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  1. When I've run fantasy games set in Hero's Turakian Age setting, I usually allowed Martial Arts from that setting that would be culturally appropriate to PCs and NPCs, including those suggested in the Fantasy Hero genre book, particularly the "Dwarven War-Art." Other martial arts from the TA setting book are Tharusidarion ("The Silver Dance"), Elven sword fighting; Ulronai-Chitheru, the armed style of Ulronai warrior-mages; Tashala Kenar ("Moon-Dueling"), the sword art of the female paladin order, the Sisterhood of Salea; Tran-Dhuk, the armed-unarmed art of the pseudo-Oriental land of Thon-Sa; and its variant Haidara practiced by the warrior-priests of Vendiya.
  2. There's no atom that can't be split with a good chainsaw.
  3. They'll have to take that up with all the recipients of pig and cow heart valves first. Pretty long list by this point.
  4. You know, of all the knights you might have picked to sample that particular peril, Galahad is the least likely.
  5. Ah, Watchers of the Dragon. One of my favorite 4E books, and a unique combination of narrative story, adventure book, and NPC roster. I'm going to preface this by saying that a lot of what you're asking about falls within GM's interpretation, even if following the official setting (either 4E or 5E/6E). At the time WotD was written, the Age of Superheroes wasn't long enough for a Tournament to have fallen within it, so comic-book superpowers as we define them today didn't exist when it was last held. There were no known aliens on Earth competing, so how the rewards for the victor might redound onto another world never became an issue. Since these things haven't been defined, you should feel free to decide however you think would make an interesting story. (Last time I used the Tournament I had Firewing enter and ultimately defeat all comers as well as the Death Dragon. I intended the mystical effect of his victory to reawaken the Malvan drive and ambition dissipated by the Elder Worm curse, making the galaxy more... interesting. I never got the chance to follow through on that, though.) Martial artists were traditionally favored as champions because the mental discipline that usually accompanies MA training helps them withstand the terror of the Death Dragon. OTOH advanced technology is banned for the very practical reason that it's much less effective against the DD than more traditional ways of fighting, due to the nature of the magic that binds it. As I pointed out earlier, flashy super powers weren't an option over the centuries of the Tournament's existence, so they may very well be allowed now. OTOH knowledge of the Tournament of the Dragon has tended to stay within the Martial World sub-culture over the centuries it's been held, and isn't normally advertised outside of that, so most other supers probably would not have heard of it. That would be one rationalization for why WotD didn't deal directly with the concerns you raise.
  6. I remember this stuff when I was still studying physics in college. It was a nightmare then, too.
  7. Three "snaps" total on Earth: Thanos killing half the universe, Banner bringing them back, Stark destroying Thanos's horde (arguably a much smaller energy expenditure).
  8. The creator of the character originally wanted to name him, "Captain Thunder," but the editors thought that would be too frightening for children. If DC insist on changing the name that a character has had for seven decades, that would have been a far more appropriate one than a name the character can't even say to anyone.
  9. The entire administration of a private school not only spreading disinformation, but enacting policy which will have exactly the opposite effect of its stated intent. This is the education for their children that parents are paying extra money for.
  10. I guess I'm in the minority, in that I can't stand silly "superheroes." A little comic relief is good, but wall-to-wall goofiness poisons what I love about the genre. I wasn't going to see this movie anyway, but this trailer only solidified my position.
  11. All the elements in brackets at the bottom of the Combat Sense description are just a breakdown of how the cost of Combat Sense was arrived at, by showing what Powers and Modifiers were used to build it. If you followed that process you'd arrive at 15 Active Points. All the Talents in Fifth Edition are built that way. For simplicity's sake they're listed with just the final Character Point cost, but because Hero gamers tend to be system wanks the build is also broken down for those who want to know it. In practice you can ignore all that stuff, and just go with the preceding text description plus the cost summary at the end. Note that "+2 to make it a Sense" was an accidental omission from the cost summary, which was corrected for Sixth Edition, so you should consider it official.
  12. I continue to hold that this is a process of correction our entire civilization has needed for a long time. The pendulum swings. Most of us here living in developed countries grew up during a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity, which was unlikely to last. But this will almost certainly get worse before it gets better, because history suggests that the human race, collectively, has to start to drown before they're motivated to start learning to swim.
  13. Sure. But if you have aliens, you can also have alien heroes. Superman. Martian Manhunter. Captain Mar-vell. Guardians of the Galaxy. Green Lantern. Silver Surfer. Beta Ray Bill. Ultraman. Good to have on your side.
  14. For whoever tells you anime women aren't real.
  15. I game in the Champions Universe. I took both.
  16. I think I'll just have sandwich...
  17. Likewise. Just thinking what must have been in her mind is horrifying. And with no mouth or nose, was she suffocating? As do I. But loving something and being frightened by it aren't mutually exclusive. The whole horror genre of entertainment is built on that premise.
  18. That first season of TOS had other pretty frightening things: Ruk the giant android, the Horta, Balok (at least his "Hyde" form). Charlie X was the one that freaked me out the most. For years I couldn't watch that episode again.
  19. I work part-time coaching medical students to pass their qualifying exams. The above is a very small part of how we train them. The subsequent interpretation of that training kinda misses the point.
  20. It's a bit of a positive development, but I fear it's too little, too late. The monsters of popular extremism and conspiracy theory in the United States that the media and politicians nurtured have grown beyond their ability to control. If their followers don't like what one voice is telling them, they'll find another that tells them what they want.
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