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  1. One of the recent Transformers movies, had a transform type attack where a steering wheel attacked a driver. A Soda machine started attacking people by shooting its cans of pop at them; cell phones started acting like spiders... Any of those ideas help?
  2. Has someone thought of talking to the San Angelo people? Maybe invite them to this discussion. They have a setting that could be put to good use!
  3. Sorry DialNforNinja I totally missed seeing the page with the character on it! Please note that your Complications are 85 points not 75.
  4. Are you willing to post your character? Many people can give better suggestions if they see what you already have in place!
  5. Hides his ears... slinks away... Looks for a thermo nuclear device to blow up the stars... Returns as... a Vulcan...😉
  6. Agreed! Was there anything left of that target???
  7. Truly an enjoyable story - but I must confess t took me forever to get through it; limited time available and I would lose where I was between readings! Still a great tale. I do wonder what Little Sister will do when she finds Big Brother and the trouble they'll get into together!! I look forward to more of your stories!
  8. Really enjoying your story Duke!!
  9. I'm inclined with idea #3 as well. For a different angle, what if you buy 8 Force Walls as foci and they would protect from the 8 attacks completely. Perhaps they can talk incessantly to really present the Drone (on) effect?
  10. I have been enjoying San Angelo as a setting, though I'm late in coming to it and am pleased to see they are planning an update!!
  11. Did they adapt it to Hero as well?
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