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  1. Frankly, they couldn't have credibly shown that kind of fight with the dragons they wanted to use to tell their post-apocalyptic tale. Those fly at a few hundred miles an hour at most. Their flame breath has the range of a high-pressure fire hose. Their hides can be pierced by a harpoon cannon, so artillery or air-to-air missiles should have no problem. Even if they reproduced like Tribbles , they should have been overwhelmed and exterminated. But just glossing over the "how" of the world getting to that state, let them get to the story they really wanted to film, with cool dragons.
  2. Never was a fan of the Indiana Jones franchise, but I don't expect or demand anyone agree with me. OTOH I'm fond of another film that tends to get hate, Reign of Fire. I don't pretend it's great movie-making, but I'm fond of cinematic dragons, and I thought these were impressive, well conceived and rendered. No question, Matthew McConaughey's performance was 'way over the top, but I found it at least entertaining, and I give him props for taking the risk to play so far out of type.
  3. You can't trust a word that comes out of a studio rep's mouth. Their job is to spin the facts to the brink of vertigo.
  4. I dare say Tom Holland must be feeling quite a bit of angst over this tug of war.
  5. Bananapocalypse! That's trademark-able!
  6. Whoever comes up with a blight-resistant strain first is gonna make a mint.
  7. Yeah, I was waiting for one of those.
  8. Worth posting for the headline alone: Woman pleads guilty to smuggling alligator in her yoga pants
  9. Witnesses said a bank robber didn’t have facial tattoos. So police digitally altered a suspect’s mugshot.
  10. I believe that everyone we truly touch in our lives, everyone we make a difference to, carries a part of us in them, affecting how they think and feel, and how they live. That in turn affects how they touch everyone in their own lives, and in turn how those people live. So our influence spreads outward, like ripples in a pond, becoming part of the whole of humanity, enduring for as long as humanity endures. That's enough immortality for me.
  11. Please note, I'm not talking about what men think about it.
  12. Since that timeline was first publicized in 2002, I think it's also a safe bet that Steve and Darren figured, if they were still publishing Champions Universe books in eighteen years, they could revise the timeline then.
  13. The magnitude of Trump's ignorance and arrogance doesn't even surprise any more. But the government of the Canadian province of Alberta is making one of its periodic rumblings about separating from Canada, so you might be able to buy that. With oil prices depressed right now you could probably get a good deal.
  14. So, you get rid of the breast cancer, but add more fat. I doubt any woman would call that an unqualified win.
  15. If you don't articulate that you aren't enjoying yourself, and why, your resentment is only going to build. Sooner or later that's going to come out, probably in a way that will be more harmful to your friendship than if you were straight with him early on. I'm sure there are other things each of you enjoys that the other doesn't. If you're reasonable about it, and he's that good a friend, he should understand. If he doesn't he couldn't have been that good a friend, and it's better to know that now.
  16. I wonder if one of those factors you suggested differ among countries, is levels of confrontationalism? I've always noticed that Americans I know are readier to assert themselves than most Canadians. Perhaps Americans overall tend to escalate more than some other cultures.
  17. Dirk Daggerman sounds like an agent of chaos (not Chaos, just chaos). If I was in this game I would love him. My PC, of course, would probably try to kill him.
  18. I would disagree that teachers and policy-makers have any more problem distinguishing between reality and fiction than any other person. If anything they have less problems as a group, because they're regularly exposed to expert information as part of their jobs. Ignorance, bias and stupidity are the biggest causes for that problem, and those two groups don't really have an excuse for ignorance unless it's willful.
  19. Pretty much anything that could stand in for a penis is a thing.
  20. Respectfully, that's a facile answer over being unique in such a detrimental area. Like me saying that maybe other countries don't have as many gun-nuts. 😛
  21. The argument that defensive use of a firearm is a statistically-significant reason for firearms to be accessible to the public, and firearm possession by common citizens makes them safer, fascinates me. It's an argument I haven't heard used in any other developed country. Here in Canada the only citizen protection issue ever raised in relation to guns is the use of long guns in rural areas where encounters with dangerous animals are possible. In urban environments for encounters between people, I can't remember the last time anyone publicly even brought up the subject for discussion. We haven't yet felt the necessity for an arms race between citizens and criminals. I wonder if this says more about the unique American relationship to guns, that it does about their actual safety benefits.
  22. The protestors have my respect and admiration, but I think there's also some, "They don't know what they've gotten into and don't know when to slow down," at play here. A common feature of youth.
  23. It's a little more difficult to make things explode in a controlled fashion, though. The "laws" of physics are still being worked out. There's a lot happening in our universe that we can't yet explain. And "hard" sci-fi can't even deal with interstellar travel within a human lifetime -- the science allowing for that convention is unproven theories at best.
  24. That's them. Note that page refers to their future status, although its social context mostly applies to the present as well.
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