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Jason S.Walters
From Mad Ferret LLC! Extinction Event is a science fiction conspiracy campaign guide compatible with the HERO System 6th Edition and Champions Complete rules that immerses you in a near-future alternate Earth rising from the brink of extinction!
Earth’s future is in your hands as one of the Gifted, individuals who’ve developed strange and powerful psychic powers in the wake of catastrophe. As one of the Gifted you take a role as:
PALADIN Soldiers —Gifted military special operations forces tasked with capturing other Gifted around the world.
Acolytes of the Bavarian Illuminati—a secret society comprised of those who know the truth behind the origins of the Gifted and seek to exploit them in order to advance their own agendas.
Outcasts from society—those on the fringe hunted by those who seek to either exploit or eliminate them while trying to survive in a world that hates and fears them.
Extinction Event is a complete campaign guide featuring:
Compatibility with Hero System 6th Edition and Champions Complete
A unique setting filled with conspiracies and mysteries, as well as the psychic powers needed to resolve them
A collection of character templates, powers, equipment, and adversaries
Guidelines for creating and running exciting Extinction Event campaigns

Jason S.Walters
From waybackwhen! "Horror Hero is a combination genre and campaign book designed for use with the Hero System 4th Edition rules. It contains material describing ways of creating and running horror-themed role playing games. Horror Hero does not contain the rules needed to play the game; creating characters, using skills and conducting combat are described in the Hero System Rulesbook (4th Edition), available separately."

Jason S.Walters
Every fantasy hero campaign needs magical treasures for the adventures to find.
This series houses information on varies information on just such treasures.
Rods & Staff. Legends tell of power magical rods and staffs, rods that can heal. Rods that can kill with one strike or rods that can become any weapon you wish. Staffs to control undead or that shoot forth dragons fire or even staffs that summon demons.
The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.

Jason S.Walters
Welcome to Monster Mash. Here you will find new creatures and/or new takes on old creatures for your Fantasy Hero Campaign.
This installment will cover new undead creatures known as Dread Allip, Death Horse & Death Knight. All these undead creatures can easily be the death of even the heartiest adventures.
Includes a 16 page PDF and Hero Designer Files. These creatures were originally presented in the Necronomicon.

Jason S.Walters
Welcome to The Evermist Forest; an original world setting for Fantasy Hero campaigns and adventures. Here players will need to balance the risk of a painful death against the chance of attaining mythical treasures and unearthing the secrets of this mist-filled forest. 
The challenges of traveling through the Evermist, both the frustrating magical elements of the mist itself and the horde of terrible beasts that dwell there, should be more than enough for new players and veterans alike. 
The forest is home to a whole catalog of dangers for the players to hack apart or flee sobbing from. Here you’ll find blood thirsty beasts, tribes of cannibal creatures, carnivorous shrubs, shambling hordes of undead, wandering constructs, and cursed warriors that stalk the night. 
Evermist presents a 178 page prebuilt fantasy setting for use with Fantasy Hero of the Hero System 6th Edition. This write-up is not a complete game by itself. So to use it to the full intended extent, Game Masters should acquire copies of Hero System’s core rule books. Either HERO System 6th Edition Volumes 1 and 2, the Hero Systems Basic Rulebook, or Fantasy Hero Complete will provide the base rules and game mechanics. 

Jason S.Walters
Western Hero is a Western themed source book for Hero System 4th Edition, providing enough information to run adventures in either the historical or a fictional Wild West.  From lassoing a wild stallion to sliding a low-down cowpoke down the bar and through a window, it's all here. Use Western Hero as a supplement for your existing Hero game, or start your own Western campaign. 

Jason S.Walters
SIDs Reports are a series of small products that introduce new villains and heroes for you campaign.
This installment will bring back Los Asesinos with their new leader Lady Twilight. All villains are from 4th edition  Champions, Asesinos, and Creatures of The Night, Lady Twilight, upgraded to 6th editions.
Includes Hero Designer files & printable cardboard miniatures.

Jason S.Walters
Hero! This Fantasy Hero Classic Essentials Bundle presents the core HERO System tabletop roleplaying game rulebooks for the Fourth and Fifth Edition Fantasy Hero lines from Hero Games, 1990-2009. The HERO System underpins Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game. These endlessly flexible rules let you create any magical spell, item, or character you can imagine. Fantasy Hero works well for all kinds of fantasy: high, low, urban, sword and sorcery, and everything else.

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