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Dark Champs Banner


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I like the new DC Banner that I saw for the first time today. Who designs all of these banners anyway? Banner is the right name for this sort of thing isn't it? I'm pretty ignorant about web design.


Man I want this book so much I can taste it.


EDIT: Now that I have seen the awesome cover art by Mr. Cook, I can see where the art in the banner came from. The cover looks great, chalk up another one for Storn.

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Re: Dark Champs Banner


We call it a "logo," but I guess "banner" works, too.


Storn didn't actually design the logo. Nate Barnes did, tweaking it several times to put up with my persnicketiness. ;) You can see more of his awesome logo work in the Spycraft CCG, I do believe.


Storn does, however, deserve full measure of credit for the awesome cover art!

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