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  1. Ack. I had forgotten this. Ah well, I look forward to seeing what others do with my selections. And I can certainly enjoy working with the others I am allowed to use. my first thought was "Lots of Spider-Peoples"
  2. Mightybec! Wow. Blast from the past. WB!
  3. Good news, you can buy stock in companies that make blood pressure meds and thus your voice is heard!
  4. Makes sense. If Money=Free speech, then preventing profit even to save lives must be censorship!
  5. What's that old saying? Something about if you make a fool proof plan, someone will build a better fool
  6. Maybe if they did a "Free Ventilator with every new car" deal?
  7. Heart Disease, Diabetes, smoking and vapping are big 'oh #$#$" factors in the lethality of this. And being poor, uninsured ,etc will also be a factor as it always is. COVID-19 is going to cut through the South East of the USA like a hurricane full of Scythes
  8. 1) What purpose do multiple races have in a rpg? Or alternatively, what should multiple races add to a game if they're done well? They're a wonderful filter for GMs and Players alike. Like LL said, they allow you to be an other... to try for a whole different perspective with good justification (Say living hundreds of years etc). They also allow a GM to explore adapting real world historical cultures and experimenting with them with less risk of blow back or offense. You want to ideals and cultural values akin to Ancient Koreans and layer on Scottish Overtones for your dwarves, rock on. File the serial numbers off and put a beard on it. 2) Do you prefer multiple races at all in your rpgs? Yes. Now that I think on it, I do. Human only fantasy settings for RPGs tend to make me think something wonderful is missing. Maybe it was too much High/Epic Fantasy as a kid but I find a world where humanity has no other peoples nearby a bit sadder. Then again I use games for escape and fantasy folk help. 3) What fantasy race pet peeves do you have? Why? Sometimes they seem too isolated and inconsequential. The "This is Elf land where the elves come from".. and I'm like "what? just.. one nation? Did the elves have no explorers? No pioneers? Are humans the only culture that ever fractures due to politics, religious views, or whatever? And they're often down powered. "Dwarves are the best smiths in the world and make the finest armor and weapons" and.. they get THESE mountains and maybe send out smiths. Why the hell aren't the dwarves a major economic juggernaut or military power with that sort of thing established? Why does their kingdom only seem to exist as important when a great dark is going, when frankly human kingdoms should be currying their favor, considering them rivals, or the like? Just as an example 4) How many is too many? Too few? I think I prefer it cap at about 5 or 6 major 'playable' races , otherwise it can feel too crowded but I've seen some settings and GMs pull it off well with as many as twenty. I'd like at LEAST 2 thanks 5) What do races represent in you games if anything? Depends on the setting to a large degree.
  9. CDC Director is hinting at 24 months?
  10. One of my favorite agents moments...of the mobster variety from JLU: "Double Date" Episode Cecil: "But how come when I make the scones, they don't got that good flavor like yours, Tony? " Tony: "Do I have to tell you again how you gotta add the orange zest, Cecil? You gonna make me give you the recipe again, huh? You're killing me here, Cecil! Killing me! " [rustling in the bushes] Cecil: " I heard something." Tony: "Shut up, Cecil. I'm trying to listen. " Cecil: "Why you gotta be so mean all the time, Tony? I'm always nice to you. " Tony: "You're killing me, Cecil! "
  11. With unemployment being what it is, it's very possible these guys could get replaced
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