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  1. Finally. Right now we're in one of those periods when the jackass who brays the loudest leads the herd. It's past time we start reigning them in.
  2. Now that all the Raptors furor has died down in Canada, I can go back to not caring about basketball. But the rest of you, please carry on.
  3. Yes, it deserves full credit for that.
  4. Completely agree. But just for clarity's sake, if you go to this thread on these forums, you can download a very good summary of the changes from 4E to 5E.
  5. Well, just looking at Plano's online demographics, the city is prosperous, and the large majority of its population is white. Nearly half the population of St. Louis is black, and the city's economy has been in decline for decades. So at least two factors which tend to significantly promote violence, poverty and ethnic tensions, are notably less in Plano than in St. Louis.
  6. To be fair, some of those villains are only "little" in comparison to TA's resident Dark Lord. But the Thunese gods, in particular, represent as great a threat to the Earth as Kal-Turak himself, if not even greater. Then again, there are potential foes for PCs with a much narrower focus or scope of operations. One outstanding example from Nobles, Knights, And Necromancers is the Red Talon Guild, a network of slavers who kidnap people from parts of Arduna where slavery is illegal, and transport them for sale to places where it is legal. This group is never going to be conquerors, but their operations span thousands of miles, involving a network of gangs of thieves and smugglers, tribes of barbarians and bands of mercenaries, and manors or castles along their trade routes where they can stash their victims. PCs who aren't ready or interested to save the world, may be highly motivated to track down and recover a kidnapped friend or family member.
  7. I heard nothing during Infinity War that specified that who or what a person sacrifices has to be loved more than oneself.
  8. I got the impression from Thor: The Dark World that Loki was closer to Frigga than to Odin. A free Loki might rescue Frigga from Malekith, only to sacrifice her to obtain the Soul Stone. IMO that would pretty much cement Loki's path to pure evil.
  9. Well, if you're going to swipe, at least swipe from the best.
  10. "%!#& paparazzi! I can't even take a swim in peace."
  11. I wouldn't necessarily say that magic is more common in Ambrethel than many other fantasy locations, as far as when and how the average person interacts with it. However, magic does seem to be integrated into the social fabric of that world to a greater extent than in most other fantasy RPG settings. There are quite a few well-known and respected schools of magic across the known world, often focusing on distinctive styles of spell. There are also at least two mageocratic nations, Arutha and Kurum-Sathiri. Powerful individual wizards also seem to have had an unusually prominent role in shaping the (extensively detailed) history of the Turakian Age. A particularly distinctive element of TA is how religion is handled. While most fantasy RPGs confine themselves to little more than lists of gods in pantheons, with their powers and "spheres of influence," and what abilities they grant to their priests; TA delves more into the theology of the major religions, what their doctrines are, their hierarchies, their politics, and the practices their adherents follow which shape how they live their lives. If the main continent of Arduna adapts many of the familiar conventions of D&D and its imitators, the smaller continent of Mitharia is where those conventions are often subverted. There you can find surface-dwelling Dwarves, demon-worshiping Elves, civilized Orcs, rugged outdoorsy Halflings, a benevolent Lich. The Drakine (dragon-men), a people long in decline on Arduna, rule the most powerful realm of Mitharia. Mitharia also holds civilizations of Men not connected to and predating the oldest legends of the Men of Arduna; civilizations inspired by real ones from Earth which have rarely been adapted to games like these. As the common designation of this setting implies, Kal-Turak is the dominant figure of his era. His intentions are feared by all. The "GM's Vault" info in the TA source book describes his hidden machinations to weaken the world as prelude to his campaign of conquest. Yet it's surprisingly easy to run the setting completely excising Kal-Turak and his realm. Turakia is located far to the north of Arduna, well beyond the territories of any other peoples. It conducts no trade or diplomatic relations with other nations. While the Ravager of Men has covertly meddled in global affairs for centuries, many of his described schemes occurred long before the default start date for a Turakian Age campaign, and have had little to no lasting effect on the "present day" world. For other more recent events where Kal-Turak's involvement isn't suspected, the public frequently have their own explanations for them, which a GM can choose the make the "correct" explanations. The few that don't fall into either category are not hard to rationalize without the Ravager, or to just ignore. Excluding Kal-Turak still leaves a number of major foes which could become the focus of a campaign, from such world-shaking menaces as Vashkoran holy war, the freeing of the gods of Thun, or the imperial expansion of Orumbar; to more regional threats like the Yellow King of Valicia, the Vampire Lord of Dragosani, or the Seven Sorcerers of Vuran.
  12. I've noticed a few similarities, e.g. the Nyr Dyv in Oerik and the Sea of Mhorec/Lake Beralka in Ambrethel. Aarn and Tavrosel also seem to play similar roles as Greyhawk and Dyvers in their respective settings. But I'm not sure that was a deliberate act of imitation -- maybe just following a common fantasy RPG zeitgeist.
  13. OTOH The Turakian Age does accommodate many of the classic D&D-esque characters and tropes, so much of D&D's support material, such as adventures, could be adapted to Hero without much difficulty. Often one only needs to swap characters and "monsters" for something comparable from Hero sources.
  14. For you fans of the KRISS SMG -- particularly if you're also fans of Glock -- KRISS is now offering its "Mag-Ex2 Extension Kit" for standard magazines for the Glock 17, Glock 20, and Glock 21, increasing capacity to 40 rounds (9mm), 33 rounds (10mm), or 30 rounds (.45ACP). These mags are of course made to be used in a KRISS, but will also function in their parent handguns. https://store.kriss-usa.com/kriss-mag-ex2-kit/
  15. Lots of people in Toronto will be into work late Friday morning. If they don't just call in sick. St. Louis had to endure a much longer wait, though.
  16. All humor aside, that's actually a very relevant song for Thor in Endgame. Comedy hits home most when it comes from a place of genuine pain.
  17. He could be out to clean up the mess the Avengers made of time...
  18. Good for you! I hope you enjoy it. If practical for you, I recommend also investing in Nobles, Knights, And Necromancers. Plenty of NPCs drawn from the Turakian Age setting, with plot seeds and other potential spelled out for each of them. You might also considering picking up a few issues of Digital Hero with adventures that fit TA; specifically: YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR: VIRGO: Your Fantasy Hero party must save a maiden from the belly of a terrible wyrm! At least, that might be the quest…. DH 14, PAGE 23 LEFTOVER HERO: This secret map contains the location of a colony of brain-eating Migdalars, that didn’t fit into Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds. DH 21, PAGE 42 THE TREASURE OF THENIN: The journal of Thenin Bookwright holds the secret of a buried treasure, one that is guarded by a most unusual demon… DH 43, PAGE 48
  19. However, such a bridge would make an excellent target for sabotage by the PCs, once she was already in the dimension. Blow it up REAL good, so it can't just be patched together. If the empire starts to disintegrate, there may not be time or resources to devote to rebuilding the bridge. If it had to be built at a particular "weak spot" between dimensions, that would become a key battleground between loyalists and rebels. But if you want to end the campaign there, you can leave all that to them.
  20. Animated confrontation between Hulk and Saitama (One-Punch Man). This is the most spectacular, and faithful, representation of the Hulk's true power I've seen depicted outside of comics. It also uses clever visual cues to convey his "madder equals stronger" motif.
  21. If the time-dilation effect of this alternate Earth has always been there, then it would be half the age of the current Earth, a difference of billions of years. Life would be at a primitive stage, if it had appeared at all yet. If it's a more recent development, then there may be some instigating factor -- alien technology landing on Earth, collision with a cosmic phenomenon, etc. -- behind it. Whatever that is, it might be exploitable, hence attractive enough to V'han to incentivize the conquest of what would otherwise be a very mundane dimension. Manipulation of the phenomenon could also be key to trapping V'han there, e.g. vastly slowing the time dilation. Istvatha is terrified of being trapped in a dimension where her powers don't work, so she always sends reconnaissance forces into a newly-discovered dimension. But she seems psychologically unable to leave a populated dimension unconquered if she has the means to seize it. I would suggest that she could have built a unique dimensional bridge enhancer to overcome the X-Dim suppression effect and allow herself and her troops to cross into it. That would be another point vulnerable to destruction through which the Empress might be trapped. While V'han is anything but stupid, she is cocky, and seems to like to take a "victory lap" tour of newly conquered dimensions. Doing so prematurely on Champions Earth led to one of her past defeats there. The Billion Dimensions are held together mostly by their Empress, through both her capability and her cult of personality. However, she's been unable to come up with a solid plan for succession should she be killed or incapacitated. Without her the empire would probably begin to fragment, as subordinates fight for dominance and rebellions gain traction. This would give your PCs a reason to aid any friends they've made in the empire regain their freedom. OTOH loyalists to V'han would undoubtedly attempt to rescue her, leading to a mission to thwart them.
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