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  1. So drop your SPD to 2 and see how effective you are while everyone else is at 6. Having a SPD of 6 means that you need to construct your powers to fight at that SPD unless you have a theme of running out of END as a concept. The 6 SPD character hits the 2 SPD 4-6 times a turn and only takes 1 or 2 hits per turn in reply. Standing with 0 END is just better than unconscious because now you have 0 End and 0 STUN while I recover over your helpless body. I do understand your principle though. But your change is even more unfair to the lower SPD characters. If you set END for constant powers at X SPD then anyone faster gets a break while slower pays more. A flat per turn cost will always favor the higher SPD. If you only spend END when you use the power, then the 6 SPD character uses up the 2 SPD character's END 3 times as quickly while only using 1/3 of what he'd use in a normal situation. Maybe 6 SPD and 2 SPD characters just aren't equal and shouldn't be fighting each other.
  2. You are looking for ways to make higher SPD cost less END while ignoring the fact that higher SPD is definitely better than lower. Glowbug doesn't have to last as long as Aegis because in one turn he accomplishes as much as Aegis does in three. Higher SPD is a choice and I've never before in a thread seen it discussed a making a character weaker. In situations that require less END use, the higher SPD character can lower their SPD to conserve END. Not so, if the situation is reversed, the lower SPD is just left behind and SOL. Perhaps some the higher SPD builds with these problems should change the way their powers are constructed rather than changing the rules of the game to help an edge case. Sorry if this seems harsh, but it's very simple. Higher SPD is better than lower. That's why it costs more. The only drawback is END use so why would you take away the one thing that somewhat balances this?
  3. Take a look at the Book of the Empress.
  4. Repercussions, the 8th book in the Wearing the Cape series. The stakes have been steadily rising and this book keeps the pace smoothly. An extreme eco-terrorist group is out to take mankind back to nature and they are well organized and well funded. The first strike takes out all the major North American hydroelectric dams and it gets worse from there. IMO, this is the best superhero fiction on the market and i'd recommend it for all ages
  5. Unfortunately, the person who made the cost determination does not discuss the philosophy of why he made a change. Which, all in all, is probably a wise decision but can leave us hanging at times. You could always go back to the 5th and earlier edition cost for Skills.
  6. I panicked too in my other league, then I realized my backup was Lamar Jackson😏
  7. I may be remembering incorrectly but you could still act with 0 or Negative STR with little impairment as a Ranged or Mental user , DEX and CON were more expensive and again DEX didn't affect a Mentalist except for DCV and the Mental Characteristics only required rolls to change what you were doing. They don't so why should they get a huge HKA for free when the low STR character can't use his HKA to do Normal Damage at all. Where did all these indestructible/super reinforced pocket knives come from? Normally a Focus can't do more DC's than the sum of their DEF and Body unless purchased as Indestructible or with extra DEF and BODY. How does Deadly Aim/ Weapon Master allow these shenanigans with supposedly Real Weapons. There is a difference between 5th and 6th that is huge though. In 5th, the Control Cost is based off the Active costs of the VPP while in 6th it is based off the Real cost. Limitations can really cut this down. Cosmic doesn't mean much to a VPP when it has infinite slots. Also your math is off there it should only cost 150 points for your VPP
  8. So no response to Tywyll( the OP). A pity. While I don't mind debating my opinions on Hero 6th, I was hoping to see others. Hugh, i will await your new thread to respond.
  9. Build it as a Multipower with a set number of uses for the entire construct.
  10. Gravity for the falling, the atmosphere for friction and other factors that may cause it not to fall straight down.
  11. On the whole, I'll give it to 6th by a whisker. I say that, realizing that as I thought about my answer, that my personal house rules cleave closer to 5th for the genre I use Hero for 95% of the time:Champions. So read my answer with the knowledge that any time I discuss a change, I look at how it affects all genres and favor that which works best in Champions for the most part. The biggest change, removal of Figured Characteristics, is a net plus for the system. While it made benchmarks more nebulous(and created more work for the GM), it eased the necessity of purchasing STR, DEX and CON to levels out of concept for many characters and pretty much removed any incentive to sell back a Characteristic. This does make Champions characters more expensive but in this case the good for other genres is just too much. Characteristics also had two(perhaps more ?) changes that i disagree with. Negative Characteristics were removed and the Normal Characteristic Maxima Limitation was removed. The first makes Adjustment Powers too powerful and the second effectively removed benchmarks from the game. Removal of the doubling rule for adding damage(Still an optional rule so there must be some skepticism). Yes, it enables some concepts but it doesn't really improve any and opens the door to sinking battleships with pocket knives or handguns. Absurd but rules legal. Damage Negation is a great addition to the game. Growth is something i'll give 6th credit for. It's still broken but a good try was made. Transfer being broken up is also a net plus for the game. Yes, it now twice as wordy, but the ability to have differing fade and recovery rates is so much of an improvement that it runs right over my objections. Change Environment having the option to impose rolls on powers is so horribly broken that I can't conceive the thought process behind it being rational. Elemental Control removal and Variable Power Pool change. Elemental Controls were mainly(not exclusively!) to address the imbalance in character generation that Figured Characteristics gave to STR-based concepts. 6th removed one, so the other was a natural consequence. VPP's are now too inexpensive considering they are the most versatile concept in the game. There is no justification for a 5 or more slot Multipower costing increasingly more. There are most of my high and low points. Even though I have more negative than positive point, I still feel that 6th is a design improvement over 5th. Most of my quibbles are easily fixed with house rules(Using 5th Edition VPP's. doubling not optional etc) or are more philosophical. These are just my opinions and I won't debate then in this thread per the OP's request. Anyone who wants to discuss with me or ask questions, please start a new thread.
  12. Except for Lizard-girl all the members of his party are loli's. The 11-yr old is the worst tho.
  13. The plumbing was probably done before the art was comissioned and installed after.
  14. Akashic begs for a second season and I'd give it one because the speech to his class in the 2nd episode is pure anime gold. Death March was too much of a loli-fest for me. Even though it is completely innocent, the potential is played up too much.
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