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  1. I would say you are in the business of maximizing profit. The question is whether the benefits of building relationships with gamers by producing those modules maximizes profits overall. Or you try to farm it out, as the d20 (D&D 3rd Ed) OGL and the Community Content Program both attempt to do.
  2. The reality was that modules did not sell all that well. Only one member a gaming group was likely to buy it. But a new splatbook with options for players? They might all buy that one. Now? Well, all the Pathfinder content is online, but the modules aren't. And far fewer gaming groups have a member with the time to make their own adventures and design their own setting. But that time has gone to work that generates a much more stable income, so they can better afford to buy adventures for the much-reduced gaming time available to them.
  3. I found I was watching it more because I knew there must be something more going on than for the half hour sitcom. I think this could easily get annoying if drawn out too far, but even the second episode threw in So I'll give it a bit more time to develop. Besides, my 18 yo son is very excited by the show, starting with the closing of the first episode. Even if it turns out pretty flat, I've wasted time watching worse TV. While I was not a big fan of "fat Thor", I really liked the chat with his mother, particularly when he moved to the lowest point of his
  4. I wonder if, some day in the distant future, someone will post a picture of some product or business established in 2020/21 and comment on priorities during a pandemic.
  5. Looking at the article, I note: THEN NOW So life or death didn't matter, but a prison sentence is excessive?
  6. If I were a lawyer litigating these cases (and I'm neither), I would look for the most serious charge I thought there was any chance of making stick (let's pick felony murder, on the basis that the death penalty is a possibility) and file on the basis that we will be seeking the absolute maximum penalty. Then give those charged some time to let that sink in and talk to their own legal counsel. My guess is that it's not likely, but not impossible, the death penalty could be applied. Once a sufficient period of time has passed, offer a plea bargain. Maybe it's a plea bargain to ac
  7. I agree with the reply above - this is not renaming the Powers. The Powers are the mechanic we use to build a specific ability. Just calling that ability a magical spell, a talent or a superpower is transitioning the system mechanics into an actual game, adding flavour to the mechanics. Naming the specific superpower, spell or talent is further adding flavour to the underlying mechanic. In my view, from Hero v1.0 to Hero v3.0, Hero published games which were constructed using the Hero System Mechanics, but that actual System was left in the background. Starting with Hero 4.0,
  8. As I read that "mob justice", I see a certain irony. Agreed that "You should get what you were trying to give" is vengeance, not justice.
  9. Sadly, when the numbers get large, our brains can't assess them. A million deaths becomes a statistic, not a tragedy. The comparative numbers are more likely, in my view, to strike a chord than "a big round number" lacking any context.
  10. Add Transmit to Perfect Pitch - problem solved
  11. Sequoia - for a big wood-based brick There are lots of different powers and SFX that could trace back to plants, so a good name would trace back to the subset of powers the character is focused on.
  12. I could see a number of Trump opponents (on all sides of the political fence) thinking "it's less than two weeks - focus the attention and effort on something longer-lasting".
  13. The challenge here is addressing the misperception that "socialism" (or even communism) is incompatible with "democracy". Perhaps it is time to rename the terms. Socialism is tainted. So find a new name for policies like universal health care and affordable education. We live in a buzzword-based society. The term "socialism" has been buzzworded away from what it actually means. So create a new term. Reframe the debate. "Universalism" - everybody should be equal and have access to health care and affordable education. "Elitism" - only the Wealthy 1% are entitled to health ca
  14. Absolutely not. A mask with holes in it provides no significant protection.
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