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  1. ... and through three games, the vaunted Broncos defense has zero sacks and zero takeaways. Not surprising, then, that the Broncos also have zero wins. This rebuild is going to take a while, I'm afraid.
  2. Land War In Asia, anyone? U.S. to deploy military forces to Saudi Arabia, UAE after drone attacks on oil sites
  3. This week's broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word.
  4. Washington State's quarterback threw nine touchdown passes...in a loss to UCLA.
  5. ...and BYU crashes back to Earth against a very talented Washington team. So the Cougars make it 2-2 in their 4-game opening sequence against 3 teams from the PAC and 1 from the SEC. They could easily be 0-4. So 2-2 is not a bad outcome. Of their remaining games, the ones that look the most challenging are Boise State (Oct. 21st in Provo) and Utah State (November 2nd in Logan). San Diego State is never a gimme, especially in San Diego, and although USF looks to be down this year, BYU has never won a game in the state of Florida. Toledo, Liberty, UMass, and Idaho State should all be manageable games, though. BYU has a good shot at improving on their 7-win season from last year. Baby steps.
  6. Helen got back, to be sure, though I dont know that I'd classify her booty as 'gargantuan'. In any case, excellent costumes for both Elastigirl and Raven.
  7. Q: Check out those implants on Seven of Nine! A: They're real...and they're spectacular.
  8. I'd like an actual "God Loves, Man Kills" movie, please.
  9. Q: Hey Lucius, check out this invisible tuxedo I made for you! A: I stood there drinking milk.
  10. Q: Why does Oedipus Rex refuse to use profane or vulgar language?
  11. Utah dismantled BYU (again). BYU beats USC in overtime. USC beats Utah by a touchdown. The wheel turns, does it not?
  12. One of my fellow teachers has the sticker on her water bottle.
  13. Those of you who have been following the DC Animated HeroMachine thread probably knew this was coming. WebGirl!
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