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  1. Hyper-man (may he rest in peace) has the JLA done for 6th Edition This link is to his version of Wonder Woman
  2. A cruel addition to this would be for a competitor to add a burr to the saddle to make the horse angrier or in pain so it bucks harder...
  3. Dennis L McKiernan's "The Eye of the Hunter" Been reading several of his books, started with the Iron tower trilogy; He has a somewhat different take on Fantasy races, elves, dwarves and Warrows (his version of halflings) Each have some unique abilities to them. Over all I enjoyed the story but was disappointed when one of the main characters dies, but I enjoyed the ending.
  4. Praying for you and your clan!
  5. Liked this for bird form... Silly but still...
  6. Updated PDF of Avis. Secret ID of Drew Jacobs. More background stuff pending, stole an image for a pic of him... Drew Jacobs (Avis).pdf
  7. okay, I have a word editable file on my laptop that I will post later on this morning. Could possibly post as a PDF too..
  8. Avis.hdc Couldn't send this privately but here's the first draft of my character. Main defence is not being hit, size mod of +10 DCV. Not much besides that... Let me know if you can't open/read this!
  9. Did you know there is a sixth edition version of Panda & Raccoon?
  10. I would be interested in participating with this fledgling group, how do I go about joining?
  11. Let's make that a trio!!! Awesome stuff Scott
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