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  1. Or don't. If you've ever spent any time role-playing in an MMORPG social instance full of horny power-fantasizing adolescents... it's like that.
  2. I'm willing to bet it's going to be another typical snooze-fest. I haven't watched television in about five months, I'm not about to start again over this. Anything spectacular happens, there won't be anything I can do about it, so I'll find out in due course.
  3. Biggest single lottery prize we have in Canada is the so-called "Lotto Max" that goes up to $60 million. But if it gets to that point and the prize still hasn't been won, they start adding additional million-dollar prizes you can win separate from the big jackpot. I've occasionally played the Lotto Max when there's a bunch of those side pots, which are more my size.
  4. I thought the point was to kill mutants. There's something to be said for a range of sizes. Tactically, sometimes you need artillery to take out the enemy. At other times you need a sniper.
  5. Son Doong Cave in Vietnam, largest cave in the world.
  6. Too much of a sentence. Needs to be a phrase, and there needs to be a person/place name cited.
  7. Do you mean "Duke Steel," from Nighthawk's anti-VIPER "Project Mongoose" team? (In Champions Universe: News Of The World.) If so, it's not at all clear whether or not Project Mongoose is still operating (Signal Ghost has gone back to theft, for ex), or if Duke matured into a true hero or fell back into criminality.
  8. I am of the opinion that making Trump pay for his transgressions, big time, will be an important step in restraining that next would-be figurehead. They all need to see that there are clear and severe consequences to becoming a demagogue and aspiring tyrant, and failing. As for Republicans being "extremely likely" to retake both houses in 2022, I believe that will be strongly affected by what happens under a Biden administration. If the country is doing relatively well in two years and a socialist dictatorial asteroid didn't fall on it , the Dems may hold the line or even make som
  9. The Minuteman robot used by the Institute for Human Advancement, for the current official setting, is around 10' tall per its write-up in the Fifth Edition version of Champions Universe, the only place where it's been game-statted and drawn. The character sheet for Fourth Edition Genocide's version of the Minuteman Mark VII, from The Mutant File, lists its height from Growth at 16 meters, but the accompanying text claims it's over a hundred feet tall. I would choose the shorter height as the taller is limitingly unwieldy for many scenarios. It was also too powerful as written for how I wanted
  10. Hero's Valdorian Age fantasy world setting -- stylistically resembling the fantasy fiction of Howard, Moorcock, and Leiber -- includes an interesting dynamic between the two major powers of the age, the Valdorian Empire and the Empire of Abyzinia. Abyzinia's economy is based on slavery. Even the rank-and-file of their military are slaves, albeit with more privileges than most. The rulers of Abyzinia are sorcerers, and sorcery used to be much more common among them; but during this age magic is in decline, so powerful sorcerers are rare. OTOH the Valdorian Empire was founded by rebels against n
  11. Nope. Anyone who thinks to suplex a giant wolf gets full credit from me. One of the things I really enjoy about The Incredible Hulk is how clever Hulk is in using his strength and his environment during a fight. While he lacked any formal training, tactically he was quite imaginative when he needed to be.
  12. I don't think you could find an actor who comes closer to "myth made reality" than Chris Hemsworth. From his first appearance on screen he fit Thor like Chris Evans fits Steve Rogers, Benedict Cumberbatch fits Stephen Strange, and Chadwick Boseman fit T'Challa. (RDJ made Tony Stark fit him, rather than the other way around.)
  13. Definitely one of the things on my lottery list.
  14. I would say there are other factors that influence whether these events count as displays of heroism. One is the context surrounding the fall. For example, in Superman II with Chris Reeve, Superman gives up his powers for love, only to discover he's left his world unprotected. He has to experience pain and humiliation before he could become Superman again. That paragon of never giving up, Captain America, lost faith in his country in the comics 'way back in the 1970s, and became Nomad to travel America and rediscover his idealism. In the comics Tony Stark had his first bout with alcoholism in
  15. Very common for there to be no rivers in deserts. As for grassland, as it's mostly flat there may be no rivers or lakes large enough to be shown on the map. Much of the available water may be below ground in aquifer.
  16. Another similarity between the two societies was complex social stratification. There was sharp demarcation between commoners and nobility, with many classes devoted to specialized tasks. The kings were considered semi-divine figures.
  17. Yeah, that meme is really making the rounds with their new movie getting closer.
  18. I wonder how Tamarians would metaphorically describe, "lunch break"?
  19. I'm glad that was helpful. Thematically for your fictional civilization, consider some of the architectural similarities between Khmer and Maya. Although very distinct from each other stylistically, both constructed monumental buildings without use of the keystone arch, and decorated their surfaces with many relief carvings.
  20. I would suggest looking at the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, prevalent throughout southeastern Mexico and much of Central America. Highly urbanized during their Classical period, Maya cities with populations in the tens of thousands in the lowlands of the Yucatan Peninsula were literally carved out of the jungle. Of particular note is Maya exploitation of cenotes in Yucatan as a source of fresh water. Another outstanding example is Angkor, capital city of the Khmer Empire, centered in modern Cambodia. Thanks to an extensive and sophisticated irrigation system, Angkor was the cor
  21. I'm going to love watching how any self-proclaimed American patriot using Parler rationalizes this. BTW I hear all the Americans pronouncing this social medium's name, "parlur," which sounds really cute to me, because "parler" is a French word, pronounced "par-LAY," literally the verb, "to speak."
  22. British Columbia has Push and Be Damned Rapids, while there's a town in Quebec named St. Louis de Ha! Ha! On Champions Earth there's a couple of interesting place names in New Mexico. In the desert of White Sands, where the first atomic bomb was tested, many years later an experimental "delta bomb" was detonated which left the desert permanently irradiated with strange energy. That energy also mutated animals and humans in the desert into zombielike forms. The desert has since been renamed Burning Sands. Also in New Mexico, a recreation of a frontier town, supposedly a tourist attr
  23. Very cool and spectacular moment; but even that pales beside the full godly might Thor displayed during his debut film, when he truly came across as God of Thunder. Like this: Thor's arrival in Wakanda during Endgame was the first movie moment in a long time that came close to recapturing that sense of godliness.
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