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  1. Sorry, those last parts weren't pertaining to you
  2. I'm glad you can see this. At some point a weapon just can't do more damage and still be considered a small HKA. Sinking battleships with pocket knives just is within the scope of the game but you should have to pay more than 5 points for the KA. Put the common sense back into the rules. Some people would rather die on the RAW hill and will justify it as they can. Doubling has been the rule for most of Hero's existence and I've never seen complaints about it but now that it's gone(even thought the decision maker left it as an option, the only such option in the 6th book) the game is now apparently closer to perfection. I am going to agree to disagree and leave it here rather than rehash old arguments. It won't affect either of our games. But I'll leave with one question. How many times between 1st and 6th editions did you ever complain about not being able to have 60 STR penknife man be a thing?
  3. Yeah, this is a sad time to be an Astros fan. The penalties weren't truly harsh enough but if you strip the World Series in '17 then you'd probably have to do the "18 one as well. And the owners who sign Manfred's paycheck don't want him to have that much power over them. This may be the best way to stop it though. No manager will put up with this happening under their watch (unless it's approved from the owner and front office😧)
  4. After I read that, I thought, If this is true everyone present should have gone to Congress ans the the press and tried to get him declared unfit. But the military personnel are to professional and true to their sworn oaths and and all the non-sycophants tried to stay around and mitigate the damage he would cause. Here's to hoping we only have one more year of this insanity.
  5. The use of 8 point levels is to make it apply to all types of ranged/melee weapons and the differing Limitation levels are the way the weapon categories are narrowed down. Martial Arts Dc's are the most under-priced component of the game and an entire new topic should address them.
  6. That's part of the Focus rules in durability. The problem arises is that by those rules most foci used for KA or HA have to be defined as durable(and even these break regularly) or unbreakable(which should be exceedingly rare) and not the default. The problem still exists but I'm happy you haven;t encountered it. Still, the 60 STR Hulk with an Adamantium pocket knife should not get 12d6 and 5d6 KA while the 15 STR Swordsman with a 4d6 KA can do only 3d6 along with his 5d6 KA
  7. This just shows that the doubling rule should be applied to Normal attacks as well as Killing attacks. As I replied to Lee, STR not adding to weapons at all does give better balance. It is also completely counter-intuitive to Hero, any other game system you care to name and and even real life. STR minimums and the doubling rule combined with the Real Weapon DEF/BODY for weapons in Heroic games are the system's compromises between play balance and suspension of belief. To date, I haven't seen a better suggested. Having a KA permit STR rather than more KA would be an Advantage because barring an unusual build, everyone has some STR they could add(thus the rules for STR minimums) Nothing prevents the Multiple Attack, but that is the case with any powers. STR and KA are not a special case so Multiple attack rules should apply as normal. The Multipower is fine for some concepts like Ultraboy. Not having to choose between and STR and KA is more common IME(or na case for variable slots and a larger reserve). Doubling in Supers make the high STR character pay more for the larger KA(not full because play balance/realism suggests STR does add to weapons) and doesn't devalue the points spent by the lower STR character. I suppose you could get rid of doubling by allowing characters to freely interchange KA and Normal damage but that would create another set of problems.
  8. The Heroic rules already do this to some degree with STR minimums so only STR in excess of the weapon's STR minimum adds to damage. Forbidding STR frpm adding to weapons may be points balanced but it is a monstrously huge disconnect from any of the source material, any other game system and even real life. A compromise between play balance and suspension of belief must be reached to have a successful system. The doubling rule isn't perfect but it's proved playable for 20+ years and I haven't come across a better alternative.
  9. Saw Weathering with You last night. This is the second movie from the team behind Your Name. It starts a little slow but turns into an engaging modern fantasy romance. If you enjoy anime movies this is a very good choice for introducing them to newcomers. Safe for kids of all ages while not being childish. The animation is solid throughout and is stunning in some cases(especially the fireworks display).
  10. I second this but I caution you to beware of Higher OCV concepts and OCV/Skills thru XP as they will warp the cost structure. Or you can have the value of the Limitation change with each individuals maximum OCV.
  11. While it won't ruin your fantasy game, I don't recommend it. It cheapens the value of the larger weapons and further heightens the value of STR. Take for example your simple knife(1/2d6 KA) and fork(1 pip KA) ant following characters with 2 levels HTH. Finesse, the 15 STR rogue can do 2d6 KA and 1 1/2 d6 with her tableware. Throg, the 30 STR barbarian can do 3d6 KA and 2 1/2d6 with his. Bar fights and dinner audiences are really danger fraught affairs now, and armor is something you wear everywhere it's allowed. In Supers games, it'just blatantly unfair to the low STR concepts. 60 STR, 1d6 KA Man can do 5d6 KA and 12d6 normal damage. 15 STR, 4d6 KA Man can do 5d6 KA and 3d6 normal damage. Both cost the same but one of these has better options available.
  12. Images is not very expensive for just creating light in any thing but the first hex It cost 12 real points for a 4m radius for 22 you can cover a football stadium. This is without any limitations whatsoever and ignoring the fact that in anything but a Supers game it will be free equipment. I'm not seeing the problem here
  13. Definitely a VPP with that can make any weapon, Physical Manifestation. I'd just go the Fate/Stay Night route and say he makes copies. That way you don't have to worry about taking an enemy's weapon or where the weapon is at the time he wants it. He makes perfect copies(within his points limit) and you can have the cool scene of fighting an enemy with identical weapons. What happens if two people have this Sword Word and want to call the same weapon?
  14. What? You mean the idea that 2 fleets match velocity so closely that neither gains or loses range over the course of several days doesn't make sense to you? Or the idea of launching the hundreds of tie fighters in your star destroyers to cover your dreadnaughts from a fighter and bomber attack? Or building quadrillion credit planet killers when you could just lightspeed collision into them with droid ships? What more tactical sense could you want?
  15. The Multipower rules are not written to balance Skills in slots. Skills in a framework are a GM discretion ruling, not RAW so naturally the balance will be off.
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