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  1. https://dndcontest.coregames.com/?fbclid=IwAR0UNptYN-zY1AxwHvonPNQm-3jYGLoVIBnus1aYxwy4wpDjgJ6ZLZb4mYw
  2. Cancer has nothing to add to his last post.
  3. I have added this link to my list of favorites. I will definitely watch these videos. I also got my Certificate of Completion for the NESTA workshop I did. It's very pretty.
  4. Ever get a letter from your medical care provider stating you need to update your information and tell you which web page to go to? Except that page doesn't exist. It's not even a link that goes to a broken page. The link doesn't exist. yet the FAQ tells you to go to that page.
  5. I was going to turn in for the night, so I locked my back door. It was a flimsy door, which didn't make me feel secure, but I had an iron door that was thick and would keep me safe. From who? Dracula. Then I checked on my cats and noticed one was missing. I looked for her and noticed the front doors were open. I was mad that nobody thought to check on the front doors. My cat was outside relieving herself. I made sure she went back in the house ASAP. Good thing Dracula never showed up.
  6. Sounds like that hard SF campaign I posted on the Star HERO forum years ago is beginning to take shape. First reaction: Hey cool, I was right! Second reaction: Oh crap, I was right!
  7. Explosion in Beirut, over 50 fatalities
  8. Still the same thing as buying the Brooklyn Bridge.
  9. 1. How is the vendor legally allowed to sell you this piece of property? 2. How do you enforce your claim?
  10. Nah, he said something about me having this "dead look" or something. At least I got the name of the enemy. Last night's dream was inspired by LOTR. I was stargazing with a bunch of folks on a cliff top. One of them was a young woman with some elf blood in her. We spied Earendil with the Silmaril, which was moving pretty quickly, but the woman didn't know about Earendil, despite being one of his descendants. Then the scene changed into a house. One of my friends was telling another elf about the young woman. He said she knew about three theories about the star, but not the one from her mother's side of her family.
  11. Vietnamese Shaking Beef: It's called that because it's so fresh, the cow is still in its dying throes.
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