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1930's Era PC Question


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Our GM is starting a 1930's Dark Champion game. Limits are 125 Character Points plus 100 Disads for a total of 225.


I have come up with a concept but not sure I have figured out a good distribution of points. Are there any ready made Reporter/Vigilante type characters on the internet? (A Detective/Vigilante would be the same thing)... I have surfed but only came up with Characters that have super powers and made with way more points. I need something like The Punisher...no powers other than maybe fast healing...


HERO Games needs to put out a book with just Character concepts and suggested Character Point distribution... Sure would be handy...


Anyway, if anyone can point me in the direction of Non-Super Powered PC's I would appreciate it...thanks

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Re: 1930's Era PC Question


Well, there are quite a few HERO pulp gaming websites out there, with lots of resources, which I'd be happy to run down for you if you'd like. Specific to your request, though, here's a few which may help you:


Hero Pulp is probably the most broadly useful of all such websites. You'd particularly want to take a look at the character type Package Deals, and the link called "A Pulp-Champion Sourcebook." This stuff is in 4E HERO System, but for this genre the differences are very minor and easily dealt with.


You may find some of the characters from these websites helpful in giving you guidelines:


The Odyssey League



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