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  1. I'm inclined with idea #3 as well. For a different angle, what if you buy 8 Force Walls as foci and they would protect from the 8 attacks completely. Perhaps they can talk incessantly to really present the Drone (on) effect?
  2. I have been enjoying San Angelo as a setting, though I'm late in coming to it and am pleased to see they are planning an update!!
  3. Did they adapt it to Hero as well?
  4. Out of curiosity, did "Secret agents of CROSS" get funded?
  5. new one up!! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1163.html
  6. I think you need to take this over to the Create a Villain Team thread...
  7. Just a note - going up 10cm is probably a typo. Elsewhere you mention he gains 4 metres of growth - much bigger!
  8. You could put the remaining disadvantages as 0 point complications...
  9. And Sivana Senior was Lex Luthor's Dad (in Smallville)
  10. I would suggest making a Multipower with all of the various things you want the staff to be able to do - possibly make it Indirect as well. Is it a focus? Or can he use anything to make these abilities work? Like a 6ft plastic pipe, metal rod various objects of opportunity?
  11. Is Yellowflash another of your villains and will you be posting him/her too?
  12. Can you open it in Notepad instead?
  13. I have found if I use the "Mark Forum Read" from the Home page, it does not give that popup!
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