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    An archipelago consisting of three principal islands and several smaller ones located south of Jamaica and Haiti, Costa Azul has long been known as a haven for drug smugglers and other international criminals whom the corrupt leadership assisted in return for a cut of the profits. Fortunately, in recent years a better class of governing officials has taken charge of the country and revitalized it as a tourism destination — though it’s still not entirely safe.

    Costa Azul is over twice as big as the previous two supplements, now available through the Hero Games website and DriveThruRPG! 

    Faeries, brownies, fachans, leprechauns, nuckelavees, phoukas, redcaps, spriggans — you can find all these wondrous creatures, and many more, in The Celtic Bestiary, which describes dozens of monsters and creatures from the legends, folklore, and mythology of the British Isles. Whether you’re running a Celtic-themed campaign or want to surprise your players with some unusual monsters they’ve never heard of, The Celtic Bestiary has what you need!

    Bend has received a new update, concerning the mildly heartwarming story of Dubai trader/Riyadh scholar Farouk Sultan! For those keeping track, that means Bend now contains:
    1 full-color cover 3 campaign setups 1 character biography 1 24-second audio recording performed by XophPsycho   All for free! 
    Also from the creator of Bend comes the slightly snobby survival guide The Day 0 Box, featuring what you do and don't need to survive an apocalypse, links below!

    We've got a new supplement all about Super-Magic Powers! Super-Magic Powers presents powers for use in creating super-mage characters who don’t use the Super-Thaumaturgy spells found in The HERO System Grimoire. Instead, these characters have powers that follow a distinct magical tradition — such as Alchemy, Black Magic, or Witchcraft — or which hide behind a veneer of Stage Magic. Super-Magic Powers provides dozens of example powers to help you build these characters.

    Hard Energy powers let a character create energy constructs with sufficient solidity and stability to function like physical objects. Since the character can create a practically infinite variety of hard energy items based on his imagination and the perceived needs of the moment, he has far more power at his fingertips than the owner of any merely physical arsenal. Get plenty of ideas of powers such characters have in Hard Energy Powers!

    Aquatic Powers features nearly four dozen powers for characters who live in or often work underwater. Whether your character is a native of Atlantis, a water manipulator, or has powers derived from a marine animal, Aquatic Powers has just the powers you need to create him, link below!

    Every campaign needs organizations for the players to interact with, and in some cases, battle. Organizations can help heroes in the exploits and battles, as well as make a heroes life more complicated. This series will give GMs new organizations to help their campaigns. These won’t be villain groups, instead it will be government agencies, villain support organizations and even a new organization creating new villains, link below!

    Many villains are always in the news; many are always on our minds. Some, however, have not been seen for years.

    Here you will find villains of old back from their self-induced hiatus, ready to pounce on the world again. Villains from some of Hero Games older material that have yet to be upgraded to 6th edition. Some of your favorite or perhaps “lightly” use villains perfect to inject into a new Champions campaign, link below!

    The Island of Dr. Destroyer is now available as a Print on Demand B&W softcover through DriveThruRPG, link below!
    The first Champions adventure ever published is now available again, updated to Sixth edition! With new, updated content matching modern times and game play, The Island of Doctor Destroyer is back for you and your gaming group.
    Experience the excitement and thrills of the world’s first Champions module, a product that launched an entirely new gaming genre, today!

    Here's the second of the current Bundle of Holding HERO collections: The Champions 6e bundle!
    For the base cost of $24.95 you get the CAMPAIGN COLLECTION:
    Champions Complete Champions 6E campaign book Champions 6E Powers Champions 6E Universe Champions Beyond Hero Book of Templates  
    If you pay the at or over the threshold price (currently $40.84) you'll also receive the VILLAIN COLLECTION:
    Champions Villains 1-3 The Book of the Empress  
    Link below!

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