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  1. Mind Scan fro Scry & Fry? Why would you want to KILL them? Margarita Man, while designed for Supers, could easily be re-skinned to use spells instead. The power suite costs 137 points without limit. Toss on 1 handed Gestures, Incantations and 0 DCV Concentration (or any other combination of magic spell limitations to get to -1) and he's spending less than 70 points on his spells. Of course, if my character can buy those spells, so can any other character. In a Fantasy game, even more easily justified - watch out for the Wizardry College of Daiquiri!
  2. Decades later, I recall the scenario where Firewing showed up (and served mainly as a distraction). As the team gathered their thoughts, the "Overconfident" character bellowed out "Hey FlameBrain - you and me, one on one - or are you CHICKEN?" Turn 1, Phase 12, Firewing's action - the player throws his dice and says "I made my EGO roll by 3 - can I overcome my Overconfidence enough to abort to Dodge?" He dodged. Firewing missed. He lasted another half a turn after PS 12. The rest of the team had caught up with the real villains of the session. How many gamers would
  3. So how much should the cap be? You suggested $500, but a lot of people would struggle to budget for $500 a year. Do the candidates themselves have to stop spending on their own campaign? Can they take a "50 states in 100 days" family vacation during the campaign, and as long as they're IN the state, funded by their personal vacation money, make a campaign speech at each stop? Should we move to a non-partisan managed fund where every candidate for a specific office receives the same cash to fund their campaign, paid from taxpayer dollars? That would give every candidate equal fu
  4. A valid position. However, if one can gather all of one's mental energy in order to strike harder with a mental blast - or a mental entangle - using a Haymaker, why can't one gather all of one's mental energy in order to break free from a mental entangle, on the same basis one can gather all one's physical might to Haymaker an escape attempt from a physical entangle? What is the mental escape, if not a mental Strike maneuver against the Entangle? Now, under RAW, a Haymaker cannot be made when the drawbacks of extra time and reduced DCV are not relevant. It could be argued that,
  5. Was that an older edition? Multiform is a standard power in 6e, and I'm pretty sure it was in 5e.
  6. I think 6eV1P366 third paragraph."You can also apply this effect to Advantages, Adders, Power Frameworks, and parts of a power." is a far cry from "It is fully within RAW to apply a partial limitation to the control cost of a VPP", and my hunt for any further commenary (fully detailed in the thread in the HD forum) didn't find any clarification. I'd interpret RAW to allow it, but that's not the only reasonable interpretation of RAW. Even if it were, no GM has to allow it, and if Simon's interpretation is right, no GM is prevented from allowing it anyway. Sounds like a
  7. I'd say Beast Boy is effective enough that he's not using standard animals as their defenses won't hold up in Supers games, but it would be easy to say "the standard animal plus these extra defenses (perhaps Combat Luck)" or any other modification you want.
  8. I'll admit I found the discussions related to Power Frameworks tough to parse through (as seen above). There are two, so if they are not treated the same, there's little point having a general discussion. "You can also apply this effect to Advantages, Adders, Power Frameworks, and parts of a power. " does not answer the question of how it would be applied to a Power Framework.Simply being able to have partially limited powers as slots is applying the effect to a Power Framework. You can get the same point cost (maybe out a bit for rounding) using Simon's "two 38 point VPPs" or my
  9. The week before Easter... We need to start imposing serious penalties for the SuperSpreader Social Events, rather than yoyo closures for the organizations that the spread does not trace back to.
  10. And people say they have not replicated the comic book experience!
  11. I did a multiform style character with animal forms some time back, very early 6e. I found the challenge became forms that were actually different. OK, you have some big, strong forms, like an elephant, a rhino or a gorilla. You've got some with claws and fangs (which, for a 6e Supers game, I defined as AP on STR), like big cats, bears, etc. You've got some that fly, like birds and bats and others that are small and inobtrusive, like a cat or a mouse. OK, maybe we toss in a skunk and a porcupine and some aquatic forms and...and a lot just look 90% the same with a min
  12. Green Lantern clearly did not take a -1/2 OIF Limitation. If Staff Wizard takes a -1 OAF limitation, then he can expect to be denied access to the staff with a frequency appropriate to that -1 limitation. If he makes it OIF instead, then he saves less points and it is harder to take away from him (maybe he is nimble enough that a Disarm fails, or maybe the staff leaps or teleports back into his hands). To Technon: If he wants a pool that can hold a single 60 AP power at a time, with no limitations, he buys a 60 point pool (cost 60 points) and a 60 point Control Cost (
  13. I dislike "gliding only" equating to "gliding faster". CC appears to remove the GM discretion present in 6e, which I support. I'd prefer that the system remove the doubled Gide speed (likely meaning a larger limitation for "only to glide") and provide a limitation for "cannot glide" (probably -1/4).
  14. Pretty sure I recall my wife complaining as she headed for the washrooms...
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