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  1. How about you move the .hdc files elsewhere, say, to the Downloads or the Documents to a designated folder and see what happens?
  2. If you open the Terminal and enter: ls -hal /Users/yourusername/Desktop, what does it say? It is also possible that the file you see on the desktop is a symlink and the original file is elsewhere. Just ideas, may be worth checking.
  3. Offtopic: how did you create this beautiful card?
  4. Thanks, Spence! I’ll give them a thought as I have the books, so I can just copy the things I need from them to the character sheet.
  5. That I know, I just thought that it’s included. Now I know that I would have to buy it, so thanks for the information.
  6. Oh, so no list to choose from like in the Equipment Guide..thank you, it’s good to know, I won’t look for it any longer.
  7. Old thread, I know, sorry but it’s just my problem, too: is there no way to just select the weapons, gears and such from a list instead of having to create them? In the official sample sheets, they’re just ‘written’ on, it doesn’t seem like they were ‘created’, so this caused me quite a bit of a confusion.
  8. Grailknight: thank you very much, this was new for me!
  9. I really like the categories, I would think they allow a more granular approach in some cases.
  10. This is brilliant, thank you so much, you got me hooked, already! Please definitely bump this thread when it's out.
  11. This is so awesome, I've been looking for something like this for a while, thank you very much!
  12. It's embarrassing but I can't seem to wrap my head around this simple example..Take the one on pg. 43, Advantages for Strength: "Example: Grond (STR 90) wants the ability to do a "Shockwave" - to slam the ground with his fists and damage anyone standing nearby. He buys that as a naked Area of Effect (Radius Explosion) Advantage for his STR, witch certain Power Modifiers: Area of Effect (16m Surface Radius Explosion; +1/2) for up to 90 STR, Hole In The Middle (the 1m radius area Grond stands in when he uses the power;+1/4) (56 points); Can Only Be Applied To Horizontal Surfaces
  13. I think it’s great, very nice job! I don’t see any glaring issues, either.
  14. Absolutely, and I’m glad it’s there for me to enjoy.
  15. While I certainly understand many of your feelings concerning elves, dwarves and such, fantasy without them - for me, strictly - is not fantasy. Heck, I don’t even read a fantasy book without them, usually - I especially need them in a high fantasy setting, cliched or not. So that’s the other side of the coin.
  16. I was thinking of something available now, other than your project.
  17. On slightly another note, do you guys know of basic pregens currently available for download, for Fantasy Hero?
  18. Chris, I think is is a great idea! Can we see one or two examples of these pregens?
  19. Those 18 pregens alone are worth the 10 bucks. The rest is also great, it’s something not to miss.
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