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Any way to get the values of combat luck specifically for an export template?


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I'd like to show any combat luck values for a character along with the the standard PD/resistant PD ED extra for my template. Is there any way in a template to access specific powers and their values through a tag?  This would be in addition to the standard <!--IFPOWERS-- > tags.  Thanks.

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Nothing so granular within HD's export process, though with some clever JavaScript within an HTML-based export format you should be able to pull those values out - the existing export tags have more than enough to uniquely identify an ability like Combat Luck (the XMLID should suffice).

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Set the combat luck to add to Secondary Value and the rest of the defenses to add to the Primary Value.   This might not show the combat luck by itself, but does show the defenses without the combat luck first and then the total defenses including the combat luck.   To me this is better because I don’t have to calculate the totals everything is there in front of me. 

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