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PDF Form fillable character sheet for 5th Edition

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I know it's kind of crazy to ask given that I have the Hero Designer and I can print Character sheets out, but sometimes a PDF form fillable character sheet is easier when I use the Designer to create my character first.


The problem is that I have ran across a couple of such sheets but they are both bad. One adds up speed incorrectly. It rounds the number when it clearly says in the book not to. So that one is out.  The other is by Wayne Peacock and it seems fine but I find that it does some thing with Strength. It's not a whole number and in some cases the stats can be off by one. I'm not a GM so this is my character


I have tried searching via google for such PDF files but come up empty but I know such files can be sitting on a site and not be searchable. The alternative is to write it all out like the old days.  Thanks.



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I have been looking for much the same thing.  But I guess to an even greater extent.  I prefer a fillable form with zero, none, nada built in calculations.  As in just blanks that you can type a number or word into.  I have been sidetracked by life the last few months, but I will look to see if I can find one of my old experiments. I just never seem to complete them.


If you have a copy of the sheet you prefer, it is actually fairly easy to create a pdf fillable if you have a full pdf editor. 


If you have a blank character sheet I could see about inserting basic fill fields.  This might motivate me to actually finish one :ugly:



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