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  1. That's obviously a very old gag. It probably needs to be adjusted upward by a factor of 10 to be relevant today. Franklin >> Hamilton
  2. Cross country skiing. It's not that big a country. New Topic: Pick-up lines for pirates.
  3. It's official: Aaron Rodgers will not be playing for the Denver Broncos in 2021.
  4. "I was afraid of that. He's not sure he's coming back." "What makes you say that?" "His baseball. He took it with him."
  5. Up until 10 or 15 years ago, the commercially viable superhero film genre didn't even exist. Oh sure, we can talk about the Christopher Reeves Superman movies (at least the first two) and various Batman movies of differing quality, but beyond that, superhero movies really weren't a thing. There were also a couple of decent X-Men movies, followed by a lot more that frankly were terrible. Then Iron Man came along, followed by a whole slew of other Marvel movies. DC / Warner tried their hand at superhero world building (and largely failed, IMHO). The Incredibles was in there too, of course. A lot of these movies have been critical in financial successes; several others have just been crap. But as a respected and lucrative film genre, it's been a very recent thing. So no, the superhero movie genre won't last forever. But it'll be back eventually. Do you remember a film called Cutthroat Island? It starred Geena Davis, and it was a horrible flop. It basically killed the pirate movie genre for a lot of years. And then the Disney folks decided to make their Pirates of the Caribbean ride into a movie, and suddenly pirate movies were a thing again. The wheel turns.
  6. Dr. Frankenstein once entered a bodybuilding competition, where it quickly became apparent that he had gravely misunderstood the objective of the contest.
  7. We went to a minor league game with a friend from work and his family today. The hometown Bees defeated the visiting Aviators 6-5 on a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th.
  8. Necromancy: Because Mother always said to make new friends.
  9. This is an entirely worthy suggestion. Hrmmm. Must ponder.
  10. I read an article predicting the ultimate locations of the 8 remaining teams: Kansas, Iowa State: B1G (both are AAU schools) Kansas State: Mountain West West Virginia: ACC Oklahoma State, Texas Tech: PAC Baylor, TCU: American Thoughts?
  11. And now it's just a matter of watching to see where all the dominoes are going to fall. Texas, Oklahoma announce intent to leave Big 12 but plan to 'honor their existing ... agreements'
  12. "Computer ... erase that entire personal log."
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