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  1. I had envisioned MJ as a DNPC. So you can give yourself credit for a snipe now, too. What to do next...?
  2. Obvious choice, really, considering your first selection. Well done!
  3. So it isn't just me who feels this way. That's good to know. (Cue Yzma saying, "I never liked your spinach puffs! NEVER!")
  4. Okay, I'll make my pick. Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen. Does whatever a Spider-Gwen does.
  5. I am a person of faith myself, but I don't get this. Not at all. Yes, I love the people I go to church with. No, I don't love them so much that I'm going to risk catching a virulent disease in order to see them once a week. I don't see any kind of logic, faith-based or otherwise, that says that this is okay. The worldwide leader of my church is a former heart surgeon. He and other church leaders, globally and locally, have gone to great lengths to make sure that church members can worship from home. Local leaders have also given us specific guidelines on how to take care of each other's needs without the benefit of physical proximity.
  6. What if the President held a press conference and nobody showed up?
  7. Death Tribble has a long-running feud with Kenneth Branagh over a game of Cribbage from the early 90s.
  8. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk in front of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me, either. We're in a quarantine here. Leave me the hell alone.
  9. I'm about halfway through Season 2 of Stargate SG-1. It's even better than I remember so far.
  10. Who you callin' a monkey, you ape?!
  11. So...what to do tomorrow? I have three characters I'd love to get, but in what order? Or do I simply draft a character just because I know someone else wants it...?
  12. Place not your trust in kings and princes, for three of a kind will take them both.
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