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  1. Congrats to csyphrett !!! And thanks to Pariah for this
  2. I haven't played a champions game with my group in years. Even before Covid. Did a bit of RP with a friend and that was nice but not the same
  3. Then perhaps it's not too late to stop this horrible mistake! *actually reads article* oh
  4. Oh the "SOB MUST PAY" motivation has worked for my group many a time. They tend more towards the heroic, but man can they carry grudges in game
  5. Ah :O you might be giving me too much credit in a way. Actually, my most recent campaign was born of panicked speed and laziness. The gaming group I am in hadn't gamed in over a year and a half, suddenly they had time and wanted to try to start up again. I asked them what setting they wanted (Forgive me, Hero Board gods, they wanted a Pathfinder game), and they rather nebulous. With THE Weekend coming up, I flittered back and forth from established setting to established setting, a bit irked that some I liked had under gone abuse in the name of edition swap or some story progression that was forced on it. One city that we used to use as an HQ in our old games, for example, destroyed via novel... gone. I could ignore that, but did I want something different to throw them off a bit, blah blah, mind going back and forth. Then I realized that the 'destroyed town/city' or even 'lost kingdom' was a classic bit, and why not lean into it? Borrowing shamelessly from Marvel's Battleworld, I made the trademark violating, copyright infringing , cut and paste mess of the Antiquary aka the Magpie. The Magpie/Antiquary was a God that was banished, trapped to a world devoid of sentient life. Further, he was denied the power of creation. Suffice to say, the poor sap got very lonely. He found however, that he could steal what others discarded, even beyond the barrier. That which would be lost to others, he would claim, bring over to HIS world. So I took Tilverton from FR's Cormyr, and placed it near a huge forest with some rivers. Alfheim from Mystara was thrown in... I took the city of Troy from the Iliad and plopped it down 'way over there', I took a fallen city from the Ryria Chronicles and it's people and put them near a mountain range. Heck, I even stole the shire when I realized technically the idea that the Hobbits would eventually become men (If one believes Gandalf's musings) and thus would be destroyed as a community, though the hobbits WERE very surprised to find their homes were now beach front property on an ocean shore. Just for nostalgia, I used it as an excuse to bring Cynidicea from the old module "The Lost City" to the Surface with the people there freed of their drugged dream state. Then I tried to figure out what three hundred years would do... some progressed fast, some went slow, some were wiped out. Most were focused on survival so exploration was not on their mind at first. Some gods could pierce the barrier (It was the Magpie's prison, not theirs) , so you could have Apollo and Lathander glaring eat each other. Geography changes cultures (I never said, but I do think at least some young Took may have discovered the glory of surfing) but it takes a few generations for that to kick in. So 300 years after the theft/salvation, our PCs are under orders to explore and survey for their kingdom. The game is somewhat comical at parts (The battlecry of the Shire is 'The Hobbits the Hobbits the Hobbits! Guard Guard Guard') but they've had fun so far. EDIT: For those of you wondering why you're reading a Wall O Text, blame L. Marcus, I told him NOT to ask
  6. Not what I said... To repeat "This allows me to slip in some 21st century values believably into a medieval ISH setting." so no, it's not 'just like they are in the time I live' Any game master picks and chooses what is and isn't in their game world. Saying the sexes will be treated more equally is no more "forced" than deciding it will have only four races to pick from as playable characters, or that magic in the setting will work from the same source. Each pick of what is or isn't in a gameworld; it's peoples, it's cultures, is a good prompt to 'How did it get there?' I've found it allows a rather natural means to speculate upon and fill out backstory and history for each culture. I don't sit down with the players and go "This is what I wanted and that's why", they're bright folks, and they know everyone has their style and preferences and that I try to take theirs into account. If they show an interest in a part of the setting, and their characters are either locals or have the right knowledge skills, What I do is say "One hundred years ago today, the Patriarchs of the city of Vircombe declared the already beleaguered women of their city to be property of their husbands, and those unwed to be auctioned off as brides to the highest local bidder to fill the treasury. The women prayed to the goddess Tymyrsa for rescue, and the Patriarchs were blinded by her holy power. Their rule was cut short, and the women, knowing their prayers were heard, rose up and demanded to be full citizens. Your party has arrived on the anniversary of that event, and that explains why so many are wearing red blindfolds (of course, of such thin material they can still see through it) to honor that day." If that feels forced to you, well, so be it, but the players liked it and it was a fun world crafting moment for me.
  7. Current group is surveying and exploring the world which is only 300 years old (Don't ask), and already they're liberating kobolds from slavery on the side.
  8. I absolutely adore D&D style clerics. The pantheons are almost always fun and fascinating and they help tell you a lot about the setting. I realize they're not everyone's cuppa, but some of my earliest RPG memories include having my cleric of St. Cuthbert headsmacking the heathen bandits and unbeliever kobolds .. for their own good, of course. *Ahem* I tend to play religion as very important to my settings, politically and otherwise, so even if the priests don't have spell one, you do not want on their bad side, and often found them to be good allies. Need a clue to a lost treasure? There's a monastery that works as a library and is happy to share their knowledge if asked nicely because that's what their beliefs tell them. That group of people being attacked by orcs? Those are pilgrims on their way to a holy site that is known for the miracle of... INSERT INTERESTING THING HERE! So I've had librarian priests, guide priests, warrior priests, of course healer focused priests, and yes, a Cardinal Richelieu type now and then who even the king is leery of. I actually prefer the polytheistic mess with each god having their own priesthood that's so typical, probably nostalgia, but also because my players prefer it as well. So yes, a cleric of the goddess of war will be a lot different from a swindling priest of a trickster god, and their levels of organization will vary. And I tend to have the gods very active. This allows me to slip in some 21st century values believably into a medieval ISH setting. If a city where women are treated as property suddenly finds it's patriarchs struck blind in an obvious warning from some goddess, well, that would explain why Sexism isn't as common as you might have otherwise. Etc.
  9. Oh good, maybe THIS One won't just be a lame ST: DS9 rip off... *DUCKS* Kidding, kidding...
  10. Finally resolved. Problem may return. Won't that be fun?
  11. I say this with a lot of love for some who are Tennesseans like myself... should you see our 'Welcome to Tennessee' or 'You are now Entering Tennessee" signs on the road ahead of you? Immediately pull a U turn and save yourselves.
  12. Sadly, they won't be able to fix it until tomorrow , apparently the problem is so bad they need a device they don't have access too until then
  13. Currently, anything flushed in the house comes up through the floor of my shower. Roto Router can't get here fast enough
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