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  1. Those who find moral equivalence between Biden and Trump simply lack morals. Their histories are clear if anyone looks with any type of fairness.
  2. If there's a Honey-baked Ham franchise in your area, they make a pretty good Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. I find it truly appalling that you cannot get tested right away nine months after the start of the pandemic and even more shocked at how uneven the testing availability is. Alabama is by no means a hotbed of modern society, but we've had drive-in testing with 45 minute wait lines since June. My aunt, sister and I went in after my sister fell ill in one car. They gave us the brain swab, temperature checks and blood oxygen at curbside. My sister had blood oxygen in the low 80's and the doctor on site wrote her a hospital admittance on the spot. I don't know if you have a
  4. Private industry, in the form of the cellular phone companies, is going to establish the National High-Speed Wireless Network without any need for government involvement beyond regulation. 4G can handle real-time video for large cities and 5G will be seamless. We actually want to keep government out of the internet because the potential for abuse is monumental. As for space, if I could send Trump, his family, his inner circle and his true believers to Mars tomorrow. I would tack another 2 trillion onto the deficit and count it as the best government projects in US history after t
  5. I'm glad you know exactly what the OP wants but why do you then say you need more information to determine the value of the Limitation? And don't you think it would be an Advantage if the sword whispered a warning to the PC about a disguised demon that had infiltrated his allies without triggering any alarms or suspicion? And the devil is in those details. Which is why we need specific info from the OP. I'm not saying that it isn't a Limitation, I'm just saying that we need to get more information so we can properly go through your 3 steps for d
  6. I still think we need more information from the OP. Mainly, how does the detection work? Is it subjective or absolute? Infallible or capable of error? A Power/Skill of the weapon or the wielder? Does it affect objects? We've been speculating but you're right, we can't come to a consensus because we still aren't certain what we're building.
  7. Is the weapon in question being modeled after any particular book or movie. In the latest Dresden books, Butters' holy sword works this way except it does affect objects normally. That sword is an intelligent being(an actual archangel in sword form). A great deal of how we would make the power depends on the reasons, methods and judgements that "evil" is detected with.
  8. Probably should make that Antarctica if you want to be safe.
  9. It was purchased with Costs END only to Activate, +1/4 in my example. That means you pay full END to start the power but it doesn't cost END in later phases while you keep it active. It's just as if i bought 1/2 END and kept paying or 0 END and maintained it. Long Lasting would only apply if I wanted the power to continue after I left the range, was blocked or Stunned/Knocked Out. Please show an example that says CE cannot be purchased with Reduced END.
  10. Change Environment is a Constant power. Once you attack it stays until the user stops paying END or the target leaves the range or blocks it somehow. So buy it with Costs END only to activate, spend a phase attacking and then switch to your other attacks(assuming CE is not in a Multipower).
  11. Ok, that's more in line with what the OP started with. As Hugh said earlier, as a player who spent the extra points to NOT have RSR on their power, I would be annoyed but as long as the GM was telling a good story and it didn't arise too frequently I could handle it. As a GM, I dislike this use of Change Environment. While it is perfectly rules legal and within the spirit and history of the genre, it is too effective. For a 3 point power with a non-standard defense, i can force upon a target a Limitation on their power or worsen an existing one. For 15 points, I can ma
  12. One of us did. I don't think you understood what Hugh meant by "Just That Good". I read it as being someone so good at a spell that they don't have RSR as a Limitation. How did you read it?
  13. Being "Just that Good" so as to not need to make a skill roll is buying off a Disadvantage or just never having the Disadvantage in the first place. You archer misses because that is an OCV vs DCV comparison, no one is saying he needs a skill roll to attempt to fire an arrow . Your example is nothing more than 2 little kids yelling "I got you" and "No, you Missed" back and forth. We use the rules because we want a more definite answer.
  14. The problem with that is the mindset of some Trump supporters. A good portion of Trumps base will latch on any crazy theory and will ignore any fact checking or debunking done. They will cry, "fake news" or "deep state lies" and endorse and spread these false narratives to the point of belligerence when continually shown the flaws in their new dogma. Then there is the even more despicable crowd that embraces this as a way to more followers to their power while knowing they are pushing propaganda. Better to deny fuel for those fires at the source, than to run
  15. That's one of the worst things covid-19 has done. Every little sniffle, cough or fever makes you fear that you have a life threating illness coming on.
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