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  1. "So why would we be invited to a crime scene?" Avis ponders aloud.
  2. I looked through the club and could not see any updated documents, can you clarify which one was updated? Or maybe I'm just blind...
  3. "Well I for one am glad they didn't do that," Drew chimes in, "They likely would have called me Birdbrain"
  4. Drew thinks for a moment, "So you can fly? cast magic missiles? protect people with force fields? Teleport? Do you need anyone else?" Then he grins.
  5. Drew shakes his head affirmatively. "Yeah, didn't get to see as much as I'd hoped to though"
  6. I still think the biggest drawback is a lack of adventures!
  7. Drew gets a confused look on his face, then shakes his head. "So if you know it, why don't you share your 'Origin'?
  8. Drew makes a funny face. "I have no idea, and am not particularly willing to undergo any testing..."
  9. Drew stands up and moves away from the other people in the room. "I'm not used to doing this in public so..." pause, "I believe my skillset would be more valuable with sneaking around and getting into small places. I have chosen the Nomme de Guerre of Avis - points around the room, not the car rental place!! Its Latin for bird and I can turn into various ones." He then changes into a duck, a raven, a sparrow, an eagle and finally into a hummingbird. Flitting around the room and then coming back to the where he left resuming human form. "Too many changes too quickly is draining," he grabs the end of a chair and lowers himself back into it slowly. .
  10. I really like the Meriquai Falls stuff! Have used most of the "modules" they have produced!
  11. Drew looks in awe at Lady Heart... "It is Saturday night, what would we be playing hookie from?
  12. Drew sits down again and looks at the others around the table. "So we have Rob, Lotus just left and I'm Drew..." "So perhaps introductions are in order? And perhaps we should talk about what we can do, both individually and as a team? Who wants to start?"
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