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Dependence causing Unluck?

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I want my character to have a Dependence, and I wondered if the Effect could be stacking Unluck? So every time period without the substance the character gets more unluck.


Or maybe I should just buy Unluck with a Limitation, only after time without the substance? Probably a -1.

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One of the listed drawbacks for Dependence is Incompetency...-1 to *everything* pretty much, until the character gets his next fix, and it's -1 per time unit if it continues.  This is even listed as a +5 to the value, since it's so pervasive.  Unluck is comparatively hit or miss.  I'm also not a fan of the Wile E. Coyote nature of the effects of Unluck, and I'm a HUGE opponent of "your luck is so bad it hoses your team."  You are replaceable, if what's happening can be traced back to you.


I could see someone more comfortable allowing it, but probably at -2 dice of unluck per time interval...otherwise it just doesn't kick in enough.

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