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The campaign is set in San Angelo, California, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Del Oro River Delta is the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. We will be using 6E rules and the San Angelo books. All the heroes are in high school and attend Taylor Allderdice High School in the University Commons area. The school colors are green and white and the mascot is the dragon.

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  2. "works for me, do we stake out 1 place or a few near to each other "
  3. "Thanks Detective," Avis quips, "I will check with the other team members and see how we can possibly help you out! One of us will get back to you once we have a plan in place!" Avis hangs up, looks around at GC & LH. "We might want to include the missing members in on this action plan!"
  4. "There are between two and three dozen burglaries each day, some are committed during daylight hours," Diana said. "It wouldn't hurt if you patrolled. During the daytime, the burglars are probably wearing regular clothes."
  5. "Yeah," Avis replies, "Ghost Cat helped get the bus out of the hole!" He thinks for a moment, "Has this been a rare occurrence or have other attempts been made? Do you think if we patrolled some areas of the city we might catch someone in the act? Would you welcome us doing this?"
  6. "Afraid not, Avis," Diana replies. "It wasn't Beverly. There was a traffic accident that tied up the freeway that with the fastest route to the city. The other two good routes she could've taken were closed, one is having utility lines replaced while the other had a bus break through the blacktop."
  7. "Hello Detective, I'm Avis from the Junior Justice Foundation, and we've been looking at the cat burglary information, we've actually gone to talk with Beverly, one of the potential suspects but didn't really get very far with her. She did point a finger at one of the officers but I think she's just deflecting attention away from herself." "At any rate," Avis continues, "I was wondering if you had come across any other leads we could assist you with?"
  8. Avis gets the number from their files and calls the police department, "Hello can you connect me with Detective Grove please? Yes, I'd like to make an appointment to meet with her. I'm part of the Junior Justice Foundation. Thanks I will hold for her..."
  9. (Detective Lieutenant Diana Grove is their police liaison and head of the Paranormal Affairs Unit.)
  10. Well technically we've only fought two villains, one was insane and the other just wanted to be left alone... How else are we supposed to get exercise if we aren't "Jumping to conclusions" or "running down the boss"? <I presume we are heading back to base> Report time again? What was the name of the cop Beverly fingered as a possible cat burglar? Oh ya Detective Lieutenant Barbara Whitfield. Looks at the others, who is our police contact now?
  11. "Anything is possible. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Else we start beating up random people unsure if we are going the right way or not. Also, it would show that we are not as different than the villains we fight."
  12. "Not everything needs to be an insidious plot to take over the world by some super smart megalomaniac who works in such a way that even when he wins, nobody knows he has won."
  13. "So it could be coincidence??" Avis ponders aloud, "Not some supervillain out to take over the city or transport it thousands of kilometers underground for nefarious reasons?"
  14. "It's a normal day," Bonnie says. "As I understand it, a lot of the infrastructure under the streets is old and some of it is falling apart."
  15. Maybe I'm just looking for conspiracies in everything?? Or is this just a normal day for San Angelo?
  16. no problem I got a little dirty and now I'm clean
  17. "You know, I could of entangle the area of the bus and you could of pulled it out from outside the hole. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it at the time."
  18. While Ghost Cat's getting hosed down, the gas company crew inspects their lines. By the time she's in Bonnie's SUV, the gas company crew reports that there are no damage to the gas lines.
  19. Hopefully the fire department is there GC will ask them to hose her off so she is only wet and from there she will shapeshift to slough of any excess sewage and water then she will head to the car
  20. The bus is now on level ground and the crews get to work inspecting everything.
  21. GC will push her strength to 50(5pts) and leap 20m back where the bus came from
  22. "Okay, everyone, get clear. Once the bus is out, we have to have the utility companies come in and inspect their lines and repair any damage before we can fill the hole and put new paving down." Once everyone was clear, he said to Ghost Cat, "All yours."
  23. "I need everybody to get back at least 40 yards, I'm going to push this bus up and out from the front" once that is done GC will get in the muck and try and find good footing to push off from she will push her strength to 50(5pts) and leap 20m back where the bus came from
  24. HQ responds that any underground electrical or communications cables would be inside either metal or plastic conduits and that it was probably caused by a slow leak in a sewer line. If it was a water main, since they're under pressure, there would've been a geyser.

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