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  1. I usually get a refund from the IRS during tax season, but this year I owe a lot of money. This is on top of paying a fair amount for a new crown.
  2. On the other end of the spectrum, I am trying a mixture of almond milk and chocolate oat milk even as I type this message. It's not bad, but I can see this being something of an acquired taste.
  3. If you thought that last burger recipe was greasy, check this out!
  4. Condolences, Cancer. I just heard a friend of the family recently passed away as well.
  5. Not spending cash on 5e, but I did buy a new d100 and a bunch of clear bases today.
  6. And Naomi Osaka gets her 4th Grand Slam title in the same tournament. In other sports news, Luna Rossa wins the Prada Cup and will face off against Emirates Team New Zealand in the America's Cup.
  7. My beef with a couple of website (not this one) today: 1. Why is it so difficult to change your password now? It was much more user-friendly before. 2. What's the point of resetting your password when the website (another one) won't recognize it 15 minutes later?
  8. A closer look at the genealogy will reveal that the Eldar are an incestuous bunch! 😲
  9. I would have been half right in that case, no?
  10. Time to resurrect this thread: Two men pose as US Marshals to avoid wearing masks
  11. My predictions for who would play in the women's championship match in the Australian Open were totally off. There will be an American in the championship, just not the one I was expecting.
  12. Australia and New Zealand both were affected by Covid outbreaks recently, which had some impact on the sports currently going on in those places. Victoria had a 5-day lockdown imposed. The Australian Open was allowed to continue, albeit without the audience. Crowds are being allowed back in today, just in time for the semifinals. No such luck in Auckland, where the Prada Cup (formerly the Louis Vuitton Cup) has been going on. Races may be put on hold until after the final scheduled race day. If this happens, officials may award the win to Italy's Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, which has
  13. My sister used to have a friend who was freaked out by the penguin. My sister would prank her by calling her and singing dooby dooby doo.
  14. I don't know if I can do all of these practices without falling, but I'll give them a try.
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