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  1. Up and running Rebirth channel. No issues so far through level 7
  2. Voter registration in the US would rise dramatically if it weren't tied to the jury duty system.
  3. I was a COM defender when the change was first announced before the launch of 6th but I've since changed my mind. IMO, he deciding factor is this. Striking Appearance is: 1- more versatile. It cost the same to be head turning attractive, eerily unsettling or horrifically frightening. To get those same things from COM for the last two, you have to add Distinctive Features and in one case sell back COM and "buy" it to negative. Striking Appearance contains all this in the SFX you give it. 2- more realistic. COM used as a Characteristic makes an absolute statement. But looks are very subjective. Although buying more levels of Striking Appearance does give you "more" in a mechanical sense, it doesn't have the same absoluteness because it can cover a broader spectrum of things. A character with 1 level of SA can be just as physically attractive as another with 3 because those extra levels may have the SFX of "fashionable" and "outgoing". But despite my preference, this wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if I was sitting down as a player. I can play With Com added back in as a Characteristic without missing a beat. I was happy with COM for 20+ years and was resistant to the change like many others. SA won me over when I was translating characters from 5th to 6th and I noticed that I was embellishing the 6th versions more in the stat block and less in the character description.
  4. Best outcome I can imagine: Jon takes the Iron Throne with Dany returning to Mereen. Won't happen but I would be satisfied.
  5. You wake up with an armpit soaked in blood. A recurring rash turned out to be something called hidradenitis. One week in the hospital, four liters of IV's and $ 300 a month of perscriptions that I'll be taking for the next four months minimum and I"m back at home. At least the nurses were nice and I lost 13 pounds.
  6. It would be very strange if they didn't have the rights. Shang-Chi has been Fu Manchu's rebel son since the character's debut. Some of his support characters are directly from the literature.
  7. The movie is doing the Demonbear story, so I guess they think like you.
  8. New warriors would be the property I'd want. They could even use it as the Nova origin if they cameo the others earlier.
  9. Implausible but probably the best way to handle it.
  10. Professor Hulk was fun, the Bannertech stories where he was mostly Bruce were good but my favorite arc was Joe Fixit.
  11. Gerard O'Neill is the name you're looking for. If you Google search for the image you'll find that this was concept art from the 70's. The early Gundam colonies are derived from this design.
  12. We know only slightly less about the Night King than we do about Robert Baretheon or Tywin Lannister in their youth. The details aren't that important to the story. It's not complicated, the undead want to kill the living. The author just doesn't have a fascinating story to tell concerning them. The Children of the Forest created him and the other White Walkers to drive away the the invading First Men in Westeros. Like any other doomsday weapon in a fictional setting, they ran out of control and were going to kill everything. The Children changed their minds, the Night King and the Walkers were driven to the far North, the Wall was built and the rest is history. The undead were the main sub-plot of the story but the main plot has always been who sits on the Iron Throne.
  13. Nice picture, but I've seen too much Gundam to be wowed by it.
  14. Scott was also a thief and they needed him(and his crew) to pull off the heist.
  15. I want Shang-Chi to use the Gulacy stories with him as an MI-6 agent alongside Reston, Tarr, Lei-ko and Sir Dennis. I want Fu Manchu and to hell with the Chinese market. But I know money talks and this is highly unlikely.
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