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  1. I’ve also decided that I’ll allow a set maneuver in HtH combat. A character is sacrificing a full phase in hopes of gaining a +1 to hit in the next phase. If the enemy moves out of melee combat before the next phase that’s just the gamble the character takes.
  2. I used to have to use a .bat file with my Hero Designer (I don't anymore), when I did the text of the .bat file was as follows:
  3. Regarding the Set Maneuver we have the following from page 204 of MHIEHRPG: No mention of it being exclusive to Ranged Attacks. From 6E2 79 My understanding is that the MHIEHRPG was written using the 6E rules. So is Set meant to work in HtH combat in the MHI campaign setting as a special case? If one only had the MHIEHRPG book you would never see the prohibition against using Set only in HtH combat.
  4. My group is about to start a new MHIEHRPG campaign. Monster miniatures are easy to come by. Lots of zombies and assorted monsters from various fantasy miniature lines. Does anyone have any leads on where to acquire miniatures that can pass for Monster Hunters and/or MCB Agents?
  5. Thanks! That is what I suspected but I haven't really found a passage in the rules that specifically nailed that down.
  6. A player wants to have a movement power that is Usable with up to 8 others simultaneously. If he also buys extra mass x2, does that mean that each of the 8 total characters can carry x2 mass?
  7. I still have my old 4E Fantasy Hero book. Yes, for each race their was a racial package and a cultural package. The cultural package was composed of skills and disadvantages and the racial package was for characteristics, talents, powers and such.
  8. Actually, I misspoke, I have seven players in the group (only six will be here this evening). We started with 160 points with 40 points of matching complications. I lessened the points from the traditional 175/50 because I do have so many player characters. We had started this campaign using AD&D 2nd Edition, but that only went about four sessions before some of the less "old timers" were not very happy with the system. We then converted the whole thing to Hero 6E. Four players kept their original concept and started with 5 XP each, the other three started with new characters. Essentially, we just switched systems. I am just using Greyhawk as the setting and using ToEE as material for the general course of the adventure. I use stuff pretty much straight out of the Hero System Bestiary when I can and make what I don't have. It isn't really converting AD&D to Hero so much as simply using the background material. For example, one pre-existing character was a halfling thief/psionicst with telekinesis. He just made a Fantasy Hero halfling and took some thief skills and built a telekinesis multipower. We pretty much gave up on trying to build direct conversions because we are playing Fantasy Hero and trying to play AD&D with a different rules system is just too much of a headache.
  9. They are made by a company named Role 4 Initiative.
  10. I would like to post more about my ideas and GM schemes, but I fear that some of my six players might drop in on this forum from time to time. I have written a two and half page summary of the Complications that the characters in the group have. In those notes I put forth my ideas for how to make those complications as detrimental as they should be. Several of them have complications that will have direct implications into the activies of the ToEE even if they haven't realized it yet. A few others will probably spawn side-quests as their weaknesses are exploited. Our second session, in Hero System, will be tomorrow night and I am looking forward to it. I have been away from Hero for years and the bug has bitten me again. They have nearly cleared the ground floor of the Moathouse, they have yet to delve beneath the surface. Here is the Moathouse drawn in dry-erase markers on the hex tiles that I have. Originally I had this built with Warlock tiles but they have nearly finished the ground level so those tiles have gone into building the underground.
  11. One of the players in my campaign has a Hero Designer character that has Telekinesis (14 STR) in a multipower framework with the limitation "Costs END To Maintain (Half END Cost; -1/4)" I am trying to figure out how this works and exactly what his END costs would be. As I understand it Telekinesis being a Constant power costs 1 END per 5 points of STR used (this is a heroic fantasy hero game). What happens if he keeps his multipower points allocated to his telekinesis but uses 0 STR for a phase. Is the cost to maintain the power then half of zero?
  12. I see this Physical Complication listed for several forms of Undead in the 6E Bestiary. What is a "necromancy-based Presence Attack?" The Ghoul is the only undead that has a Vulnerability 2x Effect from the Presence Attacks of holy men (uncommon). Is a PRE attack by a priest considered to be a "necromany-based Presence Attack?" It is just a very confusing phrase with no definition that I can determine.
  13. We did not take the concept of alignments into Hero System with us. Which also means things like "Protection from Evil/Good" are no longer applicable. For turning undead I have already told the character that wants to be a sort of cleric that most undead take increased effects from PRE attacks by holy men (just needs to profess that is what he is and buy the perk to be a priest). I did write up this scroll which they may find if they look in the right area. Scroll: Protection from Undead: Telekinesis (30 STR), Area Of Effect (3m Radius; +1/4), Persistent (+1/4), Affects Desolidified Any form of Desolidification (+1/2) (90 Active Points); 1 Continuing Charge lasting 20 Minutes which Never Recovers (-2 1/2), Limited Power Only vs Undead and Physical Missiles They Fire (-1 1/2), OAF Fragile (-1 1/4), No Range (-1/2) Probaby need to add Requires Light (-1/4) to that as well but since it is a consumable magic item I am not very concerned about the Real Point cost. I guess magic items and spells from AD&D are about the only thing I have done significant work on. If I can replicate the Greyhawk item or spell I do so. If I can't then I just substitue something of similar worth that can be built in Hero System or taken from the published sources.
  14. First off. If any of my players are reading this thread. STOP. I am afraid that I have done very little conversion work. Our D&D 5E group became disillusioned with all the shenanigans going on with the publishers and community. We then reverted back to AD&D 2E with an all new campaign, but that only lasted a few sessions before some of the younger members in our group made it know that they really didn't like the system that much. So now we transitioned over to Hero System. At first people attempted to replicate their 1st level D&D characters in Hero which is possible but you end up with some really wonky builds. After that first attempt I encouraged the players to just keep their background and history and rebuild the characters using the published Hero System sources. This has worked much better. The elves used the elf template from Fantasy Hero, the Gnome and Halfling did the same (6-players, 2 elves, 1 gnome, 1 halfling, 2 humans). Since it is new to most of the group, I started them off in the Village of Hommlet. In AD&D they made one foray to the moathouse (where one got eaten by a big lizard) and then retreated to regroup. We transitioned the campaign to Hero system. Four of the characters kept the same character idea that they had. One player changed. And the deceased character was a new build as well. I have pretty much just gotten the equivlent critters from the Hero System Bestiary where possible and just made a quick build for the few I did not have (Bugbear and Gnoll). I have even used the Hero System Ghouls even though they lack the paralytic power of the AD&D versions. So basically I convert as little as I can get away with. And since most of the group was not familiar with Greyhawk, they do not necessiarly come across as typical Greyhawk characters. One guy is running a character based on Bell from a certain popular anime. And then the Complications that players have put on their characters have given me all sorts of material I can use as, well Complications. I am trying to bring those complications to life using Greyhawk background where possible. And at least one character is familar with the background and so is essentially running a former Scarlet Brotherhood monk who is being hunted by them as a traitor.
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