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The campaign is set in San Angelo, California, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Del Oro River Delta is the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. We will be using 6E rules and the San Angelo books. All the heroes are in high school and attend Taylor Allderdice High School in the University Commons area. The school colors are green and white and the mascot is the dragon.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. (Since there have been no game-related posts in two weeks, I'll be closing the game shortly.)
  3. Lady Heart floated in patrol. Hearing Avis' message, she relied into her communicator "Gundam, Yamato, Harlock, and Galaxy Express 999 are better space opera."
  4. Avis lands on a building in his patrol area, Transforms back to human and whistles the Star Wars theme, then says into his communicator "May the fourth be with you!"
  5. The lights are coming from Lakeview Airport, a general aviation airport. The rotating beacon is on top of a red and white tower that's surrounded by a chain-link fence. The glow is coming from the parking lot and airfield lights. The light poles in the parking lot also have speakers. A chain-link fence and three buildings separate the parking lot from the airfield. One building is the airport terminal. A second is Lakeview Aviation, Inc. A third is the San Angelo County Sheriff's Department Aero Bureau.
  6. GC will call it in and go take a look see at what is happening
  7. On the edge of Lakeview, there is a rotating green and white beacon and the glow of many lights.
  8. Lady Heart flyes between Poverty Gulch and Lakeview, alternating every two hours between areas till s/he spots something odd.
  9. GC will patrol Lakeside in a circular pattern for now
  10. Avis flies around Poverty Gulch, looking for anything that would pique his curiosity...
  11. In Lakeview, things are quiet. A sheriff's patrol car, unit Lakeview 6, is rolling by and two sheriff's helicopters, that look like Bell UH-1 Iroquoises, are on divergent courses.
  12. I'll take lakeview and patrol that area and call in if I see anything
  13. Arachne changes to her civilian identity and takes the bus to Poverty Gulch where she changes back to her heroic identity.
  14. Avis turns into a duck and flies off towards Poverty Gulch.
  15. Avis nods and looks at Arachne. So where are we heading to?
  16. Points at Ghost cat, "You mean her technology? I'm just guts & squishy stuff!"
  17. "It is for anyone. It is a magic spell. But I don't have much experience casting it, so I don't know how it would interact with your technology."

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