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  1. Dr. MID-Nite, I heartily agree with you. But nothing can be started until Trump, his cronies, and his enablers are gone. My motto is, "One crisis at a time."
  2. To be honest, I find the various alien civilizations of Hero's Milky Way more interesting than any incarnation of human space. If I was to write fan fiction for this setting, I'd probably locate it in the Velarian Confederation. The fractiousness of the alliance between its member species, the influence of the Scomaru Shaan religion, the looming threat of the neighboring psionic Varanyi Empire, raise intriguing possibilities in my mind. I mean, in the present day the Renghadi and Fassai are allies in a civil war to take control of the Confederation, but in two centuries those two races will themselves engage in a war that will shatter the Renghadi home world. There's a lot you could do with that kind of turbulence.
  3. Either way, I still need a vacation. 🥺
  4. "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"
  5. Wasn't China putting public image over safety how we got into this mess in the first place?
  6. Yeah. If that volcano in Iceland erupts as expected, it'll pretty much be the trifecta. I get the concerns over hunger, and people's livelihoods. But it isn't either/or. If our countries don't manage transitions out of lockdown carefully, with all necessary precautions, we'll be back into the same spiral of rampant infection within a few weeks, and have to shut down again, and that's going to make both the immediate and long-term impacts even worse. We need to be smart, and organized. Right now America has huge patches of neither, starting at the top.
  7. You may be right, but that's irrelevant to the American situation. That is far worse than it had to be, inexcusably so. And given decisions still being made about COVID-19 by people in authority in the US, it's almost certainly going to get worse before it gets better. I realize you want to present a balanced perspective and try to generate hope; but there are people in the States downplaying the pandemic in America to serve their own agendas. That's promoting complacency and rebelliousness that's exacerbating the problem. At this point I would prefer to err on the side of caution, and science. I'd rather be damned for overreacting than underreacting, because the latter means more people die.
  8. Darn! Forgot about that one. Too much ranting to keep track of.
  9. I just stopped by a YouTube posting by Fox News of a recent rant by Tucker Carlson, to leave a few remarks in the comment section. The prospect of making some veins pop in the foreheads of their deluded readership should make me feel petty. It doesn't.
  10. NASA may not service Mars, either. China is staking a claim.
  11. Is capitalism such a reflex by now, that we feel we need to buy everything we see?
  12. Okay, I've had a chance to review the Ravenna background material. (Very impressive, BTW.) Below is how I would suggest making your transition in campaigns. I'll just mention at the outset that I do agree, qualifiedly, with Gnome BODY (important!) above, in that you would want to be on the same page as your players in making such a significant shift in campaign ground rules. I do understand if you want to make this a surprise for them; but in case you haven't done so yet, you might at minimum mention to them that you're experimenting with taking a different direction, but you won't force them to follow if they don't like it. Given how you describe your DI-based campaign to date, I'm willing to bet the PCs have encountered an NPC who provides them with information of various sorts. Ideally it should be someone your players like and whose fate matters to them. Bonus if he's into conspiracy theories. Said NPC disappears. Perhaps the PCs seek her out and find her gone. If their relationship was friendly and trusting, he could have arranged to send a message to them in the event of his death. Either that message or a search of the NPC's property uncovers a set of clues to people, places, or events she was investigating. Depending on how explicit you want to make the change in campaign parameters, the clues could include the assertion that they're all part of something much bigger, going on in secret; and even that they're using methods and resources the PC has never seen before and can't explain. Following are some suggestions for clues the PCs can follow leading them to suspect the magnitude of what's been hidden from them until now. Should you not wish to use the envelope I suggest above, these encounters can serve as their entry into this new world on their own. Someone has been supplying street gangs with a new type of firearm ammunition, which pierces conventional armor and riot shields like cloth. Analysis of the recovered rounds has revealed nothing atypical in their materials or configuration; but the few rounds which were not deformed by expansion on impact have borne sigils of power inscribed on their surface, which only an occultist can recognize. An unusual number of wealthy and powerful men have been succumbing to mysterious illnesses recently. Investigation reveals that they changed their wills before their deaths, signing over their fortunes to parties they had not previously associated with. Their only commonality was having patronized a service for very high-end "escorts." Said escorts are actually succubi, enchanting their clients into surrendering their wealth and secrets, before the succubi finish draining them of their life essence. A thief, assassin, or serial killer (depending on the tone you want) has been targeting people and sites with high security, yet has been able to get in and out without being detected -- the only thing that might lead someone to suspect those crimes were connected. The perpetrator can be whatever supernatural agency you prefer -- perhaps a whole gang of them, even made up of different creatures, tailoring the challenge level to your PCs. These events can be under an overall direction, reflecting plays for power by one of your hidden factions, e.g. Roma Ater.
  13. Just FYI, if the OP is using Champions character examples (which I suspect by their specifically categorizing Catwoman as a DC character), Lady Blue is a Robin Hood-esque thief using a force-field-generating costume, who keeps violence to a minimum. Champions Vixen is different from DC Vixen, in that she's a Desolidifying cat burglar, very much not a combatant. (Both are in Champions Villains Volume Three.) And of course, Catwoman doesn't usually kill unless she has to.
  14. U.S. border communities feel loss of Canadian tourists, shoppers and friends
  15. Would you mind providing a quick primer on your Ravenna setting? Extensive details not required, but basic premise, overall tone, and any significant plot points and power players, would help me imagine what would fit. (I know what I would do and who I'd use, but I want to conform to your vision.)
  16. Oh, if Hermes/Mercury symbology works for you, how about Talaria? That's the name of the winged sandals worn by the god. I realize the press would never come up with a name like that, but it implies extraordinary travel, the magic and trickster aspects of Hermes, and it sounds feminine.
  17. Speaking of causing problems abroad: U.S.-German ties are bad under Trump — if Biden wins he may struggle to repair them.
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