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  1. Doom's mask isn't stuck to his face. He's taken it off in many comic issues. It just hides his disfigurement. Bane's mask in The Dark Knight Rises provided a constant supply of anesthetic to numb him to pain. I saw nothing in the movie to suggest he couldn't take it off if he wanted to -- it's just harnessed to his head. But maybe someone else has more information.
  2. You are correct, and I can't believe I was so stupid as to overlook that. Besides the Panthamech (shaped like a giant hunting cat) and Shining Warrior Epsilon, there's also full character sheets for a Black Scorpion (with a grenade-launching "tail") and a Transmatron (Multiform between humanoid and fighter shapes). The chapter on Mecha in TUV includes four pages of design guidelines, mostly applicable to Sixth Edition.
  3. Aside from Trump acting childish as a matter of course, it's always his reflex to shift any hint of blame away from himself and onto someone else.
  4. I've been cutting mine for over four years. Had to develop skills. Still doesn't look perfect, but it's adequate. New Zealand isn’t just flattening the curve. It’s squashing it.
  5. The Chinese state-controlled media floated the theory that the virus was deliberately released in Wuhan by the United States to cripple China's economy. I'm sure Trump doesn't want to give that more traction.
  6. Trump considering suspending funding to WHO "They missed the call. They could have called it months earlier. They would have known and they should have known and they probably did know," Trump told reporters at a White House press briefing, suggesting the WHO failed to sufficiently warn the global community about the virus. Yep, he's settled on a new scapegoat.
  7. Trump is talking out of turn again about things he doesn't understand, giving people misleading advice. In this case that could actually cause deaths rather than prevent them.
  8. She actually looks pretty impressive in a Star Fleet uniform. BTW I think it speaks to Elizabeth's rep that with all the monarchs in the world, whenever anyone mentions just "the Queen," she's the person most of us think of.
  9. Totally unfair that giant pandas get all the attention. Red pandas have at least twice the cuteness and adorability factor. This has been linked here before, but we all need more smile inducement right now.
  10. Closest I can think of is the movie, Elf starring Will Farrel. Despite being a comedy with a different context, I do think it offers a few insights. Said human may not realize he isn't a Gnome for some time, at least if the Gnomes don't make a big deal about it. But his size should make it obvious before he reaches maturity. OTOH if he's ostracized to any extent he'll probably develop a chip on his shoulder. Bullying, though, would stop once he gets his growth. He'll probably try very hard to fit in, to adopt the attitudes and practices of the Gnomes around him. He'll be uncomfortably out of place with everything scaled to Gnomes, unless his community regularly interacts with humans and includes housing, furniture etc suitable for them.
  11. Isn't survival rate supposed to be calculated out of people who actually contract the virus? On that basis, New York's would be 96.4%.
  12. What's the prospect for plastic? That's what Canadian bills are made from.
  13. Look into some of the positions Mike Pence has publicly supported, and ask yourself if you'd actually prefer the Oval Office be inherited by someone with that agenda, who's also competent to carry it out.
  14. China has come out of lockdown, but pent-up tourists are overreacting: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/china-tourist-sites-packed-as-country-comes-out-of-coronavirus-lockdown/ar-BB12dSsQ?li=AAggNb9 Meanwhile, Japan is finally preparing to declare a state of emergency: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/japan-pm-to-declare-state-of-emergency-as-early-as-tuesday/ar-BB12dty3?li=AAggNb9
  15. To date the only full write-up and character sheet published for Kodiak is in the Millennium City source book, for Fifth Edition Champions. (You can buy also buy the hard copy plus PDF if you prefer.) It includes several other NPC heroes and some villains, a few of which haven't been reprinted elsewhere, as well as a great deal about MC itself. The info on the Millennium City Police Department, including their elite Metahuman Activities Response Squad (MARS), would be particularly helpful in developing your character. As for a specific Hero System character sheet for a sasquatch, there might be one in The Great White Hunter's Bestiary for Sixth Edition Pulp Hero, but I don't have that PDF so can't attest to it. Honestly, though, with Kodiak plus the Gorilla-Man template you should have enough to work with.
  16. Moorcock's spin on those concepts is really kind of backwards, from a physics point of view. Chaos is the ultimate stabilizer -- all matter becomes randomized until it's uniform, all energy becomes dispersed throughout until there's no motion at all. Order is what allows systems to evolve. But for Moorcock's purposes his metaphysical definition works fine. I have to say that my preference for some clarity in good vs evil is strongly influenced by my love of the comic-book genre. In so much of real life good and evil are complicatedly mixed, and there's very little that any one person, however gifted, can do to fundamentally alter that situation. Having an identifiable person or group that's a source of evil, that can be confronted and defeated, gives a person pretending to be a "hero" a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. There's nothing wrong with mixing in some grey -- such shadings add complexity which can make things more interesting -- but a measure of black and white can be a positive thing in our fantasies.
  17. The meek shall inherit the Earth... if the Aussie's don't kill 'em all first.
  18. Hey, both of them have you paying to get screwed.
  19. Almost all the cashiers in my area are wearing gloves, and some masks, as well as having the shields. Many of them are asking customers to pay electronically at terminals outside the shield, rather than with cash, although they still accept the latter. Some are asking customers to bag their own items.
  20. I'm afraid you missed the point. All these things are components of justice. None of them are absolutes: they have to exist in balance. Our own justice system recognizes that sometimes, "I won't do it again" is enough, and sometimes it isn't; that sometimes a villain won't turn to the greater good without suffering, but sometimes they will. Perceiving that spectrum, establishing criteria by which their applicability is determined, is the evolution of justice. When any of those components are treated as absolute, as invariable, as incapable of temperance, is when injustice occurs. And in that case, that should be considered evil. To bring this back on topic.
  21. I can best explain that by looking at actual definitions of the terms used. "Vengeance" is, strictly speaking, punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong. It's a frequent component of what our society calls justice, bringing consequences for actions; but taken to extremes it becomes revenge, which is a more personal retaliation out of feelings of anger or resentment. "Compassion" is not forgiveness. It's sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. In proper measure it tempers harsher actions, and motivates positive change; but an excess of compassion toward a perpetrator can render a person or system incapable of taking appropriate actions against them to protect society. Of the several definitions of "necessity," I think the one most applicable here would be, a state of things or circumstances enforcing a certain course. There are times when circumstances demand that a particular action be taken, whatever other feelings one might have on the matter. However, necessity has been used throughout history as a rationalization for the most unjust actions.
  22. Excellent point! Oriental dragons in particular are known to wear a human as well as dragon shape. Of course those dragons come from a different tradition and serve a greater function in the cosmic order. Very few of them would qualify as "monsters." Just for an example closer to home for us here, the Champions villain, Brangomar the Shadow Queen, is a dragon who more often appears as a human female, explicitly so she can more easily interact with her subjects and enjoy the comforts of her palace.
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