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    Champions Begins has been nominated for an ENnie in the Best Free Game / Product category! Voting is now open as well, so please go vote for it!

    Champions Begins is a tutorial adventure designed to teach both Game Masters and Players how to play Champions, the Super Role Playing Game! This introduction to superhero roleplaying puts you in the costume, fighting villains and saving lives from evil plots. All character designs and illustrations are included, with full maps and information.

    ENnies voting is here: https://vote.ennie-awards.com/vote/2022/
    If you haven't checked out Champions Begins yet you can download it, for free, here:


    New SID Titles!

    By A.C, in Store Item News,

    We've got three new entries to the SID titles!

    SID Bulletin #12 - Night Shadow
    This installment introduces a new villain – Night Shadow. Night Shadow hates all heroes with a passion, to say the least. He uses numerous gadgets to extract a pound of flesh from every hero he can track down and attack.
    SID Bulletin #13 - Madame Trouble
    Another new villain! – Madame Trouble. She has magical pouch and a love for old cartoons. She can perform several funny cartoon tricks and is very good at driving people nuts in the process.
    SID Report #23 - Conquistadors
    This installment will introduce a new organization, the Conquistadors.
    This group of villains operates out of South America. They have become a strike team of sorts for Muerte and Terror Inc. They perform crimes on their own as well.

    Need some villains for your Champions campaign? Just pop open this PDF and get a whole team ready to go instantly! This PDF contains a full write-up of Duke Dread.
    Each issue of Instant Villain: Includes full stats, background story, support cast write-up, and tactical and plot suggestions, link below!

    A small nation on the Atlantic coast of South America, wedged between French Guiana and Brazil, Chíquador has long been known as a hotbed of corruption and crime. As the long-ruling Presidente for Life, General Lorenco João Garrastazu e Silva, nears the end of his life, who will replace him — and how badly will the struggle for the presidency tear the nation apart? Link below!


    50 Patrons!

    By A.C, in HERO System News,

    We've hit 50 patrons over at the Hero Games' Patreon account! Thank you to everyone who has joined up, this is week 10 of content and we've got plenty more to go.
    A big shout out to the heroes who have joined us recently:
    Jay Goodfader
    Ray Arrastia
    Bob Vincelette
    Neil Edmond
    Christopher Hackler
    Chris Larkin
    If you're interested in joining the Hero Games' Patreon and getting access to exclusive chapters of unreleased Hero content you can check it out through the link below!


    New by Michael Surbrook! Atomic Monster Hero is an essay on building classic atomic movie monsters in the HERO System, complete with three example builds.

    Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows is an essay on building haunted houses, including one example, perfect for a spooky one shot. 

    The Grand Melee is an article on running medieval tournaments in Fantasy Hero. Have your Heroes fight for glory, fame, and (most importantly) fortune!

    Here Be Dragons is a Fantasy Hero bestiary created from medieval sources. Contains write ups for classic monsters such as Dragons and Basilisks, along with strange beasts like the Calandius, pure white birds that eat illnesses and ailments.


    Subversive Sci-Fi: Reflections on Futuristic Films That Broke the Rules is an anthology of essays all about weird and subversive Sci-Fi films of history and the modern age. Our own GM Jason Walters has a featured essay! You can follow Subversive Sci-Fi on Kickstarter now through the link below!

    New S.I.D report out now! S.I.D. is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes.
    This is a series of small products that will introduce new villains and heroes for your campaign.
    This installment introduces a new organization: Serpent Collective. A group of individuals that use magic and magical devices. The question is, are they working for someone or working for themselves?
    Includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures. The zip files holds the 43 pages PDF plus Hero Designer files, link below!

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