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  1. Either everyone on Trump's team hasn't the first clue about the black community in America, or they've completely given up on reaching out to them and are just playing to their base. Either possibility seems equally likely to me.
  2. You're in our prayers, Cygnia. But you're a Hero. You've faced down demons and supervillains. If this virus had an ass, you'd kick it.
  3. Beau of the Fifth Column predicted this on his YouTube channel just today. He said we can expect a flurry of spurious "news stories" related to the Bidens to be released between now and election day, to attempt to sway undecided voters while distracting from Trump's failures. All too late to be proven or disproved before the vote. I can only imagine how you Yanks must feel having to put up with this behavior. I'm truly sorry.
  4. [Pedantry] 6E Grond, in Champions Villains Volume Three, can now exert up to STR 110, although using more than STR 90 costs him a lot more Endurance. [/pedantry]
  5. I'm sorry you're going through that, Duke. My own wiring is wearing out, as is my plumbing and foundation... oh, you meant your house. Never mind. My copy also has a blank rectangle on the back, although that has its ISBN number written across the bottom. As I recall, in the 1980s my FLGS (each of them) would put a bar code sticker, or one of those anti-theft foil patches, on the cellophane wrapper those modules came in, and IIRC those were usually stuck over that blank patch, I guess so as not to spoil the view of the cover.
  6. My copy of Gadgets! says, "First Printing May 1986." BTW this is still my favorite Hero publication on this particular subject. Every gadget was given a distinctive description, creative history, and well-defined SFX, making them more flavorful than later efforts. EDIT: Once again, a Duke surpasses a Lord.
  7. Donald Trump has brought into politics the lesson he learned from his many years as a "salesman": If you repeat a lie often and with conviction, many people will believe it must be true. Then they won't accept contrary evidence, because they're unwilling to admit they were fooled.
  8. Yes, various parties did assert that, beyond the Democrats. The House of Representatives voted down a motion for impeachment brought by two Democratic representatives in 2017; the majority of Democrats voted against it. When the Democrats regained control of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated several investigations of the President and his staff, but resisted calls for impeachment until the Ukraine scandal broke.
  9. Let's see if we can get past this obsession with death statistics, and the notions that young people can just shake off this disease, and that quarantining only the sick and elderly is easy. What Young, Healthy People Have to Fear From COVID-19 I can't shake Covid-19: Warnings from young survivors still suffering
  10. With respect, that's exaggeration. A case can be made that the Democrats' most prominent message has been, "not Trump," which targeting of the sitting POTUS is hardly novel in American politics, from either major party. But the Democrats had a broad platform in the last election, and they came out of their recent convention with an updated platform. You can read a summary of it here if you'd like. The whistle blower story about Ukraine emerged in August of 2019, and articles of impeachment against Trump were filed in December of that year -- hardly the Democrats' first action in th
  11. I remember commercials for it, but I'm afraid I never watched it.
  12. I have to disagree. This election isn't just a referendum on the President, and on the GOP, but on "Trumpism," his entire approach to politics that has so corrupted the American government and divided the American people. Trump and the Republican incumbents have to be so thoroughly trounced that it's clear the great majority of Americans repudiate Trumpism. Nothing less will quiet all but their most fanatical followers, and reassure the rest of the world that the last four years don't represent what America stands for. Otherwise there will be no domestic peace going forward, and the standing o
  13. It's because of precedent and tradition, and Trump's transparent lies. Since 1968 every POTUS except Donald Trump and Gerald Ford, and most vice-presidents, and candidates for those offices, have made their tax returns public, to demonstrate to the American people that they have nothing to hide. Trump's refusal to do so has been compounded by his excuse of an IRS audit, which made no sense when he first gave it and is ludicrously improbable four years later. The fact of an audit never prevented Trump from releasing his taxes, and the only reason the audit has dragged on this long is because hi
  14. If you have sources for that, I'd like to see them. I've heard or read nothing from intelligence agencies or any other reputable source that "confirms" they're not part of a misinformation campaign. What I have read is a letter signed by dozens of former American government intelligence and security officials, including from the current administration, who assert this development has all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/10/20/nation/dozens-former-intelligence-officials-sign-letter-warning-hunter-biden-story-could-be-russian-disinfo
  15. As you say, ScottishFox, we don't have numbers for suicide, overdose, and alcohol-related deaths for 2020. That argument is being driven by assumptions and anecdotes with no hard evidence to back it up. And is often being pushed by corporate interests who want laborers back at work to boost their profits. Not that I believe for a moment that's your motivation. But it's highly questionable to base public policy on a "bet." After all, many of our early bets for COVID-19 proved faulty. But Old Man makes a salient point. You don't become obese from bumping into an overweight person. Yo
  16. The timing is close enough to the election date to receive publicity, but too close to be investigated and confirmed before the election. The whole laptop story, in addition to its other improbabilities and inconsistencies, falls within that same window. It's not impossible there could be something to it, but it stinks of classic political dirty tricks.
  17. Yeah, I think you could make that work.
  18. The problematic unknowns of how stigmatization helps coronavirus spread in Toronto Only one localized example, but it raises issues to consider about the social impacts of coronavirus both short- and long-term.
  19. Fact check: The final 2020 presidential election debate A fairly thorough and balanced analysis of the veracity of the claims by the two candidates during the final debate. Although the CNN story's opening does spin the result rather in favor of Biden, both candidates are called on falsehoods. The story also provides context for remarks from both of them when the facts didn't exactly align with either truth or falsehood.
  20. Over on Champions Online, there's been a running controversy among players who have been informed of the Triple-A Act, over those who have decided they can destroy undead with impunity, even the intelligent kinds such as vampires, because those don't count as "persons" and don't have legal rights. Vampires, demons and their ilk are more numerous and visible in CO than in the tabletop version of the setting. That's in great measure due to the player base, many of whom come from fantasy games and don't know much about the superhero genre, so they try to play what they're used to. Tha
  21. I'm not generally a fan of the horror genre, but I am very partial to superheroes, and an admirer of good writing for any genre. Back in 1990, author and RPG designer Allen Varney contributed an adventure to the Fourth Edition Champions book, Champions in 3-D, titled, "Horror World." This remains the most brilliant and effective translation of Lovecraftian horror to the supers genre that I've ever seen. It was based on the premise of an alternate Earth in which the heroic pulp-era investigators fighting to prevent the manifestation on Earth of nightmarish elder horrors from beyond... failed.
  22. I was thinking it looked like Hordak's trophy wall.
  23. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/refugee Refugee: One who flees, especially to another country, seeking refuge from war, political oppression, religious persecution, or a natural disaster. I would say there's more than enough implication in the word ScottishFox chose, that a request for clarification would be appropriate.
  24. That is definitely encouraging. But I do wish we had more stats for persistent health problems after the infected are free of the disease.
  25. "Refugees?" Are you sure that word means what you wanted to say?
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