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Got my DC in mail today


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My copy of DC from the online store arrived today. Yay! It's bigger than Star Hero, but not as big as Fantasy Hero.


I was comparing it with Danger International, and there IS a different feel. Not wrong, just different.


Dark Champions has tons of useful and delicious info, but the 'feel' of the book is more 'Dark Champions'. Re-reading through Danger International, it has more of an 80s, world traveler, kind of feel. More James Bond, Soldiers of Fortune, Bring 'Em Back Alive kind of feel.


The adventures in the back of Danger International - The Network/Night of the Ninja and Merchants of Terror kind of set the tone. Plus lots of great maps in the adventures. Sigh!


So over the next few days, between baby feedings and work, I'm going to happily read Dark Champions. Thanks Steve! :)

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Re: Got my DC in mail today


That is a much better way of expressing my "disappointment" with DC. Its not a bad book in fact it is a very good book but it very much feels like DC not at all DI and when you were looking for DI :( . Regardless DC will get much use from me and DI will avoid gathering dust on the shelf.

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Re: Got my DC in mail today


Does the new DC contain any sample scenarios? Are they the same as the ones in the 4e DC or new ones?



running his players through the Bogeyman murders right now...


No, there are no scenarios in DC 5th Ed. Like all the Genre books, just sample characters and villains, along with plot seeds.

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