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Deleting my forum account


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Hello there,


What is the proper way to delete my account here on the forum? I've sent two emails through the contact form already in the past weeks but received zero reply. There's nothing wrong, I'll always be a devoted fan  of Hero, but I've always been more of a reader of the forum so I don't need to have an account, hence, I whish to have ot deleted.


Thanks in advance!

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Simply put, you don't -- that's not how forums work (would give rise to issues with this very thread, for example).  You can disable notifications, etc. from your account settings page...and then simply don't login.  Apart from forum notifications that you've signed up for (and don't disable) and confirmation emails from the online store, HERO Games won't contact you - there are no bulk emails or marketing campaigns on this site.

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Let's review:


1. This is a forum and an online store.  A single account tracks your purchases and lets you post to the forums. Removal of an account also removes all purchase history (and ability to re-download any purchases made...which you, specifically, have).  Punching holes through forum postings (which you have made) and creating the inevitable complaints down the road when you can't access prior purchases is not worth the hassle of manually deleting an account, hence the current statement/policy.

2. Only administrators of the site are able to view email addresses or any other personally identifying information - the only things displayed to the public are those which you choose to share.

3. There are no requirements for use of your actual name or any other personally identifying info -- @Hermit is not, in fact, actually a hermit...nor is he called that in real life (at least, not to my knowledge).  Same goes with @Pariah or any number of others.  While Simon is my actual name, I choose to use that as my handle on these forums.

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Thank you, I'm well aware of the technicalities and what you said in the other bullet points. While no, my handle does not make me identifiable, it is something I can't change (though I would), and it does bother me as it something I use elsewhere, too. Unfortunately, I'm also aware that this affects me differently than it affects you (and it pretty much doesn't).


So no, this is no solution for me, but if there's nothing to do, I need to give up. If I turn the question around and I ask, 'can I request the of my personal data on this site?', would it make a difference?

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