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Beth Rimmels
CLOWN, just when you thought it was safe to drive across the Brooklyn Bridge CLOWN is back. Yep the crazy pranksters have reemerged to terrorize law enforcement and heroes plus of course pull wacky pranks.
 IMP, a group dangerous of psychotic individuals who like to cause terror, mayhem and death. While most villain organization seems to be out to become rich or rule the world, IMP is different. They will be rich but only due to the fee they are paid to assassinate any and everyone. They might rob a bank here or there as well but people will be injured and if they have their way they will kill some people along the way.
Available in 99 page PDF format or PDF and Hero Designer files both editions come with printable cardboard miniatures.

Jason S.Walters
Extinction Event, a table-top roleplaying campaign guide for Champions Complete, has funded on Kickstarter! Congratulations to Mad Ferret Games. There are still a couple of days left if you wish to support it.
In a world in the grip of shadowy conspiracies, over millennia a strange and secret alien invasion has been shaping the destiny of humankind. From the demise of the Neanderthals to the rise and fall of great cities and cultures, the invaders have sown chaos and confusion.
Now, in 2045, their dark plans near fruition. Fractured, distracted, and deceived human societies are almost ripe for conquest. In these twilight years before the coming storm, a new breed of humans with psychic powers walks the earth. They are the soldiers of PALADIN, the acolytes of the Illuminati, and hunted outcasts of society. It’s the stories of their lives that power the adventure that is Extinction Event!
The Extinction Event campaign guide provides everything players and game masters (GMs) need to play exciting science fiction conspiracy adventures fraught with military, espionage, and underworld threats. You can become heroes with the special skills, specialized gear, and psychic powers needed to take on the New World Order!

Beth Rimmels
The latest installment of Monster Mash has four new types of Occulords that have been seen in the realm of late. Occulord of Power variant, Occulord of doom, Occulord of Fire and the Occulord or Lightning.
These vile creatures are to be feared and avoided. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do while adventuring of course. Click here to add them to your campaign.

Beth Rimmels
Technomancers use technology to create magic in a universe where magic doesn't exist. They are feared and sought after for knowledge and to look into the future.
Can you handle such knowledge?
Are you ready to be sought out for help?
Are you ready to be hounded by the masses?
This supplement is designed for use with Star Hero and Post-Apocalyptic Hero. This supplement contains over 25 spells to choose from as well as magic system guidelines. It comes with a 25 page PDF and HD files this collection combines material from Technomany I & II into a single organized and bookmarked PDF for locating spells easily.

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