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  1. I'd be far more concerned about the anti-aircraft cannon.
  2. Yes, stadium suites and marketing deals are major factors between the richer and poorer franchises. That's why all the teams don't really want to move, they want newer and bigger palaces.
  3. Dreamer! It would be nice but they've flirted with Toronto before(and that would still be a viable market). The only reason that the team is still there was the old ownership was loyal to the area and the fact that the NFL is less dependent on the gate than any other major sport. If you have a stadium with enough luxury boxes you can sell to the high end fans, you can draw a big enough general attendance to fill 8-10 home dates.
  4. In an Ideal scenario, if the Bills move to San Antonio, they'd play in the Alamodome until a new stadium could be built on the Northeast side of the city along I-35. That's the second most populated area of the city and it's fairly easy to get to from anywhere(40 minutes even at rush hour). That puts it one hour from south Austin also and traffic is less on weekends so the game time rush would even out.
  5. You would think that type of marketing would drive the box office down but both topped one billion USD despite the haters. The people who were looking to be offended were I guess but maybe making movies for women and black audiences is something that could catch on.
  6. There are roughly 50 guys on each team that care a great deal about what goes on in these games. It's their chance to show that deserve to keep or earn that 300K job they've worked their entire lives for. And those guys have families, friends and fans stretching back to their high school days. As for the fans of the team, well the saying "Hope springs eternal" covers that. And anything that gets our minds off these abnormal times for just a few hours is welcome.
  7. It happens in all superhero movies though. I guess they feel they have to show that it's really the actor in the suit.
  8. The Ultimate Spiderman run which centered around Peter's death was a great story but just isn't feasible in the MCU( No Iron Man or Captain America, no Sinister Six) I doubt even Feige could pull together a story that would do it justice. It could lead to Peter faking his death somehow and Miles getting empowered through the story but that's the best option i can see being feasible.
  9. Aquaman was a success because for once they took one of the best story arcs from the comics and ported it pretty much straight into a screenplay. It had humor but took itself seriously(toilet scene withstanding) and the cast did a great job without anyone being over the top. It also had arguably the best villains of any superhero movie especially in their motivations. Manta and Orm both have real reasons to oppose Arthur other than evil for evil's sake. And they both survived so there's good sequel potential.
  10. The MCU is definitely not the Ultimate universe. It's more a soft reboot/modernization of the regular comic universe. There are some Ultimate elements, especially involving Fury, SHIELD and Hawkeye but not having rights to Spiderman, Fantastic Four and the X-Men caused some major breaks from that alternate Earth. Feige took some of the best elements of both but the MCU versions of our heroes are far closer to their traditional Marvel versions than their Ultimate ones.
  11. The Big 12 lacks large TV media markets. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio do not have on-site member schools and they are the three largest markets in Big 12 territory by a factor of 4 or more. Correction: TCU is in Fort Worth which puts it in the D/FW metroplex.
  12. Black Widow is a super-spy thriller with the secondary theme of "What is family?". However the main villain is the most misogynistic despicable bastard we've seen in any MCU film to date. Only the Red Skull comes close to him on my evil podium.
  13. Derek Henry might disagree with that.
  14. Any request to reexamine an incident should be required to be filed in the public record before the examination takes place with the requesting DA or investigators names attached and the initial data also. Any subsequent repot must also be attached alongside, not in place of the original and discrepancies need to be documented with the the analyst's and their supervisor's info. Any established pattern of unjustified changes should be subject to civil and criminal punishment(filing a false report at minimum). If you're going to use automated tech to send people to jail, it needs to be presented with an accurate error margin of error upfront. This sounds like a potential useful product that's still in beta testing and being given frontline use.
  15. Typical entitled person. She's sorry for the damage it's caused her kids and her social life but not one bit of remorse for the victims.
  16. I do agree with him about the current generation of writers not being able to write proper heroes. But he lost all his credibility when he said that Walker did nothing wrong. Yes, his partner was killed, but the terrorist(no disagreement there) Walker killed was not the one who killed his partner and he had surrendered. Walker beat him to death after his surrender and only after the adrenaline wore off did he realize what he'd done. He was so out of control he didn't realize that he was on a city street surrounded by civilian bystanders. Walker was still functioning purely as a soldier and not as a heroic symbol. He failed at both and his court-martial and discharge were warranted even if he got off with a reduced sentence. He didn't get cooperation from Sam and Bucky because they had different missions and different methods. Yes, they could have been nicer to the newbs, but Walker was working as a sanctioned operative and they were definitely free agents.
  17. Actually that's a perfect example of DShomshak's point. Originally it was just a country in central Africa with tight borders. Now, in the MCU, it needs high tech armies on all the borders with weapons designed to look primitive, another elite force of spies working worldwide, sci-fantasy cloaking fields covering all the cities from satellites and somewhat draconian laws to keep citizens from spilling the secret and restricting outside contact.
  18. The large amount of content out there confuses the issue. There are so many bad to mediocre shows out that they seem to drown out the good to excellent ones. But the percentages of awful, bad, mediocre, good and excellent stuff is pretty much the same with possibly a shift towards the middle overall. Remember, we're judging new content against not just other new content but also against everything that's come before and some older stuff gets bonus points because it was the original . So the classic westerns, detective stories and war movies hold up pretty well while the SFX heavy genres of sci-fi and fantasy lean heavily to more modern stuff. Movies and TV haven't gotten worse, our standards have gotten higher.
  19. Russia operates under "realpolitik" They probably are watching Black Widow and picking it apart for flawed procedures and technical inaccuracies and wishing some of the fantastical elements were real. They are much more openly cynical about their government. China is still all about "face". Open criticism of the government and Party is not allowed and the media is under tight control to ensure this. Even fantastical elements like Fu Manchu and the Yellow Claw would be seen as trying to evoke the era of warlords that existed before Mao. So those stories just won't fly. Hollywood makes concessions as it can to keep the money flowing. You don't need the Chinese market to make a successful movie but to make a Summer Blockbuster in the MCU style, it's essential.
  20. Twenty-six states are named after Native American tribes directly on based on words from Native American languages.
  21. I'm going to wait for Snake Eyes but will probably see Shang-Chi. I do wish they had the Fu Manchu rights and that the Chinese government had less control over the overseas market because the 70's Gulacy run of the character was a classic and definitely the best version of the character.
  22. If it happens, the shift that causes the least disruption of tradition would be Arkansas. Geologically, it should be Auburn or Alabama, but that won't happen and I doubt that any of the two school states would be split Oklahoma would also be a possibility but that would split the Red River Rivalry. Without a great deal of legal wrangling it can happen before 2025 because the BIG12 has OU and UT's media rights until then. Thinking really radically, They should add OU, OK St., UT, Baylor and TCU, boot Vanderbilt and go to 3 six team divisions with a wildcard and a conference playoff. .
  23. Lockout can be taken on any Power per CC. Though it's given value is -1/2, the description says it should be adjusted based on how many and what powers are affected. As to the OP, I'd allow it assuming it wasn't pulling from a different END source than the rest of your powers. I can remember several combats in my old campaign where it would be a useful powerset but would have come back to bite you.
  24. Been there, done that. It happens to everyone at our ages.
  25. Making the base form be the most expensive has no effect on the "story" at all. It's a mechanical choice just like every other part of Character Generation. That's not to say the modifiers you choose won't affect the story but it all depends on how you write the power. Just like the modifiers you place on every other aspect of the character. Which form is the main form is a choice. If you want to use Reversion then you save more points mechanically by having it apply to largest form you can but there is no rule for this. Reversion has rules for both directions Using The Hulk as an example, you'd probably be more justified in putting Reversion on Banner. It then becomes an Advantage, so you can't stop The Hulk from appearing by KO'ing Banner but if you KO Billy he can't become Captain Marvel/Shazam. Having the most powerful form be the one that pays for Multiform is fairer to the other PC/NPC's that don't use Multiform. But this only works if the GM is not allowing the alternate forms to be built to the same(or more) Active Points as the main form and keeping it out of frameworks.
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