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Why should I?

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Stories abound about heroes performing feats that most people think impossible, even if they are normal humans.  They will usually perform these for reasons onto themselves.  Cap America is usually said to be the ultimate patriot,  Hulk for reasons of simple might challenge, Batman a combination of justice and vengeance,  among many other. However, at times heroes will wonder why they are doing this.  Spidy is frequently attempting to quit (only to get pulled back), Bats occasionally committed that he has more impact on the economy than the villains.  There are other times that such problems occur among other heroes in different stories. Have you ever addressed this issue? Any other times that it has come up? How would either you or your players deal with it? Any other issues to address?

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This has to be a collaboration between the PC's and the GM.


The PC's have to understand that they will not be able to fully retire the cape and the GM has to be capable of letting the PC's have a lasting line of success in an area of interest. This can be heroic or villainous. The PC's can be activists who clean up corrupt government or an organized crime gang that brings all the illegal action under their control. There will still be challenges that require their super personas but also plots and incidents that need diplomatic or intellectual solutions.


It can work as long as both sides keep their goals reasonable or the areas of activity small. A single city or a small island nation would be best for these projects.

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