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  1. Re: How to: Daredevil Well, if DD can sense heat at range, he might be able to tell which light was on by the amount of heat of the lamp. I guess that would depend on how fine tuned the sense is. Also by following patterns of traffic, he might be able to drive, provided he has cars as refference. But I would think that at higher speeds, the reaction time might be slower than people with sight (light travels faster). In a spressway, the "man without fear" could be causing a lot of fear for the other drivers. As far as the the balance between blind and the enhanced senses... I agree with the limitations as far as video displays, but I think I read a issue where he saw paintings on the wall, because the paint on canvas gives it a different width on each shape. Again, depending on how fine tuning his extra senses. On an issue with a fire in a pizza place, DD knew there was a picture missing, because the spot where the picture was, did not have a layer of grease. But I don't know if he would be able to tell the same on ink on paper. Dave
  2. Re: WWYCD #115: Xerox Paradox...Baby Blues! I'm fairly new at this board (which is obvious from my enourmoust amounts of posts)... but what does WWYCD stand for? Dave
  3. Re: Got my DC in mail today The things I missed from the 4thE is The HoJ, Card Shark and the scenario. But from what I understand, HoJ and Card Shark are comming later on, so it's just a matter of time. Dave
  4. Re: Question: Differences between Dark Champs 4th and 5th? I just got my copy, and after a very dangerous trip home (It was very hard to drive and read at the same time, but I couldn't stop myself) I was totally enthralled until my body collapsed from lack of sleep. Now that I regained my composure, I can say that the book surpassed all my expectation. All I'm waiting for now.... C A R D S H A R K.... Dave
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