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I had an idea for a villain that would have a gun. The gun has no special effects the bullets do...(ill post the character when I've completed his powers)...alot of damage only to the person who's name is on the bullet...I was thinking of somehow making the bullets a vulnerability to the person...but I dont think that is possilble...So would I have to buy up the damage for the attack? or would he have to buy a transform power to make them vulnerable to the bullet...then fire the bullet?

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Re: Vulnerability


Both are valid. You have to decide which is appropriate.


The 4th edition version of Viper had a baddie who fired AofE Transforms that gave his targest a x2 vulnerability to Electricity. He also had a huge Electrical blast multipower. He'd fire off the transform a couple of times then go to town with the multipower.



You can also buy extra damage "only vs. named target". This would be between a -0 and a -1 depending on how likely it is you would ever shoot that bullet at anyone else.

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Re: Vulnerability


IMO the easiest way to do this would be to give the gun extra Damage Classes of whatever attack Power your using (probably Killing Attack, Ranged), with a Custom Limitation just on those extra DC, "Only Vs. Person Named On Bullet." The size of that Limitation will depend on how often you expect the character to be shooting at the named target, how many different "names" can be on bullets at one time, how long it takes the character to prepare a special bullet, and so on. If I were to take a guess I'd say at least -1, but that could vary depending on those circumstances.


BTW welcome to the discussion boards! :)

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