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    Darren Watts has passed away as of New Years Eve.
    In the words of our General Manager, Jason Walters, "Darren Watts was a singular person of the sort that comes along once in a generation. His accomplishments are too many to list here: author, editor, publisher, and promoter all come to mind. He was an amazingly enthusiastic and interesting man, and there is no one that can ever replace him."
    Darren worked on many projects throughout his lifetime, with the purchasing and revitalization of Hero Games in 2001 being just one of his accomplishments. He also devoted much of his time and effort supporting smaller and independent creators through his work with our sister company Indie Press Revolution, and was a well-known figure at many TTRPG conventions.
    Our condolences go out to Darren's wife, Diane, as well as their families and all of Darren's friends. We will miss him greatly.

    The Institute for Human Advancement is one of the most insidious villain organizations in the Champions Universe,well known for destroying mutants reputations while protecting their own shiny image. IHA: Pride & Prejudice is a deep dive into the dark history of IHA, as well as a look into their current evil activities.
    You can buy a physical copy on Amazon through the link below!

    Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find. This series houses information on varies information on just such treasures.
    Figures of Power – Wonderful magical item that can summon forth a creature to fight, carry, or simply accompany an adventurer. These figures can summon various creatures with various abilities, some are even from other planes of existence. 30 different figurines and 9 creatures will be given within this product. Link below!

    We've got a new installment in the S.I.D. database, introducing a new mastermind PsiKing. PsiKing is a powerful mentalist that like to enslave people with his mind. He does this with the help of a mutant called Drainer, a mutant with the ability to drain the EGO of others. Link below!

    Jason S.Walters
    The Judge glowers down at you. “Those of you accused shall be sent forth to the Maze to let the Gods decide your fate. Should you succeed and survive the maze, then your verdict shall be determined as free of guilt, and you shall be released and your freedom shall be returned to you. But should you fail, then your guilt shall be revealed, and your fate will have been determined by your demise!”
    With that being instructed, the accused are unshackled and all of their gear is returned. Once all of their equipment is on the floor near them, Magi of the court completes the spell, transporting the accused to the maze to survive… or perish!
    A seventeen page PDF adventure for 600 points worth of Fantasy Hero 6th Edition Characters. Includes Hero Designer files.

    Extinction Event: Hero Designer Pack includes over 80 Hero Designer template files for use with the Extinction Event Campaign Setting for HERO System 6th Edition and Champions Complete. It includes templates for:
    PALADIN, Acolytes, and Outcast Characters Psychic Powers Armor, Weapons, and Equipment New Skills Adversaries and Allies  
    Link below!

    Jason S.Walters
    Emily Winters' dormant mutant abilities suddenly manifested with tragic results. As she stared at her murdered family, she ran away into the neighboring national park where she's kidnapped an innocent family out hiking. 
    The PCs answer the Park Rangers' call for help to find the missing family before a potentially deadly winter storm hits.
    The PCs are not the only ones looking for the missing Emily. A squad of IHA soldiers know about the mutant's transformation, and for them, a mutant is only good when put out of their misery. 
    Fallen Angel is written by Carlos Castaneda of Mad Ferret LLC for the Hero System 6E or Champions Complete rules and primarily for the superhero genre. However, the package includes guidelines for converting the adventure to Gaslight, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Post-Apocalyptic Genres.

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