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  1. I'm pretty sure the Dust Bowl was the last bowl Kansas has been in.
  2. "They must be getting desperate to try something like this. They know we're onto them. Why else would they try to kill me?" "Is this a multiple-choice question?"
  3. Brush up on your trivia. For example, knowing the antidote for curare poisoning could be important in the near future.
  4. I don't suppose feeding the teenage girl to the hungry lion is an option. That being the case, I'll take the lion. The other is too much like my job. Pasta Predicament: Penne Rosa vs. Four-cheese Lasagna
  5. Mike Fiers is far from perfect, but he should be appreciated for exposing baseball's cheating scandal
  6. Redrawing state lines might be interesting. The town in northern Colorado where I grew up is primarily agricultural, with more recent developments in gas & oil. The area certainly has more in common, economically and culturally, with Cheyenne, WY than with Denver (and the adjacent People's Republic of Boulder). There are occasional rumblings back home about several of those counties transferring to Wyoming. It'll never happen, of course. But, as you suggested, it's an interesting thought exercise.
  7. Eh, it was written into the grant. Cancer secretly wishes he was a Sagittarius.
  8. No, thank you. I like the idea of at least some of the decisions that affect people who live here being made by people who also live here.
  9. Stealing from Another Set/Studio: The Subtle Knife
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