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  1. More Dresden updates https://io9.gizmodo.com/check-out-our-exclusive-peek-at-jim-butchers-new-dresde-1842415798 Trailer! for Peace Talks with a surprise announcement at the end and Chapter 1.
  2. Here's an option. You can play around with it in HD to better suit your needs. Drain SPD 0 1/2d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Minute; +1), Damage Over Time, Target's defenses only apply once, Lock out (cannot be applied multiple times) (17-32 damage increments, damage occurs every Segment, +5) (35 Active Points) Assuming a 4 SPD or less target, this will put them down 6.4 SPD over the course of 32 segments. The SPD change rules will allow them 2 or 3 actions on average before they go down. Once they do, it will take 3 1/2 minutes to get back to 1 SPD and recover the rest of their SPD at 1 per two minutes. Power Defense lessens the effect but merely reduces the total Drained by the total of the target's Power Defense. This is and should be a Stop sign power so GM approval is required.
  3. If all you want is Knockback, then the best power for that is Blast with the Double Knockback advantage and whatever Limitation you decide for "Does no STUN & BODY"(-2 IMO). You don't need Armor Piercing or Penetrating, those only affect damage done. The Movement UAA powers options will give you more control over where your target ends up however.
  4. Baseball seems more suited to movies and for me there is none better than The Natural with Field of Dreams and Bull Durham close behind.
  5. I am in total agreement with you on the need for benchmarks. You need to know what it takes to break through walls and destroy objects to make the character you envision. But benchmarks vary from campaign to campaign. Unless you have a unified and uniformed settings, one GM's tornado or hurricane will not be the same as another's. The biggest failure of the the 5th and 6th edition CU's is that the NPC's and world are not written on a consistent scale with the character creation guidelines. Doc's suggestion of a Hall of Champions Document is probably the most viable solution we could hope for. But i fear the word count would approach the size of the Complete books.
  6. Agree 100 percent, i just thought he was fixating on the negative. It all comes down to player to GM communication.
  7. Here in Mobile, AL the lowest price I've seen is $1.74.
  8. Hero (really any pnp-rpg) is basically rules to abstract the real world into a consistent game of make believe. Body and Def are necessary for combat/conflict resolution whereas the only purpose of AP is assessing cost to a character. Pricing mundane everyday objects can be a diverting mental exercise but statting out spoons, tables and clothing quickly becomes tedious. And are you going to make PC's pay for these with points? There is a large design space between dealing with burning buildings and dealing with natural disasters. The GM and players need to establish when the campaign falls in that space. Perhaps you have different expectations. The system is very detailed on Combat and Movement. You know the answers to the things mentioned here from a glance at the Character sheet. Non-Combat speed takes a calculation to translate game terms to real world terms but the math is always the same. This is mostly defined in the campaign's build guidelines and more precisely in the points costs. Relative benchmarks to the campaign world are more campaign specific than precise numbers though. "The STR of 20 men" varies greatly between a street level supers story and one where the PC's are one based in a world like the movie "Soldier". Your GM is obligated to set the campaign rules before character creation. But your character conception may be incompatible with the stories he wants to tell. Sure Fireguy has no trouble with normal fires, but how about super hot fires in special conditions or deathtraps? Are you as fast as a .22 handgun round or a round from a Barrett? Both of these require more specific info from you and willingness to allow that power level from him if it's the higher. If the campaign does not tell stories of heroes that can stop tornadoes and tidal waves, you won't be able to unless you can convince the GM to allow it. And if these things are relegated to plot device, there's no pressing need to have a write-up.
  9. Grailknight


    It's a phase, you'll grow out of it and realize that it's not even a useful mental exercise for the time spent.
  10. Paladin/Warlock but I dabble in the others as need be.
  11. I only see 3 possible areas of conflict that would start a World War. Israel vs the Arab world. India vs Pakistan and Ukraine vs Russia if Putin gets too overconfident of US response and is proved wrong. China vs Hong Kong/Taiwan would be over too quickly for anyone to mobilize.
  12. They have the most individual role in the game and make their plays more in isolated 1 on 1 matchups in often spectacular fashion.
  13. At least this proves Silver cares about something besides money.
  14. Trump is not a genius but I give him credit for not stupid. What he is, is willfully ignorant of many subjects and unwilling to change his preconceptions because that would be tantamount to being wrong.
  15. The sticking point I see is the demand for a 17th game. The owners are offering a small 0.5% raise in revenue distribution while demanding a 6.25% increase in work. In addition they want another playoff game(or 2) which are not paid at game check rates and want to exempt some forms of revenue from the revenue sharing. The players do need to come together though. Unless they get as unified as the NBA and agree to rein in their highest salaries to distribute more to the rank and file, the owners will always be able to wait them out.
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