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  1. Someone is trying to punch well above his weight class.
  2. You think that until they gnaw through the pvc under your house and cause 2k plus in water and plumbing bills. I gotta go full Dahlek on this hellbeast. Exterminate!
  3. Maybe because no children died under Obama. of the 13 total deaths in his administration, all were over 23 years of age and 10 were by force not the conditions.
  4. If this movie was disappointing in one way, it was the lighting of the monster battles. It was far better than 2014 but the clouds and smoke, while natural consequences of the kaiju powers, did not add to anything. Let them fight in the light, it's all CGI anyway.
  5. Since they opened the time travel box already, next up should be Kang.
  6. And late 70's early 80's costumes were gaudy and tacky. They may have hit their mark even if we wish they hadn't fired the shot.
  7. I'd rather skip Doom and do Diablo as the first movie, Doom as the second and Annihilus as the third with cosmic tie-in with Nova and Captain Marvel as Annihilation Wave marches across the galaxy. Maybe make it part of the Cesestial Horde(there's a plot that has been teased and ignored for awhile) and get the Eternals in on it.
  8. Maybe it's a shout out to all the 80's costumes. This movie is also a period piece.
  9. Another point that isn't being addressed is this: Hero has no book that you can call a GM's guide. Yes the main books are long but Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete prove that much of that word count is examples and side notes. The actual rules on character creation and combat aren't much longer than the Player's Handbook. Advice and Guidelines for GM's are given their own section but are nowhere near the depth and detail needed to run the game without experience. Separate that out and expand upon it in a GM only book(maybe with all the almanac optional rules) and you'd take a big step toward getting Hero out again.
  10. Saw it today and loved it. As long as you go in with the expectations of a Godzilla movie and aren't looking for Oscar caliber performances from the actors or writers, you'll get the picture. Top tier spectacle and monster action from start to finish will have you forgetting the long run time.
  11. Just for an update. The game is running and stable across over a dozen servers. Rules vary concerning Vet Rewards and the WW market. Some servers are i24 which was the last playtest and others are i25 and have things that were going to be added and are new to the game. Having fun and meeting players from around the world especially Finland and New Zealand.
  12. Move out of the cities and areas the kaiju frequent. Track their movements for patterns and move the population to where they don't frequent. There would be no progress for a century or so and we'd lose 30% or more of the population(which may be a net good thing) but extinction is never on the table unless the kaiju are deliberate in their hostility.
  13. Which is what I think people are missing on the bring back COM side. If Steve had named it Striking Appearance/Comeliness in 6th would we be having this debate?
  14. They actually can't react unless you let them. The spot defenses are all Special Powers and can't be placed in a VPP without GM's permission.
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