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  1. Agreed. There is only one scene in that movie that worked for me. Where he realized he was in a German model car with a Japanese radio and looked REALLY worried.
  2. THE PUNISHER (2004) I rather liked. I watched it as a revenge movie rather than a superhero movie and it worked well for me. Venom I liked more than I thought I would. Entertaining dark comedy at times BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE (2016) - I enjoyed aspects but it was a failure. And i really, REALLY don't like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I'm not sure what Riddler/Joker pastiche he was hitting, but he was no where near Luthor. I really don't need to see it again. Suicide Squad wasn't bad. I rather liked the character of Diablo. Enchant
  3. Oh, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is another show...
  4. I'd go further, right now, our allies are RIGHT to not trust us, or at least our government. I don't think they should ignore everything that comes out an American's official's mouth, but I certainly find it shameful that right now our best boast is "At least we're not Russia or China". If Trump gets another four years, I advise the EU to prepare a replacement for NATO as best they can because I don't think it will last.
  5. Yeah. The directors and writers had good actors and let half of them go to waste. I rather enjoyed her brief time in Leverage. But then I love Leverage
  6. Having seen his work on Benson as Pete, and other bit parts, I am inclined to agree.
  7. I found Bab 5 a bit of a sandwich , the first and last seasons were pretty bland, the middle stuff much better. But it would hardly be the only show like that. And like Archer, I DID appreciate they didn't treat religion as if it was going to go away as soon as we got flying car tech and up like some Sci-Fi does. Favorite episodes tended to involve Londo ... what an amazing character, struggling to grasp redemption for his people and himself, and again and again falling short or even throwing that redemption away for ambition. DT has already mentioned Into the Fire and one of Londo's finest mo
  8. I almost ended up liking Neelix at times, almost. But I still understood why Tuvok ran that holoprogram when he was feeling a wee bit homicidal
  9. Stargate , what Stargate? No such thing I'm sure... now, there was that amazing cult classic "Wormhole X-Treme!" Which had some really good consultants
  10. Dammit it. I hope Cruise doesnt' get it. I make a point to avoid his movies if I can.
  11. I read the same moment. You're right. It was Glorious! And years later, Batman would admit that Dick was the right guy to coordinate the superhero world, not him.
  12. I would have watched the hell out of it, but then some think I'm odd
  13. Yeah, Janeway was a real victim of inconsistent writing. One episode she's telling a species "ever mess with us again and we'll take the gloves off and there will be no mercy" then... later on, different episode, same guys...and she's like "well gosh that wasn't nice. Naughty!" Okay, not exact quotes, but the point is the scripts were all over the place and rarely did the character favors
  14. I look forward to watching this one. I have a wedding to be at in another part of the state for a chunk of it so I won't liikely be participating, but hope everyone has a blast
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