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  1. They can effectively fine him his entire salary but unless he does something stupid, it's hard to void an NBA contract.
  2. Yep, villains have levels too. I've seen shifting tow Combat Levels from OCV to DCV completely wreck a fight.
  3. It's not really OP but it is better than it was in previous editions(except 1st, getting Figured Characteristics was broken).
  4. Most likely as the bigger schools tend to have more and richer boosters. But it opens the door many schools that have money to enter the business of big time athletics. The Ivy League schools probably don't want to make the football investment, but basketball only 3 or 4 top recruits per year to field a contender. That's where any major change will come if any.
  5. The Seahawks don't own their first rounder. The Jets have it and are looking at 2 top 10 picks and another later in the first.
  6. I'm getting the same vibe. I just feel that Drain is the way to go. You don't need to create a new mechanic to deal with an edge case when an existing one has it covered.
  7. I think you're overthinking it. Drain is in the RAW just so that you can attack Characteristics other than Stun and BODY. BODY damage reduces the Actual BODY of the target in the same way EGO damage does. It's just that there are no alternate categories of Attacks that work off Actual BODY as there are with Mental Powers vs EGO. There are no consequences to having a lowered BODY characteristic outside the bleeding/dying rules. A lowered EGO score however.... The only similar situation is if a Drain reduces the target to negative BODY. They are still bleeding out and will die if the Drain doesn't fade before they reach negative their normal BODY value. Negative EGO isn't deadly in itself though it does make you helpless and wide open to Mental Powers. You can act while bleeding out at the cost of an additional Body bled but at negative EGO you just stand there unable to act at all but perfectly healthy. One is heroically defiant, the other runs from frustrating to horrifying. Both are bad places to be. Anything Drained to 5 Points/month(+2 3/4) is a very debilitating effect. Reduced EGO is no worse than reduced PRE or STR or SPD as far as crippling a character. Just crippling in different ways. LoneWolf's method is perfect if you absolutely must avoid Drain. Any house rule which works for the campaign is all good.
  8. By lore,(Which has changed several times but is consistent on this point) the Celestials show up at critical points of growth in a species'/civilization's development. The snap lowered the levels everywhere but the the reversal caused spikes that set off alarms. Combine that with all the Infinity stone energy being used on Earth and they have to come see what's going on.
  9. There was a 45 minute delay at halftime because there was lightning in the area.
  10. We have slain the evil empire. Gig Em, Aggies!
  11. https://news.yahoo.com/distressing-footage-shows-police-officers-085332787.html When will we teach officers to listen and think? Somehow this officer found him threating enough to consider his taser.
  12. Not really, Cumulative is inherent to Transform and Aid and can be added to Mental Powers only. It's role is to enhance those types of Powers so that repeated uses of a Power can achieve a higher threshold (2x+ on Transform, max effect on Aid, higher Effect level on Mental Powers) than a single roll can. Without it, these Powers run into an issue of being all or nothing to an extreme. Damage over Time, is more to simulate long lasting but slow effects(compared to the Hero combat timeframe) like poisons or diseases or fire and forget lingering attacks like acid or thermite. It overlaps more with Constant than Cumulative. You can place it on Transform or Mental Powers but the effectiveness is so great that it falls more in the realms of plot devices. Aid doesn't need it because it reaches it's maximum effect in two applications given average rolls. Both are powerful Advantages that need GM oversight. If you bring back Increased Maximum Effect for Aid, you just add another thing for the GM to monitor.
  13. You have to be careful with Transfer(Drain/Aid combo) especially of all the Adjustment Powers because it helps the user and hurts the target simultaneously. If I was doing your concept, I would buy limited SPD, matching up to the amount currently Aided. Not as elegant, but it gets the job done.
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