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Two Key ignition: Advantage or limitation?

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I'd like a power to require TWO people to take a full phase to begin. Is this an advantage or limitation?


Context: The hero was created by a very paranoid group. What if we make this powerful hero and they turn into a villain? So they built some disadvantages into the hero. One, they are vulnerable to Green Argonite. Second they have a DNPC. It's a cop that follows them around, just keeping an eye on the hero and never providing support. If the cop suspects the hero has turned, even if due to mind control, they are to use a gadget to Transform weapons and such into Green Argonite. But the group is paranoid; what if the cop turns crooked and betrays the innocent hero? So, the gadget requires the cop and one other person to start up. (other members of the super team are also credentialed)


To the cop, this is a limitation. He can only turn it on if he can free up another person with credentials to join him, and that might be difficult if the hero is fighting them. To the hero, this is an advantage because it is less likely to be used against him.


So, I think this is an advantage, because it makes the DNPC a little less of a threat to the hero, and all this should be from his POV.

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Whenever I see a build like this, I like to remind my players that their choice of limitations and complications are my guides for the types of challenges they want to see in the game.


For example, "Susc: Green Argonite" means that you want to see the occasional scenario where that special element shows up and is used to create a significant challenge for the hero. DNPC means that you want to see scenarios where your character must place himself in a disadvantageous position to help out that DNPC.


The "someone credentialed" mitigates any limitation considerably. If you make it a Limitation, expect situations where those Credentials stop working at the worst possible time.  Maybe Super is Mind Controlled to attack his DNPC - too bad he cannot activate that item to save himself and the innocent bystanders around him.  Or maybe another Argonian will steal the item - poor Cop can't prevent it as he can't activate the item on his own. Perhaps someone with Shape Change on a cellular level can trick that credentialization - and that cop.  What does it take to turn it back off again?


This sounds like players with a very adversarial mindset in Player vs GM mode.


I see all the "it makes PERFECT sense in context of my backstory" arguments.  How does it make sense in the context of "these are the interesting scenarios and stories it might lead to in-game"?

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