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The campaign is set in San Angelo, California, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Del Oro River Delta is the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. We will be using 6E rules and the San Angelo books. All the heroes are in high school and attend Taylor Allderdice High School in the University Commons area. The school colors are green and white and the mascot is the dragon.

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  2. Drew gets a confused look on his face, then shakes his head. "So if you know it, why don't you share your 'Origin'?
  3. "Well, at least I kinda know the origin of my powers. I wasn't so thrilled to be the 'chosen one' when one has to go through a gender transformation just to access it. According to the mystics I seen, godstones demand to be linked to young women, and if the candidate has all the requirements except that one,they change the body temporary to suit. This one is somehow keyed to something called 'love energy'. At least I'm not linked to star seeds, whatever they are..."
  4. Michelle says, "I don't blame you, Avis. I wouldn't want to either."
  5. Drew makes a funny face. "I have no idea, and am not particularly willing to undergo any testing..."
  6. "I understand that. I don't suffer from transformation exhastion myself, but I do understan. So Avis, is this the result of magic, a natural mutation, or an artificial mutation?"
  7. Drew stands up and moves away from the other people in the room. "I'm not used to doing this in public so..." pause, "I believe my skillset would be more valuable with sneaking around and getting into small places. I have chosen the Nomme de Guerre of Avis - points around the room, not the car rental place!! Its Latin for bird and I can turn into various ones." He then changes into a duck, a raven, a sparrow, an eagle and finally into a hummingbird. Flitting around the room and then coming back to the where he left resuming human form. "Too many changes too quickly is draining," he grabs the end of a chair and lowers himself back into it slowly. .
  8. (Ok folks...time for those who have not yet introduced themselves to do so. And Beast, are you going to join us or just watch?)
  9. "This meeting. Where is the others? I'm sure it is not just us who got invited to this meeting." (Corected myself.)
  10. Drew looks in awe at Lady Heart... "It is Saturday night, what would we be playing hookie from?
  11. "Several people here haven't introduced themselves," Michelle replies.
  12. "I should've said, 'Pass on your recommendation to the proper people here'," Michelle Yamashiro replies.
  13. "Is it because she seems to be only 14 years old, or a crybaby? It is all in my report about the OSP*A Incident and the Radio Station Incident."
  14. "I know of one other, so I wouldn't say it is an epidemic of magical girls. I would keep an eye out for Sailor Moon. Once she matures a little bit, it might be wise to float an invite to join us."
  15. "Okay," Agent Yamashiro says. "I've heard rumors that there are magical girls in the San Angelo area, but, until now, I didn't believe them."
  16. "I'm Robert Trueheart, but you probably know me better in my other form." Just then, he stood up and chanted "Change Of Heart!" and gestured. He was surounded by bright lights. His clothing faded away as hearts started layering onto his body in deep shadows. Suddenly, a gender shift becomes apparent. His hair extends and curls into sausage curls. It also turns from brown tp strawberry blonde. He gains a chest and his hips widen. And a new set of clothes appears on his body...a frilly short dress with hearts all over it. All in all, this new entity who was Robert Trueheart looked like s/he stepped out of a Sailor Moon "me also" anime or cartoon show. Add to the strangness, hos eyes are now three times as huge as normal. "I'm bound by honor to call this body 'Lady Heart'."
  17. "I'm Monica Yamamoto, otherwise known as Arachne, a kunoichi, or female ninja. When I'm in my costumed identity, my black nightsuit is armored, lets me climb walls, and see in the dark, and, using my bracelets, create energy duplicates of martial arts weapons. I also speak Japanese and know about Japanese culture."
  18. Drew sits down again and looks at the others around the table. "So we have Rob, Lotus just left and I'm Drew..." "So perhaps introductions are in order? And perhaps we should talk about what we can do, both individually and as a team? Who wants to start?"
  19. "I was just about to enter," said Bonnie's from just outside the door. "Lotus, I was asked to give you this." She passes her an envelope. "Internal mail." "Thanks, Bonnie," Lotus says, taking it. "You're welcome," she says as she exits. <Bonnie has shoulder-length dark-brown hair and is wearing a black turtleneck sweater, jeans, hiking boots, and leather gloves.> <Lotus opens the envelope, reads the message, and sighs.> "Got to run. My team needs me." "As I understand it, Bonnie's is allergic to nickle alloys," Agent Yamashiro says.
  20. <Player thought only Lotus and Agent Yamashiro were in the room> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Drew jumps> I never even saw you come in, where'd you come from!!!
  21. Monica Yamamoto, Arachne's civilian identity, took a communicator and slipped it on her right wrist, just above the bracelet that was already there. As she did, a call came over the public address system that asked Bonnie Curtis to report to the think tank's main computer lab.
  22. Looking over at Robert, "You could test it right now too by transforming..."

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