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  1. I liked Liefield on Hawk and Dove and Starman, but when he went to Marvel his flaws kept growing and bloomed into the near parody of the human form he's more famous for.
  2. Duke does a better job of giving genre reasons so I'll stick to the simple Meta reason. Play balance. Clairsentience doesn't have a defined way to be blocked like other Senses that can penetrate barriers, it has no range penalty and if you make your viewpoint Mobile you can easily follow most people especially if they don't have a clue they're being watched. You can also add viewpoints and watch several people/places at once. It wouldn't replace Mind Scan totally, but the only thing Mind Scan does better is find people whose location you don't know. Once you do locate t
  3. Testing against the CC Villains is a great idea, Amorkca. They're fairly balanced for a typical starter campaign. But keep in mind that they are written for a standard Supers campaign and not Dark Champions. Lorehunter, you character is not over powered so much as tuned to a concept. As a Dark Champions street level character, he's quite powerful. In a standard Supers campaign, he's actually fine and maybe a little too frail. The reason I suggested breaking your attack into two different ones was to actually make it more powerful. The HA with affects Desolid would have to bought at
  4. It's perfectly safe to use vs normals. As written it can't do BODY(or KB) to anything. Once you add AVAD, it becomes a STUN only attack and needs the Does BODY Advantage to inflict BODY damage. Martial Arts plus HA is one of the most efficient ways to stack damage in Hero. But you don't always see the thing you're creating as overpowered until you have some more experience with the system. As written, with an Offensive Strike, you'd do 8d6 with Affects Desolid and AVAD and 7d6 if you add Does BODY. That's an 80 point active power in the first case and a 105 point active power in th
  5. Like some of the changes. Once again I question the HA against Power Defense. I'd break that into two powers, a HA with affects Desolid and an AVAD Blast against Power Defense. Desolid enemies shouldn't have high defenses and adding STR and Martial Arts to an AVAD hits all my cheese buttons.
  6. Walkman has just evolved over the years into Smart Phone. The old Dick Tracy, two way wrist -TV is now routine.
  7. First off, this is a very nice character. I like the concept and it seems to fit the world he's in which seems to have magic and evil hiding just beneath the veneer of our normal world. Great intro story but I'd use Epiphany as his Hero name. I'd say Dark Champions in concept and tone but Champions in power level. If his force field were outside the Multipower, he'd be one of the more powerful heroes in the CU. He definitely too strong for anything but the highest end Dark Champions campaigns. Mobsters, street gangs, James Bond style spy agencies and even Daredevil level cults lik
  8. Legendary Godzilla is very much a force of nature and has shown no signs of anthropomorphism. He has never picked up an object with his claws or really even used them outside of combat in any way that an animal wouldn't. In close quarters with Kong, he constantly attempted to bite and clawed up his chest in their third fight but he shows his intelligence by attempting to drown Kong in the first fight. He only avoids structures and ships when he's not in combat mode but you don't see lions digging in fire ant mounds or birds invading bee's nests either. So far, he only emerges from
  9. You mean a gun with variable ammo?
  10. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31190225/cincinnati-nick-castellanos-tossed-reds-st-louis-cardinals-scrap-plate-outfield
  11. As has been stated before, the Republican Party is in a desperate race against time. By 2024, the demographics will flip so that Boomers and older will be a minority of the voting population and in 20 plus years the urban population of Texas and Florida will have flipped to traditionally Democratic majorities. Once Texas flips, it's over for the GOP as we know it.
  12. The kaiju are on the screen for what feels like the majority of the movie and the human stories are more closely involved with them(especially Kong's). Besides the fights Godzilla has his "attack" on the base. Kong gets more screen time because this is basically his origin story. There is a long time before the first fight but it moves pretty crisply after that.
  13. Welp, watched the movie and it doesn't disappoint. This is a worthy sequel to G:KotM. The weakest parts of the movie are the human storylines but, aside from a few "tech has come a long way huh" handwaves, they don't overpower the movie and actually tell a fairly cohesive story. There's very little overly melodramatic dialogue and humanity is actually useful in several kaiju fights. And the kaiju fights rule. There are plenty. they are very smooth, the fighters move like natural creatures and the fights are brutal. There are also no dust clouds obscuring the battles so
  14. Me neither. I can understand some disappointment but there's nothing to hate. I do wish that they had used the original Perez story and not taken the macguffin to such ridiculous extremes, but they did the best they could with the script they had.
  15. I think the future may ne in the dinner theatre model. Getting served, smaller crowds and better food make for a better experience. 60+ dollars for a family outing would sit a lot better with a meal that wasn't popcorn and a soda.
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