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  1. Scuttlebutt is that the Donkeys are bringing Drew Lock off IR this week. Not sure when he'd be eligible to play, although throwing him up against the Vikings and Bills on the road the next two weeks seems less than ideal. Maybe the next home game, against the recently-hapless San Diego London Carson Chargers. Until then, I guess we'll see what kind of quarterback Brandon Allen is. In the Post Peyton Manning (e.g., Trevor Siemian / Brock Osweiler / Paxton Lynch / Case Keenum / Joe Flacco / Brandon Allen) era, expectations aren't exactly mile-high.
  2. People (including Harrison Ford) like to diss the narration track that originally accompanied Blade Runner, but I thought it gave the film a real film noir vibe.
  3. The other day in class I made a remark about having 12% of a plan. One of my students raised her hand, so I called on her. "I understood that reference." Clearly, she's one of the bright ones.
  4. More than one of the assembled PhDs at my presentation last night told me it was one of the best they'd seen.
  5. I might. My state's Republican junior Senator has made little effort to conceal his disgust for Trump and his shenanigans.
  6. Because of course he did. Draymond Green makes history, gets Chase Center's first-ever Warriors ejection
  7. I'm giving my MS research project presentation to my committee tomorrow evening. Wish me luck!
  8. And what's the deal with the Cowboys wearing their dark jerseys at home? Again? It all seems so....unnatural.
  9. This should be in the fortune cookie thread.
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