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New Roll20 Character Sheet - Hero System 6e Heroic

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Hello everyone, here's the mid-July update.


I've worked my way through the Kazei 5 characters and NPCs and fixed the problems I've encountered. I am now pretty satisfied with the current state of the importer. I've also made a few small changes to the sheet over the last few weeks such as adding the options to identify a power as "unified" or "compound." Kazei 5 has a lot of characters with compound powers and this caused me a bit of trouble. Unified or compound powers that are part of a multipower may not work perfectly, but I think these are unusual cases.


These are my next steps:

  1. I want to re-check all of the characters in the test group just to make sure a fix on a later one didn't break an early one.
  2. I need to write instructions.
  3. I will create a repository and submit the script for approval by the Roll20 team.
  4. Assuming there are no problems, I will post news of the release. 🙂
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HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter v1.0 released!


The importer API script was approved and is now available in the Roll20 API GitHub site. Hopefully it will appear in the Mod Library soon although these things can take some time. Please note that to use the API script you will need a Roll20 Pro-level subscription.


Please see the HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter GitHub site for documentation, API script, Hero Designer export file, and sample character files. I posted a companion message with the hde file in the Hero Designer export formats forum as well.


If you encounter bugs, you may post a reply here or contact me via Roll20.


I would also like to thank the authors of BeyondImporter, which this script is based on.




Villain In Glasses

HD Screenshot Small.png

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Hi Jkeown,


Would you let me know which script was causing compatibility problems? If it is something that is likely to be used in parallel to mine, I might be able to sort out the problem.


The importer should make a new character sheet or overwrite one with the same name if that option is selected. If there is a particular character that is causing problems it would be great for me to try it out myself.


Thanks for posting, by the way. Feedback is always welcome.





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Hi everyone,


I've made an update to the sheet, which is now live on Roll20:

  1. The Power Tab now has seven more slots for powers (17 total). To make room I added an expand/collapse functionality so that only one power per column is fully visible.
  2. The Power Tab has a health status widget similar to the Characteristics and Gear Tabs, which will give players immediate feedback when they use a power's END or REC or heal themselves and so on. I sacrificed space for an 18th power to add this, but I think it is worth it for playability.
  3. I fixed an issue where the text in roll templates was hard to see when using Chrome and dark mode.
  4. Finally, I made a small update to the readme to reflect the changes.

The next planned effort will be to the HeroDesigner importer so that it will recognize the extra power slots.







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Posted (edited)

I updated the Hero Designer importer (HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter 1.1) so that it will recognize all 17 power slots. The API Github repository is updated less predictably than the sheet repository. I'll post a note when it is live. 

Edited by Villain In Glasses
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