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    TITechCorp Flyer #13 - Grenades is a small list of equipment to add to your Champions campaign! Includes Hero Designer files, and remember your satisfaction is guaranteed... or we won’t see you again.

    This series spotlights Dragons of different types. Chromatic Dragons such as Red or Black, Metallic Dragons such as Gold or Bronze, Gem Dragons such as Topaz or Pearl, and unique dragons such as Faerie or Deep. While Dragons are a terrible opponent, they can also be a useful NPC. Of course crazy adventurers will still want to fight a Dragon; the hoard is calling them. Link below!

    The Gemini System officially has it's own website where you can find updates on the system and it's development. Check out the post below for a rundown of character creation within the system!

    "With the end of the Victorian era, we passed into what I feel I must call the terrible 20th century."
    -Winston Churchill
    The Victorian Era was drenched in the flickering supernatural shadows cast by street lamps, haunted by a wide belief in ghosts, and illuminated by faith in the limitless possibilities of a newborn science that was not yet clearly understood, in a world not fully explored. Cast against a backdrop of colonialism and plagued by all-to-familiar modern social ills, it nonetheless possessed a spirit of innocence, exploration, and adventure which our current age can only look back upon with envy. It was a time of larger-than-life personalities making world-changing discoveries with the understanding that they could change life for the better!
    In Victorian Hero you will play one of these fascinating characters in a setting which blends elements of fiction, fantasy, and factual history into a speculative world that is always 18... something... something; but never completely our own. Investigate horrific crimes, stop daring robberies, meet literary and historical figures, and uncover the truth behind the supernatural and occult. This supplement provides you with optional Hero System 6th Edition mechanics, talents, equipment, characters, monsters, and villains, as well as a large amount of information on the era's technology, politics, social norms, and economics. In short, everything you need to be a hero in an age when Queen Victoria sat on the throne and Britannia ruled the waves!

    Every campaign needs organizations for the players to interact with; or in some cases fight! Organizations that can help heroes in their exploits and battles, as well as those that will make a hero's life more complicated. This series will give GMs new organizations to help their campaigns. These won’t be strictly speaking traditional villain groups. Instead, they will be government agencies, villain support organizations, and even an organization creating new villains! Just the thing to relief some of the headaches that GMs have in designing and running campaigns
    This 80 page PDF holds two organizations that GMs can easily slip into their campaigns as is, or with a little modification. This installment contains MARS, Mutant Analyze & Registration Service and MLF, Mutant Liberation Front. Presented by Tiger Paw Press!

    From the depths of Aaron Allston’s digital archives comes new martial arts styles for use in your HERO System campaigns! Twenty styles are presented, to varying levels of detail. The styles include numbers martial arts to be found in the Strike Force universe (such as Daragak, Goblin-Tossing, Hardball, and Paek-tu), martial arts common to the world of Savior-Ferret (such as Katrate and Ruff-and-Tumble), comical martial arts (Hack Writing and Stoojutsu), and martial arts that could be found in the real world (Shoot-Boxing and Tah Gar). 

    On more than 100 pages, Star HERO: The Sad Giant will take you and your team of heroes to a remote asteroid belt in a far-away system where not everything is what it seems to be and where ruthless killers, scheming manipulators, and unscrupulous scientists have created a nightmarish microcosm of fear, hate, madness, and something … alien.
    Check it out through the link below!

    …AND THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE. Monsters are among us, and they might be standing right next to you. Muggers, Maniacs, and Murderers is a new series developed to expand your Cinematic Action RPG campaign. Pit your PCs against the worst that humanity has to offer. Volume One expands on Hero Games’ Hudson City campaign book and includes several new villains to challenge your PCs. Are you going to let Evil win?


    Patreon Update!

    By A.C, in HERO System News,

    Over on the Hero Patreon we've got Victorian Hero polished off and off to the printer to get a proof! In the meantime, we've been posting chapters of Dean Shomshak’s new book The Sylvestri Family Reunion; a Champions Universe expansion providing more details about the feared and hated clan of Satanic sorcerers known as the Sylvestris. There's already quite a few chapters up already, all of which are available for just $5 a month!
    For those who have been following the progress of Michael Surbrook’s Strike Force Organizations, the introduction to the book is now available on the Hero Games Patreon as of yesterday as well!
    We'd also like to thank those who have signed up to be a patron since our last post:
    Aaron Burdick
    Mark Gabriel
    Sean DeLap
    Troy S. Cash

    Heroes In A Hurry has been restocked! Ready to start a Champions campaign, but don’t want to spend a whole session building player characters? Or do you need a quick non-player hero for tonight’s session? Heroes In A Hurry to the rescue! The modular character creation system in this book lets you build the hero you want – without all the fiddly math. It’s all done for you!
    Grab your copy through the link below!

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