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  1. Amorkca

    VIPERS assets

    Are you willing to post them? I'm always looking for agents to shake up my heroes!
  2. I do have Classic Enemies. Been playing this game for many generations... Now to go find that supplement!
  3. Did you ever do conversions to 6e for characters from the Escape from Stronghold adventure? especially the robots?
  4. There is a PDF in the store that should have a decent Character sheet you can use...
  5. It is missing those files... also missing Bloodstone & Dark Seraph. Peculiar
  6. Hmmm I wonder if I download the character pack again if it would have the same problems you guys have noticed?
  7. I bought the Complete Character Villain Pack back in 2014. https://www.herogames.com/clients/purchases/3361-champions-villains-complete-character-pack/ It does include both Bloodstone & Dark Seraph
  8. How peculiar, maybe try Private Message to Jason Walters?
  9. I have the Ultimates in my copy of the download. Its listed farther down the line than you showed above though... Then inside the folder...
  10. I believe Hand Attack is +X Strength - only for damage -1/2= 3 points
  11. Can you provide the reference where you found it? Thanks!
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