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  1. How many of them are people whose names are as readily recognizable is Hank Aaron's?
  2. I have now watched the first two episodes of WandaVision back-to-back. I seriously have no idea what the Hell is going on.
  3. Lady P has a fantastic chicken salad sandwich recipe that includes celery, cashews, and grapes. It's meant to be eaten on a croissant, but I also enjoy it in a tortilla as a wrap.
  4. We might need a separate thread for Bernie Sanders memes.
  5. Yesterday Mira Furlan, today Hank Aaron? What the actual ****, Universe? RIP Hank Aaron, the One True Home Run King.
  6. And today Mira Furlan joins so many others Beyond The Rim. Rest In Peace. That which is remembered, endures.
  7. Philip Rivers can probably join Dan Marino in the "Best quarterback never to win a Super Bowl" conversation.
  8. Brees retired? I thought it was Philip Rivers.
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