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New Product: Larger Than Life

Sep 17 2014 12:05 AM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Pulp Hero, Champions, and Dark Champions by Blackwyrm Publishing that is... Larger Than Life!

Heroes, villains, legends … the folklore of America features all of this and more. In this volume you can find pirates and soldiers, lumberjacks and steel drivers, mountain men and lawmen, cowboys, Indians, inventors, and eccentrics. All of whom are just waiting to be included in your campaign! And don’t let the time period fool you, just because these characters existed in the 18th and 19th Centuries, doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your Pulp Hero, Champions, Dark Champions, or even Star Hero campaigns! After all, these characters are Larger Than Life!

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Hero Combat Manager Update

Sep 01 2014 11:47 PM | in Store Item News

A new version of Hero Combat Manager has been uploaded into the system: V1_0_4. If you have already purchased Hero Combat Manager, you can download the new version from your client area. Also, if you have a previous version of Hero Combat Manager, you should uninstall that version. There is a folder in called Uninstaller which contains a Uninstaller.jar file. If you are not sure what to do go to http://davidtannen.c...bat-manager/faq

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New Product: Wondrous Treasure – Cloaks & R...

Aug 31 2014 07:47 PM | in Store Item News

Every Fantasy Hero campaign needs magical treasures for adventurers to find. This new series from G Elkins Productions contains information on just such treasures.

Cloaks & Robes: Every adventurer wants to have that special garment to help them in their adventures. Here you will find over 30 items to add to your Fantasy Hero campaign. From the famous Cloak of Invisibility or the Cloak of Winter to the wizards’s favorite Robe of Spell Protection.

The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.

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Final Fantasy Hero Complete Cover

Aug 26 2014 08:10 PM | in Store Item News

Sam has finished with the cover artwork for Fantasy Hero Complete even as Michael continues working on the manuscript. Have a look! => =>

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New Product: Shared Origins: Sky-Q PDF

Aug 22 2014 11:05 AM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Champions by Dean Shomshak

There's a thin line between genius and EVIL!
Sky-Q is such a good "smart drug," it's a shame it's illegal. Users gain an hour of better memory and concentration -- followed by fatigue, irritability, and other unpleasant side effects. A few steady users gain much more: They master exotic sciences and invent radical new technologies. On the other hand, they develop bizarre, megalomaniac obsessions and become supervillains! Some of them are loopy "theme gadget" criminals. Others are rather less funny.

Here's what you get in SHARED ORIGINS: SKY-Q:

* Background and game mechanics for Sky-Q, the smart drug that works too well.

* Four sample villains who gained their powers from Sky-Q, from the farcical Mushroom Master to the monstrous Izverg. Each character comes with a complete character sheet, background, story seeds, and full-color illustration.

* One sample hero, ready to play or use as an NPC.

* A brief discussion of "Origin Substances" as reusable explanations for characters gaining super-powers, with three additional examples of this classic origin story.

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Villain Codex Vol I – Mutant Conflict [PDF] now...

Jul 11 2014 06:13 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Champions by G Elkins Hero System Products: Villain Codex Vol I – Mutant Conflict.

The war has begun pitting Homo Sapien against Homo Superior. The hatred was inevitable, the destruction will be inevitable. Will the world survive, will anyone survive, can you hope to survive the Mutant Conflict.

An 85-page old fashion organization book, complete with printable cardstock miniatures.

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New Product: The Mind's Eye

Jun 21 2014 04:08 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Fantasy Hero by G Elkins Hero System Products: The Mind's Eye. Students of Psionics, Known as Psions, use the powers of their mind to work extraordinary abilities. They require an iron discipline, and constantly strive to mold their minds to their greatest potential. Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be a Psion?

A supplement to introduce Psionics into a Fanstasy Hero Campaign. Contains over 30 Psionci abilities to choose from. Comes with PDF and HD files.

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Blackwyrm Update: Kazei 5: System Upgrade Being...

Jun 09 2014 03:03 PM | in Store Item News

Kazei 5: System Upgrade. This volume by Michael Surbrook will give Kazei 5 fans more cyberware, more esper powers, more cyberspace programs, as well as more weapons, gear, and vehicles. There will also be several new NPCs, articles on various cyberpunk and near-future technology subjects, an examination of the Lace and Steel show as a campaign setting, scenarios, and floor plans. At least one of the scenarios will be set during Jinsei’s invasion of the Zero Zone, while another will be set in the Shadows Angelus alternate Kazei 5 setting.

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New Product: The Fantasy Codex PDF

May 30 2014 11:24 AM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a new supplement for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts: The Fantasy Codex! Empower your Wizard! Almost a thousand new spells for your fantasy game, detailed and organized for use by GMs and Players alike. Designed for Fantasy Hero by Kestrel Arts, this collection of magic may be adapted for any fantasy setting.

Unlock spells like Grimstaff’s Grand Enhancement, Cinder Spray, Tornado, and Call Aether Spite! Learn magical spells from five different orders and seventeen magical schools! Summon not just elementals but a keep or siege weapons! Cast spells to baffle and confound your enemies! The Fantasy Codex is packed with unique and creative magic for your spell caster to learn and use... and for your GM to use against you.

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New Product: The Lost Grimoire PDF

May 29 2014 11:30 PM | in Store Item News

Hero Games is proud to present a supplement for Fantasy Hero by G Elkins Hero System Products. The Lost Grimoire houses information on the following types of new magic; Assassins Magic, Coven Magic, Demonic Magic, Divine Magic, Fire Magic and Shadow Magic. Six forms of magic, over 100 spells in all!

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