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  1. Thank you for this! My group played through this on Friday past and had a wonderful time curb stomping Nazis!! I'm more familiar with Hero and so I did some on the fly conversions for the adventure but we had a blast!
  2. "G'Night Karrin, have a good rest of your weekend!" says Avis, (back in human form), waves then heads out of the building towards home.
  3. Avis turns into a parrot, "That's right Matey" "So now what are we expected to do?"
  4. Drew sighs heavily, "I can't believe our field trip has homework..." Types out report and hands it in.
  5. Hi this message is aimed towards Greg Elkins the creator of the above. I was going through the HD files associated with this product and noticed that the villain Griffon is missing. Can this file be added/updated to the Store, or to the downloads section? Thanks
  6. As the others arrive at the helicopter, they find Avis back in human form, sitting inside looking glum.
  7. (Why did you choose Defender instead of Cavalier, who is in the supplement?)
  8. Avis flies down as a sparrow and lands on Ghost Cat's shoulder, "Chirp chirp, chirp chirpity chirp" he intones...
  9. Avis carefully studies these renowned heroes to see how they work together.
  10. Avis flies up, changing forms into that of an eagle and scans the area looking for any other issues.
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