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  1. Yeah, hopefully that gets resolved and fast (And should be able to be thanks to help from "Nick Fury" if they think about it) instead of becoming the new Status Quo. Otherwise it robs something from Spider-Man the rest of the Marvel heroes don't have/ignore. Great to see Simmons again though.
  2. Ah, Lady Justice maybe blind, but she sure knows the smell of money https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/07/14/criminal-justice-reform-pretrial-diversion-louisiana-227354
  3. That's how it usually goes. :) Though I still have a Guardian/Monster and Domain left. Mmm
  4. Well THAT explains the whiny attitudes around here... thanks! I was wondering!
  5. Yeah., had trouble getting to the list where the names are. It's correct now. Apologies to our worm lord... The god of crafts and invention is a lot brighter than his writer is.
  6. Alas, it is entirely possible that those wearing The Zinnchapeau might end up being disbelieved in some cultures and locations. Why, in some lands they might even be seen as madmen!
  7. Pandemonium had gone too far in Concinnant's opinion. Literacy suddenly was impossible? The written word no longer existed? Learn, memorize, only to have the knowledge gone again as soon as the worm was taken out? Was this an attempt to keep each generation ignorant never to truly gain from the next? True, oral teaching could continue, but with this system true innovation could be cut down a trickle! Nor was the G0D of Crafts and Technology alone in this. Dagna too was displeased. For writing was a form of art, and written music meant more songs could be shared. Whatever Pandemonium's intentions were, the point was his interference had cut out many options and replaced it with few. So, with Dagna's help, Concinnant turned to his greatest resource, the ingenuity of his worshipers! Crafters, inventors, minds who would not be slave to wormy tyranny! Ideas flew back and forth for what seemed a generation, and then! At last, the great invention came forth in concept and was developed by a think tank of many races! This device would stabilize the mind, making it so one could read and write without headaches or madness! It was protective of mind body and soul and even was said to enhance one's natural intellect! It helped reduce outside influences on one's private thoughts! Concinnant was pleased by the mortal craftsman who devised the salvation of the written word and soon priesthood (As wall as some others) would be known for wearing them as ceremonial garb for they were dazzling items. Thanks to Dagna's mining, the two priesthoods shared the secrets among themselves and their followers freely. No, not for them the chore of shoving a worm up the nose (Though some still did), rather, they could pass on knowledge in dignity to those who also wore the device. It was dubbed "The Zinnchapeau!" Let folks use worms if they must (One suspects Tziruu would thrive), but for those that preferred the nearly lost ways of literacy, the secret ways of symbols on paper or other surfaces, there was the Zinnchapeau! Interference: "The Zinnchapeau!" (AKA "TIN FOIL HATS WORK TO PROTECT YOUR BRAIN!") (Above , a picture of a Human High Priest, Weer "The Dignified" Allus)
  8. The Best Scene IMO had nothing to do with leads " Gentlemen... it has been a privilege playing with you tonight "
  9. Concinnant desperately tried to adapt to the strange shifts of some of his seemingly less stable peers. When Grorrar introduced his 'gift,' the notion that Civilization was a lie, so many of the sentient races seemed to go a wee bit bonkers. Some Engdweorg adopted the idea that Civilization was a lie until they made it fact by subjugating more priimative races. Others rather defended those other races praising them as 'Noble Savages!' and there was a myriad of things between. Others grew dejected, what was invention if all progress basically led in circles? Concinnant assured them it was not so... but it was hard. Then... Doomsayer, as was his wont, gave tit for tat, and now the wilderness was nice and orderly... leading to a strange conflict indeed... it seemed to take the edge off Nature's dangers but also made it all the more alluring to some. Well, at least the badgers in ascots were humorously adorable. Concinnant was not sure what to do. This world was not functioning as records from a distant memory said they should. The good news was that after all this; the G0D felt ready for just about anything... (I need a moment to ponder selections as my deity discovers it is a god of Invention and Crafts in a world where literacy is dead)
  10. He means your Jungles have an HOA code of conduct and those man eating trees could use a trim, buddy!!!
  11. Concinnant felt a little shaken. The G0D had been the victim of a Dos (Denial of Sacredness) attack from a goddess Concinnant had never met before until, apparently realizing her error, she kindly backed way. Mining eh? Well, yes, that was crucial. How else to access the metals? To streamline the process, while Metals remained Concinnant's domain he yielded up the gemstones to the goddess of stone without a fuss. She did have the the better claim. No sooner had this incident seemed to settle, when the twisted Pictclock Engdweorg appeared by the designs of the god of chaos! Perhaps Concinnant's own domain of restoration could aid a few of them but that was a future endeavor. The Lord of Invention and Crafts certainly felt suddenly thrust into the forefront regardless. At least a common tongue had risen up, surely that could only assist in making sure systems were collaborative. Yes, everyone intercommunicating would logically lead to accelerated harmony. Of course, there was also this huge world serpent that served who knew what purpose? Concinnant was pleased and surprised to find Dagna had got flowers that it's many smith worshipers could utilize. In return, it created something...unique that might add the musicians that followed Dagna and ease the suffering of those driven mad to protect his people from pandemonium.. They called it... Aetherite! Some would call it the Coppersong, for it resembled Copper, and yes, it sang, strange and oddly soothing tunes would flow from it depending on the amount of heat or light that reached it, and it reacted like wise to nearby motion- you didn't even have to touch it! And while it had it's own song, if one sang to it, it seemed to drink it in and gain a similar voice (Though rarely true words) to the one who sang! Because of this, it was treasured in the crafting of musical instruments. All the more so, because it was not plentiful. It tended to soothe lunacy and set minds at peace. Ore Selection: Aetherite/Coppersong! (Metal ore that makes music!)
  12. Man, when Loki and Thor team up, it is AWESOME!
  13. Just to clarify, there is no edict saying only Engdweorg may use technology. What I said was " Some of this might leak down to the other sentient races, but none would progress as quickly in technology and *Meant to say "in"* general, and certainly not as far in Steampunk engineering! " So other races can shoot each other with muskets, bows or spears depending on how far behind they are. The Pictclock Engdweorg raiding for the gear makes perfect sense to me. Of course the maker of the Engdweorg maybe offended, and might even send a sternly worded letter of complaint! Hurumph!
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