The Jolrhos Bestiary is 337 page electronic book for any fantasy role playing campaign. Packed with useful tips and information far beyond just lists of detailed and fully illustrated monsters, every GM will find something useful in this book!

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Press Release: Hero Games joins Envoy

Dec 01 2014 10:32 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is pleased to announce that is has joined Envoy to help provide structured play of the Hero System at conventions, game stores, and other events. If you are a game master, visit their Heralds page and see if the Envoy Program is right for you.

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Press Release: Champions Complete In Portuguese

Dec 01 2014 09:47 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with Brazilian publisher Pensamento Coletivo Editora to release Champions Complete in Portuguese! Our calculations show that, by capitalizing on our strategic partnership in variable markets, by 2024 approximately 15% of the worlds 220 million Portuguese speakers will know how to play the Hero System!

....okay, we made that last part up. But we do look forward to exposing the dynamic and growing Portuguese language gaming community to Champions.

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Castle Blackwyrm Erasable Map

Nov 28 2014 04:51 PM | in Store Item News

From Blackwyrm Publishing. Wet-erase compatible, system independent, full-color erasable map. Four feet by two-and-one-half feet with one-inch squares. Great for roleplaying and strategy games!

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Shared Origins: The Dynatron

Nov 28 2014 04:37 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Champions by Dean Shomshak.

Power For Sale! A billion dollars, legal immunity, and a Nobel Prize. That’s the supervillain Red Giant’s price to reveal the secret of the Dynatron — his miracle machine that can give anyone super-powers. Nobody’s met his price… yet.

For a mere half-million, you can step into the Dynatron and receive super-powers yourself. Lots of people take this offer: Gangs and governments who want super-thugs and super-soldiers; would-be villains in search of origins; established supervillains hoping for power-ups. Won’t you join the list of satisfied customers?

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Elenthar's Tower

Nov 28 2014 04:42 PM | in Store Item News

The great mage and mystic experimenter Elenthar has vanished, his tower in the city gone silent and locked tight. What has happened?His home stands still save for mysterious moaning sounds at night. What strange wonders may be found in the archmage’s home? Do you dare explore -- or even more daring -- loot this manor? Kestrel Arts presents a complete FantasyHero adventure for 4-6 characters of no more than 750 total points, combined.

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Hell's Horde: Monsters, Villains, and Other...

Oct 21 2014 12:50 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games presents Hell's Horde:thirty-three pages of inspired madness from Monster Hunter fans and crowdfunding contributors.

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A Mess of Monsters: Even More Monsters For The...

Oct 21 2014 12:48 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games presents A Mess of Monsters: twenty-nine additional monsters for Monster Hunter International.

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Adventures in Monster Hunting: Six Scenarios Fo...

Oct 21 2014 12:44 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games presents Adventures In Monster Hunting, features six scenarios for the MHI RPG. Each of them is relatively simple and straightforward, perfect for new GMs and players to cut their teeth on but still plenty of fun for experienced GMs and players.

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New Product: Larger Than Life

Sep 17 2014 12:05 AM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Pulp Hero, Champions, and Dark Champions by Blackwyrm Publishing that is... Larger Than Life!

Heroes, villains, legends … the folklore of America features all of this and more. In this volume you can find pirates and soldiers, lumberjacks and steel drivers, mountain men and lawmen, cowboys, Indians, inventors, and eccentrics. All of whom are just waiting to be included in your campaign! And don’t let the time period fool you, just because these characters existed in the 18th and 19th Centuries, doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your Pulp Hero, Champions, Dark Champions, or even Star Hero campaigns! After all, these characters are Larger Than Life!

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