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  1. If it's manned is it still a drone? Maybe if it's being piloted remotely.
  2. Please cross-post that video to my Futuristic Sports and Entertainment thread in the Star Hero forum. 🙏
  3. Whatever crap Wing Stop is playing next door. Unfortunately, all the noise they make is audible in my office.
  4. Rolemaster Companion 1 included a set of symbols called the Qabbals. I constructed one such deck for my own rpg needs.
  5. Q: So how did the job fair go? A: Whenever the mood takes me, I just have to play along.
  6. Interesting patterns, especially Mercury. Except I would have taken it for
  7. https://listverse.com/2008/06/17/8-types-of-dragons-you-have-never-heard-of/
  8. It's a tradition. It doesn't have to. make sense.
  9. Do you really expect an answer to that question?
  10. I got to run a MERP game on Tabletop Simulator last weekend. The most amazing part of it was that nobody rolled a fumble!
  11. The anything goes approach does seem to work better with Star Wars than with Star Trek, although the latter has had its share of oddities.
  12. Write a love poem to someone you care about on Valentine's Day. https://www.gocomics.com/lio/2020/02/12
  13. It is a big galaxy with different civilizations having different tech levels.
  14. I once read Dante's Inferno; it scared the hell out of me.
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