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    Are you tired of your agents having inferior weapons?
    Tired of your lackeys falling like flies to the superheroes of the world?
    Then you have come to the right place! Here at TITechCorp we are dedicated to creating the best weapons, armor and other equipment money can buy.
    This installment features a new set of armor to give agents of any organization in Champions campaign includes Hero Designer files. Link below!

    S.I.D. is short for Super-powered Individual Database. This is a database that various government agencies are starting to use to keep track of all the various villains and heroes.   This installment will introduce a new villain – Killer Bee   Killer Bee has created a suit that will shrink its wearer. He can also communicate with insects. Link below!   https://www.herogames.com/store/product/988-sid-bulletin-10-killer-bee-pdfhd/

    The Superverse is a superhero campaign sourcebook meant to evoke a Bronze Age feel in a modern-day setting. This version supports Champions Sixth Edition, a superhero tabletop RPG published by DoJ/HERO Games. Versions also exist for ICONS Assembled, SUPERS! Revised Edition, BASH! Ultimate Edition, and Supergame 3rd Edition. Available on both Hero Games' website and DriveThruRPG!

    Characters. Who has time to make them? In this book you will find 22 more characters ready for you to use in your Champions Campaign right now with no preparation – and no waiting! Available on the Hero Games website as well as DriveThruRPG! https://www.herogames.com/.../986-hero-system-book-of.../ https://www.drivethrurpg.com/.../Hero-System-Book-of...

    Hero Combat Manager 1.14 is out! Release Notes v1.14: Defects fixed: STR can't be used to break free from an entangle. After breaking free from an entangle the wrong character is highlighted as being next.
    Link below to buy Hero Combat Manager, or, if you already own a copy, you can find the FAQ on how to download the newest version through this link as well!

    After 2.5 months with no Bend update in sight, a new update to Bend has been released! The new update, "Dreadnought", includes a new character bio as part of the Libya mission, as well as a new short story shedding light on what occurs just after the mission released as Bend's very first version! Link below!   https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/344898/Bend   Also, as Dram just hit 100 downloads Noah Kastin has now posted another free music download, *Theophany*, to DriveThruRPG! Enjoy, everyone, link here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/362839/Theophany

    The Champions 40% off 40th Anniversary Super History Sale is going on now! Get 40% off of PDFs of the first six editions of Champions on our website, as well as 40% off the PODs of Champions Beyond, Champions Complete, Champions Powers, Champions Universe, CV1, Champions 4th Ed, and more on DriveThruRPG, links below!   https://www.herogames.com/store/   https://www.drivethrurpg.com/.../subca.../337_4084/Champions

    Every campaign needs organizations for the players to interact and battle with, organizations that can help heroes in the exploits and battles, as well as those that will make a hero's life more complicated. This series will give GMs new organizations to help with their campaigns. These won’t be villain groups. Instead, it will be government agencies, villain support organizations, and even new organizations creating new villains. Just the thing to relieve some of the headaches that GMs have in designing and running campaigns
    This 58 page PDF holds stats for the League of Champions, the original heroes from the first Champions campaign. With permission from Heroic Publishing you will find the heroes from their comics hero for use with 6th Edition Champions.
    Includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.

    An island in the South Atlantic, not far from Brazil. Here you will find beaches, casinos, bars, restaurants, and more. The bars have beautiful women, the best drinks, and all the ill-gotten-gains a villain could want. Stolen weapons, intelligence, scientists that are willing to create enhanced minions, and individuals who are willing to volunteer for the experiments.
    Yes, San Muere is a villain's paradise, your Heroes better stay clear of the gangs, and above all, the Guardian. The Guardian takes care of San Muerte, it is his island. Have all the fun you wish, buy all the weapons you want. However, you must follow the rules if you want to survive or stay on the island. The gangs and the Guardian will deal with all who break the rules, and they are not gentle when doing so.
    The Island of San Muerte is a 36 page PDF and HD files. Describing the island, its history, the government, and those who protect the island.

    Located at a hidden location deep within the Ural Mountains, Larisagrad is a super-technological city-state inhabited by unscrupulous scientists who sell their services and devices to the highest bidders. Once a part of the Soviet Union, since that government’s collapse in the early Nineties it has become an independent entity that relies on its weapons, security forces, and secret location to keep it safe from intruders — be they the Russian government or meddling superheroes.
    Much of what the outside world “knows” about Larisagrad is speculation based on evidence and rumors gathered over the years by various intelligence agencies, UNTIL, some criminal organizations, and the like. The full truth, if anyone ever uncovers it, might be much stranger — or more dangerous — than any expert’s analysis.
    Champions International is a new series of settings for Champions 6th Edition, exploring the world of Champions! With Larisagrad being the fifth installment in this series, this PDF is 52 pages of new Champions content written by Steve Long himself. Available now on the Hero Games website and DriveThruRPG!

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