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Actual RPG related Podcasts


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So, the other day I saw Darren Watts post about his podcast Explain This Comics Guys. 


Up till this point every podcast I ever tried have been horrifically bad.  If they managed to touch on anything actually interesting, usually by accident, it is usually quickly buried under pathetic attempts at humor.  


But ETCG was a pleasant surprise.  It covered an actual topic with the information delivered in a concise and intelligent manner.  Any commentary actuality applied and reinforced the presentation. 


So here I am.


This is posted in the General Roleplaying forum because that is what I'm looking for.  A good informative podcast about the various RPG systems or settings out there.  With a major emphasis on non-D&D (or effectively D&D clones like Pathfinder, 13th Age, etc.).


I have wasted a lot of time trying to "search" various podcast sources, if they use subjects no one appears to validate them.  It appears there is no interest in connecting with interested listeners.


So my question is this.


Does anyone know of a podcast out there that intelligently discusses various RPGs? Rules, settings, genres? Compares various systems based on actually having played it or at least having read the book.  Tips on GMing and so on.


All presented in a concise and prepared manner minus idiotic unfunny in jokes.


I have discovered that a podcast can actually be worth listening and can really make my commute pleasent.


I have also discovered that I am apparently incapable of actually locating additional ones.:think:


Any assistance would be fantastic.


Thank you in advance..

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13 hours ago, tkdguy said:

I rarely have the patience to sit through podcasts, but I know about Save or Die, which ended a few years ago. It focused on old-school D&D, so the Original D&D board I frequent had a spot for it.


Here are the Archives on the OD&D forum.


I know you wanted to focus on non-D&D stuff, but I haven't come across them.




I'm just surprised with all the buzz and hoopla about podcasts, just how little there is out there.  I just tried listening to a podcast put out by a gaming company, and no kidding. After an initial couple minutes of disjointed babble they started discussing cauliflower recipes.  WTF?


Anyway, I'm still looking for a game related podcast and I appreciate the response.

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OK, so I have lost many hours of my life to a remarkable conclusion. 


Apparently the only thing a "RPG" podcast DOES NOT discuss is RPG's.  Oh, they talk around them, but in the end you will have exactly zero information on the actual game they are "discussing". 


I have heard a lot of unexplained opinions such as "It was hard!" or "I might have had more fun playing Star Trek if I had ever seen the show". 


Oh and the never ending compliment fest of the participants perfectly framed glowing descriptions of peoples cats and even recipes.  Woo Hoo!  Not to mention the thinly disguised politics being inserted into many of them, I guess they do not realize pandering doesn't really help anything if the core program sucks. 


But a description of an actual RPG with a rudimentary description of the rules and why anyone would want to play it is apparently a forbidden topic.  


Well, back to audio books.


Now I have discovered a couple Podcasts for other subjects that are actually worth listening to. 

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