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  1. A character starts his phase under water and wishes to teleport 10 hexes through the water. He DOES NOT have the "must pass through intervening space" limitation and can clearly perceive his destination hex. Can he do this or would he need "usable as a second mode of movement" in order to pass through the water?
  2. I think that I am just going to go with the modification that will change things the least. I will give the Zombies hardened PD vs. piercing and slashing attacks. Currently my players are battling some Deep Ones in the just off the southern coast of Vancouver Island. So far the group has looked at them as push overs. It will be interesting to see how they react once their small boat is overturned.
  3. THE PROBLEM My characters have had a couple of encounters with zombies so far. They were originally dismayed by how hard the creatures were to eliminate with gunfire. This is due mainly to the way the zombies are built. They have 4 resistant PD, +2 resistant PD verses slashing and piercing attacks, and +2 more resistant PD verses piercing attacks. This means that they count as having 8 resistant PD verses bullets and shotgun pellets. The group has found two very effective methods to combat them. (1) As long as the range and surrounding permit, an explosive shotgun slug works wonders. It does a 2 ½d6 KA in a 4m radius and it counts as an Energy Attack. The zombie build has only 2 resistant ED so the slugs are now referred to as “zombie shredders” by at least one of the team. (2) One of the other characters has started carrying around a magazine or two loaded with AP ammo. Due to the way the zombies are built Armor Piercing ammo is much more effective against them than regular ammo. I can see the explosive shotgun slugs being effective. A blast is going to be a whole-body damaging attack and the term “zombie shredder” is an apt description. What I have a problem with is the effectiveness of AP verses zombies. I believe that the intent of the zombie build is to make clear that things that cause small isolated areas of damage (like piercing attacks and bullets) shouldn’t be nearly as debilitating to a creature of their nature. Therefore it seems rather silly that an armor piercing bullet, which will make an even smaller and well defined puncture, should be much more effective. REMEDIES You could harden the zombie’s resistant PD or apply a Naked Advantage that hardens their PD verses puncturing attacks. You wouldn’t want to give them a blanket hardened to their defenses because it is possible that some non-slashing and non-piercing forms of armor piercing physical attacks are out there which could be more effective. You could simply implement a house rule that says that AP bullets and similar attacks just don’t work due to the FX of the situation. However I prefer to use as few house rules as I can since a plethora of them can be off putting to gamers new to the group. You could replace their resistant PD with Damage Negation. However Damage Negation seems to be used more often to simulate creatures that regenerate rapidly from damage (like vampires and werewolves) and obviously zombies do not regenerate. I am thinking of doing something like this. Give all Zombies 2 resistant PD & ED and 25% Damage Reduction verses all attacks to simulate how tough they are and how they keep operating after taking a pounding. Give them 50% Damage Reduction verses slashing attacks and 75% Damage Reduction verses piercing attacks. This would still mean that the explosive shotgun slug would be effective but bullets, including AP bullets, wouldn’t be. Anyone care to offer any opinions or input to this?
  4. I have allowed it in my campaign but capped how much a player can have. The MHI body armor does have gaps. If a GM wanted to he could simply require Combat luck to have a further limitation that it does not stack with other armor.
  5. My book (#96) and patches showed up today via media mail. However everything was well packed and arrived in perfect condition.
  6. Still waiting for mine to make it to Oklahoma City.
  7. Here is the character background, as written by one of my players, after his introductory scenario was completed. Osborn Stack is a born and raised Apache Native American. Raised mostly by his grandfather; Osborn (or Oz as he was often called) was taught to respect the old ways. He grew up learning how to use the traditional tools and weapons of his people; such as the traditional Apache Tomahawk and Jaw Bone club. As an adult Oz respected Mother Nature and saw that society as a whole was far too harsh on the earth; therefore, when he moved out on his own he acquired a decent piece of property within the limits of the Jicarilla reservation and had built for him an earth house. Wanting to help protect his home lands Oz got a job with the reservation’s Game & Wild Life Department as a Ranger. Life for Oz was good, not only did he protect the lands he also demonstrated his primitive survival skills to tourist and students alike. He would often take people out into the reservation’s wilderness to teach them the old ways that he had learned as a child. Due to his upbringing and the nature of his work Oz regularly carried a pair of Tomahawks his grandfather had given to him. Recently in local news there had been a string of some very unusual deaths within the limits of the reservation. The deaths were weird because authorities couldn’t initially identify a cause of death. From his experience when Oz was brought in to give his opinion to see if it could possibly some sort of animal attack he was unable to attribute it to any known animal. The remains were shriveled up corpses with abject looks of terror on the victims face. It was later proclaimed by some government MIB type men that the deaths were being attributed to an outbreak of Hantavirus. One day not too long after those deaths a couple of campers had been reported to be heading up to a remote camping area that was out of normal communications range; no cellular signals and hills that made radio contact difficult. Osborn realized that these campers would not be aware that the MIB guys wanted tourists out of the area completely. Oz took the 4x4 up to check on the campers and try to get them out of that area for their own safety. Just after sunset Oz approached the path to the camp site and noticed that the road leading to Old Man Conway’s showed signs of vehicle traffic. Oz knew the old man didn’t own a car. Upon arrival at the cabin Oz saw a nearby camp site with a tent and parked vehicle. As he investigated Oz found the male camper dead inside the tent. He appeared to have been drained of all life, a shriveled husk like the previous victims. Tracking some foot prints, Oz found the female’s foot prints leading up to Old Man Conway’s cabin. It also appeared she was being followed by somebody wearing moccasins. Once Oz got closer to the cabin he called out “Dáanzho" (the standard Jicarilla Apache greeting) he hears a female scream and sees the lights in the cabin flicker. Oz burst into the cabin to see the woman, Old Man Conway and someone in a buffalo head dress. The person in the buffalo head dress attacked Old Man Conway. An eerie reflection of green light showed the look of horror on the old man’s face. The attacker grabbed the old man but then was seemingly repelled backwards in pain. Enraged the person swiped at Old Man Conway throwing him into the wall killing him. In Apache again Oz tells the person to leave them alone and the person turns to him, it is a walking dead, void of all life with green glowing eyes. This startles Oz but he still has enough wits about him to notice that around Old Man Conway’s neck is an old medicine bag and this was the only thing about him that seemed out of place. Osborn moves towards Conway leans down and grabs the back while firing off a single inaccurate shot towards the creature. The thing quickly finished off the girl and then turned its sights on Oz. As it closed it takes a swing at Oz who blocks with a Tomahawk using his off hand while at the same time holding the medicine bag. As he blocks the blow the bag makes contact with the creature and sends it reeling back in pain. Oz takes another shot hitting the creature in the chest only to watch the hole close right up. Realizing this tiny bag is having more of an effect on this evil creature than his hand gun had Oz drops his pistol and pulls his other Tomahawk. He quickly opens the bag to peek inside and see the bag contains an assortment of relics, sacred to an Apache Medicine Man. Wondering what other relics this old man might have had Oz looks around the room and spots an old Jawbone Club hanging on the wall. Oz lunges for it, drops one of his Tomahawks and grabs the club. The creature closes the distance to attack yet again; this thing was faster than he was. Oz realizes that he could continue to block this thing but would never get an opportunity to attack. He allows the creature in close and it manages to lay its hand on his shoulder, staying well away from the medicine bag Oz had now hung around his chest. Oz begins to feel his very life force being drained out of him. Given the opportunity to strike, Oz brings the Jawbone Club down hard on this thing and causes it to recoil in pain. The fight was on now. However, after a couple of strikes with the club Oz saw this was a losing proposition; he was hurting the creature but not enough and at this rate he would succumb long before his foe. He had to come up with something else.. perhaps fire! Relying completely on what he had seen in monster movies as a kid, Oz made a mad break for his truck, threw open the tool box in the bed and pulled out one of his emergency road flares. The creature closed on Oz and with his back to the truck he ignited the flare and stabbed the evil thing. This time however instead of the wounds closing up right away they stayed open and seared. This continued for a while longer, Oz striking the thing with the flare causing more damage and the creature grabbing Oz and every time he felt a little more of his essence draining from him. Finally Oz managed to get a good jab in on him and lit the thing on fire but Oz knew if this didn’t end soon it would be over for him. Before he knew it men dressed in paramilitary garb with patches on their arms of a walrus playing a banjo came out of nowhere packing what appeared to be some serious firepower. One of them was carrying a spear with a cross member on the end of it and he closed in with Oz to fight the thing but the others hung back. Figuring that they wouldn’t shoot while the thing was so close to him, Oz planted his back against the truck and kicked the thing with all of his might away from him. The moment he did one of the men hosed the creature down with a flame thrower and the guy with the spear (or spontoon as Oz later found out it was called) pinned it down and it was soon finished off. In the aftermath of the battle Oz had initially felt very drained but oddly it his energy quickly returned to him. Nearly in shock Oz questioned the men as to who they were. He found out they were part of a monster hunting group who protects people and keeps monsters secret from most of the world at the insistence of the Monster Control Bureau. More specifically they were members of a group called Monster Hunter International, Team Haven. Leader of Team Haven was Peter Grant, though his men keep calling him "Priest." The guy with the flame thrower and his brother were James "Jimmy" Haight and William Haight. There was also Suzan Hernandez, Fred Morrison and Luther Buckner. Those were the six members of Team Haven who saved Oz from what they were calling a “wraith.†Priest looked at Oz to make sure he was alright and he seemed impressed that Oz lasted as long as he did. When Oz asked where that thing came from Priest looked at him and said “that is something we need to find out in case there is more than just the one.†Wanting to protect his home Oz told them that he was an experienced tracker and was familiar with the area and offered to help them locate this thing’s home. After spending a little while tracking the wraith’s foot prints back to its lair the group discovered an ancient burial site and in front if it yet another victim. This one appeared to be a treasure hunter with a metal detector who had opened up this burial expecting to find fortunes but instead found only his death. Priest gave Oz his card and told him that MHI was always looking for good hunters and if he wanted a challenge to give them a call. Over the next few days Oz contemplated his fate, he weighed his commitment to the reservation to the rewards (both moral and monetary after receiving a PUFF bonus of $30,000 for the assist) of hunting down these evil creatures. The next week Oz turned in his resignation papers, packed up his truck and headed to the MHI training facility in Alabama where his new life would soon begin.
  8. From what I see the creatures in the Monster Hunter International Employee's Handbook & RPG and the Mess of Monsters PDF. Supplement are much more resilient than those in the 6E bestiary. For instance the Wraith was essentially impervious to firearms. Only the availability of a couple of "sacred" Apache artifacts enabled the character to harm the creature. The MHI team knew what they were hunting so a Spontoon (a half pike spear) and a flame thrower was used to vanquish the creature.
  9. The character's intro game went well. He was up against a Wraith but did remarkably well. However MHI's team Haven was forced to swoop in to save him for although he was able to hurt the Wraith it would have killed him if the cavalry had not swooped in. As soon as I can get the player to send me his background I will either post it here or have him post it since it includes the story of his encounter with the creature, Team Haven and his being recruited.
  10. Sounds like a good plan. I used to play Hero extensively but this is our first go at 6E. The scenario I ran was one on one and we took our time using it as a learning experience. We checked the rules for any questions we had as we went along. It worked our pretty smoothly and I was pleased with the results.
  11. I ran it as a 1d6 K AP, STR adds no damage. It worked out well.
  12. As near as I can determine the average road flare burns at about 1400 F (various types vary between 800 & 3000 F). If a character is using a lit road flare as a melee weapon how much damage will it do? I am thinking either 1d6 HKA AP or maybe 1 1/2d6 with no AP.
  13. We didn't quite manage to complete the quick recruitment scenario today. Our one-hour lunch break forced us to stop mid battle. The Wraith that the lone PC has encountered has killed all of the available hapless NPCs. Our hero is still hanging in there thanks to an Apache medicine pouch and a sacred Jaw-bone club that he has gotten hold of. The Wraith (a vengeful Apache one) has managed to touch him once and drain a bit of BODY but the fight is in progress. Tomorrow we will see if he can defeat this critter on his own or if the MHI Team Haven hunters will have to arrive in the nick of time to pull his bacon out of the fire. I am rooting for the player but I won't pull any punches with the creature.
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