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  1. Don't overcomplicate. Simulate Death Usable by Others for the suspended animation. Healing with Damage over Time flavored to suit your time constraints.
  2. It won't happen but if by some miracles my school goes undefeated or finishes with 1 loss, I have great confidence we'll make the playoff. But that would mean beating Bama, Georgia, Clemson, LSU and Auburn. Next stop: Clemson.
  3. Finished my Wheel of Time reread and have a few thoughts. Books 3-6 are still the best of the series but the book 14 finale was almost as good and had some really high points. The middle books, 7-11, aren't nearly as bad when you don't have to wait years for the next. Book 11, the last by Jordan himself, is still pretty weak. All the Faile narratives are pretty much fails. Likable character but a drag on the story. If you have it and didn't hate it then a reread will probably be a good experience.
  4. Still would rather be Superman, if only for the free time.
  5. All role playing games require some suspension of disbelief. The problem you face here is that the prioritizing of Mechanic over SFX is one of the core principles Hero is based on. Given this, Adjustment Powers have to work against Mechanics rather than SFX for pure consistency issues. Secondly, SFX should be attached to all of a character's powers. But this makes drain vs SFX at the default level far too powerful. Shutting down all Fire Powers is just better than Fire Blast or RKA or Force Field. The current system reflects this in the increased cost for broad categories.This also leads to the following How would you cost one SFX versus another? SFX based Adjustment Powers don't even work for Characteristics because the SFX of the Hulk's STR(gamma powered muscle) is different from Iron Man's(armor servos) and Superman's(limited range TK). I do understand how your proposal makes better logic. But logic often must be sacrificed on the altar of play balance.
  6. As stated in the OP, he has 5 Images powers. I make this a 5 slot Multipower with each power having different Limitations and none on the Reserve. Otherwise it a classic Power Pool with the attendant cost of changing powers as a 1/2 phase. I still lean against allowing it but this would be my minimum ruling for a go ahead. Versatility costs in Hero.
  7. The issue isn't that the power is set up to work "only vs a limited number of targets", it's that the "limited targets" affected can be changed at will and there seems to be no unifying logic or SFX behind what changes can be made. It's fine to have a power that only works vs women right up until the moment that you want to flip that and say it now only works vs men or robots or dragons. At that point you are no longer in the realm of Limitations and you need an advantage like Expanded Class of targets at the least. It's best to work this out before play begins. The player may not even realize the many clever ways this can be abused later in the game. Have the discussion beforehand and avoid a situation that could disrupt a play session and other players. Also 6th Edition rules forbids this sort of construct when dealing with NND's and the way they apply to targets(Although Steve Long broke this rule in one of his very first write-ups. See: Takofanes) stating that no character should have NND's with direct opposite conditions.
  8. Mental Powers in Hero show the game's roots in the Supers genre. The average normal is pretty helpless against 60 AP Mental Powers, needing a 6 or less vs +10 effects or an 8 or less vs +20 to break out. PC Characters of course are better than this, as they should be, but Mental Attacks are still competitive at doing STUN to them. Where they break down is at the Heroic level, where the same normal is now 9 or less vs +10 and 11 or less vs+20 effects and the PC's have 50% or better chances on most builds. I fix this with a campaign slider that gives normals 2x Effect and significant but lesser NPC's 1.5x Effect vs Mental Powers. It works for my games but YMMV. In high power Supers, the Mental Powers usually grow faster than the defenses of the non-Mentalist PC's and the normals are SOL. Notice how there is no Mentalist equivalent to DrD or Tak because that villain would be even more OP than they are. Killgrave in Jessica Jones is a good example here.
  9. But it's not too expensive for what it does. The Taunt is effectively a Mind Control at +20, "Attack a less important or less vulnerable target". It should cost points for a power that puts your opponent in a less advantageous predicament if it works. You are forcing them to choose a bad strategy over a good one.
  10. I'll throw something out just to be radical. My gun restriction would focus on handguns. The reason being: The Founding Fathers didn't really have them and didn't account for them in the Constitution. Revolvers weren't around until the 1830's. Before that it was all single variants that could be(and were used for murders) but were not capable of the kind of casual violence we see today. Our culture of violence is tied to the handgun, from the dime novels of the Old West to modern movies.
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