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  1. Illegal in 4th because Multiform is a special power. Perfectly legal in 5th and 6th because Steve long made Multiform a standard power. I don't agree with the change but that is the RAW. I house rule it back to a special when I run.
  2. I wish with all my heart that that they don't dredge up that storyline. but given the tones of WandaVision and the hints that she will be a villain in a future film, I think train is going to crash into another on a bridge over an erupting volcano.
  3. While I am in complete agreement here about the fairness of the court and trial, the case against publicizing the the names of the accused was settled long ago. You see people accused or arrested on the news all the time. It's a growth industry on YouTube. Except these Karen's and Ken's were caught doing federal crimes instead of petty crimes and social gaffes. It's a change in scale and scope and with greater consequences but nothing new.
  4. I wouldn't trade for Harden except for pennies on the dollar. He's an awesome scoring talent but the flaws in his defense, the way he warps the offense of other players and the attitude are too much. When you think about it, he's had a system built around him and two HOF caliber teammates as running mates. By asking out and wanting to go to another team with established stars, he's admitting that he's not the man to lead a team to a championship.
  5. The one guy who was held down in cuffs who kept yelling "You're treating me like a black person" brought a ray of joy to my heart. I know it's wrong to feel that vindictive but justice was so good.
  6. Wow. I really don't like McConnell but he killed it in his speech. Cynically thinking, he can now claim that he took the moral high ground while supporting Trump to the very end of any legal options.
  7. You would do 7 STUN and 0 BODY. If he had 15 PD, then you'd 5 STUN.
  8. I'm glad they arrested the guy and may charge him with 3 felonies. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/31/us/wisconsin-coronavirus-vaccine-vials/index.html
  9. Everything there is valid except MCU Tony is not an alcoholic. In fairness to him, he created Ultron after Wanda mind zapped him.
  10. That individual should be facing charges.
  11. Aid is its own Power. Like this: Aid 5d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Minute; +1), Expanded Effect (x8 Characteristics or Powers simultaneously) (+3 1/2) (165 Active Points) Slap on some limitations and you're good to go. As far as in combat goes, figure out the characters current values with the additions from Aid and use those. Unfortunately there is no way to get the Aid to add in the program directly. You can make a prefab with the Aided values and add/remove it to get it done. Better buy up fade rate though(I did here) or the
  12. Basically, it's just an Aid to multiple Characteristics and Powers all at once. Longtime Hero Robert Surbrook has a detailed writeup on his site. http://www.devermore.com/surbrook/index/index.html
  13. Thanks Old Man, didn't really expect much from this team at the start of the year but got hot at the finish!
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