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  1. We are looking for 1-2 players for an X-Com game held bi-weekly, in person, in Federal Way WA. We are using 6th edition at 175 points. Our group is moderately experienced with Hero and we are story focused, though we have our share of tactical combats. This group rotates games every 3-4 sessions or at the end of an arc. We have two games we play, X-Com and Warhammer 3rd edition. We havent started WH yet, so this is a good time to get in on the ground floor.
  2. We arent doing any games now anyway. Hopefully we can get back toward some semblance of normalcy in the next few months.
  3. My store is called Wizards Keep Games, its in Renton. We do have a website, but not a store online for anything other than Magic. I can order product and ship it, but we would have to do it through email or something like that. Its cool that you mentioned Down Darker Trails, the game I am working on is called The West That Wasnt, and it is basically old west X-Files. Im always up for some one-shots. My friends often try to do things every other Sunday, though lately it has been super sparse, obviously.
  4. Hey Spence, long time, no see! Too bad you are so far north, we down in south Seattle still play Hero and some of the other games you list. Love that you made mention of FLGS, for I have one myself. And I do mean that in the literal sense, in that I am the owner. I left tech behind for the wonderful world of retail, and just in time for a giant global crisis, no less! Anyway, if you are ever going to be in Seattle, or if you wanted to game once a month or something like that, where it might be worthwhile, I would love to host/run/play in a game with you. Its been forever.
  5. If you are still putting together a group, let me know. I am in south Seattle, and would like to find something. Very interested in Hero, must less so in Savage Worlds, but do have a ton of other games I like. If interested we should meet and see what we can do.
  6. Thanks guys, I got the PDFs now. I am planning on running a test one shot of it next week.
  7. I am not able to get the PDF files to work. I am clicking 'save target as'. If someone else has downloaded them, can they save at an alternate location?
  8. Re: Campaign Input Requested In scene 5 the players will believe they are purchasing nuclear arms making pieces. Actually, what might be better is if they are actually trading the Elder sign to the Ukrainian for some Plutonium or something like that. Then we have 3 factions interested in this situation. In terms of research, I welcome that. Hopefully they get into it quickly. And yes, nuclear armed doomsday from the stars cultists are pretty much the epitome of horror. What could be scarier?
  9. Re: Campaign Input Requested The players may know, but the characters will not. At the end of scene 7 the characters will be completely clueless about this stuff, and that will be the beginning of the horror campaign. If the players are still interested, they can be contacted by other researches, be thwarted by cultists etc. What do you think of the plot?
  10. I have always thought that the best way to do horror is when the players dont expect it. My idea for this campaign is to start the players in a 1970s espionage campaign, and then transition it to a horror game on the fly. I am testing out scripting scenes to help my prep, so what I am going to do here is post all my scripted scenes so you guys can see my plan. What I would like to hear from you is where you think the strong and weak points are, and any suggestions you have to make it better. These scripts are very general, but I would still appreciate having some details if you have good ideas
  11. Re: Handling Scrounging in Post-Apocalypse HERO (or any PA game) The discussion has begun! I am willing to share with everyone, so hopefully we can work together to create some great tools for all to use.
  12. Re: Handling Scrounging in Post-Apocalypse HERO (or any PA game) The reason I asked this was actually so I could write an application to get data from an Access db. However, I am not a very good programmer. If you guys want to automate it, I would appreciate it much. I would be happy to provide my raw tables. It is still a work in progress. Where should I send them? If you prefer, you can email me at tunglashr@gmail.com.
  13. In my successful iterations of PA games, scrounging has been one of the key components of fun for the players. I tend toward 'gritty' types of games, and as a GM any genre is at least a little gritty in my hands (even Star Trek). One thing I have always done is give players equipment that is generated randomly, with some choices made by them, in essentially a character creation mini-game. Under special circumstances I might allow a player to purchase equipment, but I never allow advantages like Wealth so they can buy equipment with monetary assets. During actual game play I have also used
  14. Re: Good resource for a pulp era breakdown of San Francisco's neighborhoods... Charles, I have two copies of that if you want one.
  15. Re: Help with plot Yes, this is happening. But it has the unwanted side effect of making him hide constantly, so only the others ever leave the ship, which makes it even less likely for something interesting to happen.
  16. Re: Help with plot I know what the dark secrets are, I just didnt post them because the other players might see them. The good thing about Alisons secrets is that they can be pretty much anything, so I can add them as necessary and introduce it. The problem so far has been I have introduced them twice into games and the only follow up has been a single conversation. I guess I am not used to being such a strong driver of the plot. Normally players take a more proactive approach, and I am having trouble adjusting and getting things to happen.
  17. I am running a Star Hero game based in the Space Opera universe and I am having trouble providing plot hooks that the players actually investigate. Two new characters were just introduced in the last session, one of them with a questionable past. Here is a wiki with the basics of the game (please dont post anything there): http://benscondo.wiki-rpg.com/index.php?title=Serenity_Bebop The new characters are Ontiveros and Atat. Two of the previous characters (Peter and Alison) were previously acquainted with Ontiveros, during a prequel, and they know he used to have a ship. But he no
  18. Re: Blogging on my PA Game I have considered using this template for experience: http://benscondo.wiki-rpg.com/index.php?title=XP_Bingo What do you think of that?
  19. Re: Blogging on my PA Game I just read it. I am glad you are keeping good notes on this, now I wont feel guilty if I dont meticulously post on my wiki about it!
  20. Re: Munchkin Build Contest? I think I like the illegal but hilarious powers like: 8- Survival usable as attack. ? 'I rolled a 13, you dont survive.' Whats that, like 2 points? How about Simulate Death, usable as attack, area effect?
  21. Re: Superhero Politics I havent gotten this deep into the specifics of Soviet history yet, this is why this thread is so important. I can investigate the things you guys suggest and find a way to get them as part of the world. The Warsaw Pact does exist, and they bring 11 Exemplars to bear (10 Russians and 1 Pole). There is also an East Asian Alliance and a Western Council (partially replacing NATO). Im still formulating who is part of what.
  22. Re: Superhero Politics This might have been very difficult to handle except that the vast majority of Exemplars come from highly developed nations. This is a plot point I am hoping the players pick up and investigate. Something like 100 of the estimated 250 known Exemplars in the world work in the service of one nation or another, and only one African nation (Egypt) has a representative. More than 90% also come from the northern hemisphere.
  23. Re: Superhero Politics Interestingly enough I have already made Molniya as the USSR's mouthpiece Exemplar, but he isnt an energy projector, he's a speedster. My idea to introduce the players to the world, besides the wiki, is to play through 2-4 sessions of one shots that detail things that happen in history. The players take the roles of historys movers and shakers and experience the events that made the world what it is today. One of these scenarios is 'Molniya Saves the Iron Curtain'.
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