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  1. I will simply note that these two responses are not mutually exclusive.
  2. One of the episodes I particularly liked was Rumors, Bargains, and Lies. Sheridan realizes there's no way he's going to talk everyone into signing off on cooperation with the Rangers, so he hatches a brilliant plan: manipulate them until they demand that he let them in on it. His scheme involves blowing up asteroids for no readily apparent reason, stonewalling the alien ambassadors looking for an explanation, and even publicly denying that anything happened (through Ivanova). It's brilliantly executed. Having said that, however, there is one thing about the episode that definitely
  3. The Princes Bride is a cultural phenomenon around here. For high school kids not to be at least aware of it would be, well, inconceivable.
  4. Well, I know a Ferengi who can get it for you...if you have the latinum....
  5. Both series owe a great deal of their structure to Lord of the Rings, so this is hardly surprising. I mean, JMS even calls his wandering band of do-gooders the Rangers.
  6. Wait, I thought mithril was aluminium. And aluminium was extremely valuable until technology had advanced enough to separate it.
  7. Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together.
  8. But Joffrey is still dead, right? That's all that matters.
  9. As if there were any such. I'm more likely to believe in unicorns and viable third-party Presidential candidates first.
  10. SON OF A WHORE!! Broncos' Jurrell Casey suffers biceps tear and his 2020 season is likely over, per report First Von Miller, then Cortland Sutton, and now this? WTAH? I wonder who the Broncos' next head coach is gonna be....
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