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  1. I would argue that Picard is the most cerebral of the Captains (although Kirk doesn't always get the credit he deserves in that respect). In terms of knowing when to fight and how, I'd give that to Sisko. Kirk was probably the most passionate, Picard the most dispassionate--which makes those occasions where you really get to see his heart and soul all the more powerful. Janeway was...so consistently poorly written as to defy any kind of comparison with the others, IMHO.
  2. From the Randian economic perspective, the economic benefit makes it the right thing to do.
  3. Currently watching the original Disney animated classic Snow White with the kids. So far, they haven't seemed to miss their Kindles.
  4. I've never had a star poop on me. Blackbirds vs. Ravens
  5. The Salt Lake Valley is not far behind. Depending on the neighborhood, a structure like that could easily go for half a million here.
  6. Watching The Princess and the Frog with the kids. Pretty standard Disney fare, but with jazz music and gumbo.
  7. Here's a thought: Let's take all the different interpretations of Superman, animate them, have the original actors provide the voices, and put 'em all together in one movie! It can be some kind of multi-universal superhero story about how they all team up to beat the bad guy and get back home and.... Nah, that'd never work.
  8. I finally saw Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. I rate it as one of the most original and visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen.
  9. Wait, that ended? (Why yes, I do spend most of my work day with teenagers, why do you ask?)
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