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Buying SPD For Abort



Can a character buy some number of points of SPD, usable only to perform maneuvers with the Abort key word? In a sense this is wonky because if your SPD is x, and suddenly becomes x+1 when you want to use a defensive power, it is not guaranteed that the extra phase you gain will still be available later in the round. So strictly speaking, it may not even be useful.


However, if we can just assume the character can use an Abort maneuver this many times before losing an action (still limited to only on phases they have not acted, obviously) Can this work? If so, what kind of limitation is it? I was thinking something like -1 1/2 or something.


EDIT: I think I figured out how to make it work. If the SPD is bought all the way to 12 the issues become irrelevant. For example, the character I was considering buying this for has 7 SPD, so if I buy 5 points of SPD only for Abort maneuvers, then every phase where she doesnt act, she has an abort available.

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