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Conclave Agent for Review


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He isn't quite done yet but this is the basics of my PC in the Conclave Game - basically Black Ops/Vigilante/Monster Hunters. I can't seem to get him all the way there in terms of the build - this is the 4th rendition of him and the one I like the most.John Mason a.k.a. Crucible

Val Char Cost
20 STR 10
18 DEX 24
19 CON 18
11 BODY 2
13 INT 3
14 EGO 8
18 PRE 8
10 COM 0
6 PD 2
4 ED 0
4 SPD 12
8 REC 0
38 END 0
31 STUN 0
9" RUN63" SWIM14" LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 94
Cost Power END
2 Observant: +1 PER with Sight Group 0
2 Detect Evil 12- (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); No Conscious Control (-2) [Notes: This only triggers on those with appropriate Disads at the 15 point level or better.] 0
Powers Cost: 4
Cost Martial Arts Maneuver
Krav Maga
4 1) Dodge: 1/2 Phase, -- OCV, +5 DCV, Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
5 2) Sacrifice Strike: 1/2 Phase, +1 OCV, -2 DCV, 8d6 Strike
1 3) Weapon Element: Clubs
Martial Arts Cost: 10
Cost Skill
2 PS: Conclave Agent 11-
0 PS: SWAT Team 11-
2 CK: Hudson City 11-
3 Scholar
1 1) KS: Conclave History & Traditions (2 Active Points) 11-
1 2) KS: Creatures of Darkness (2 Active Points) 11-
1 3) KS: Criminal Law (2 Active Points) 11-
1 4) KS: Law Enforcement World (2 Active Points) 11-
1 5) KS: Martial Arts (2 Active Points) 11-
Non-Combat Skills
0 1) Acting 8-
3 2) Climbing 13-
3 3) Combat Driving 13-
3 4) Concealment 12-
3 5) Criminology 12-
3 6) Fast Draw 13-
3 7) Paramedics 12-
3 8) Persuasion 13-
3 9) Stealth 13-
3 10) Streetwise 13-
3 11) Systems Operation 12-
Combat Skills
6 1) +2 Protector & Jericho
6 2) Penalty Skill Levels: +3 vs. Range Modifier with Small Arms
8 3) +5 (25 Active Points); Only to offset firing into combat (-2)
2 WF: Small Arms
Skills Cost: 64
Cost Perk
Conclave Package
10 1) Advanced Military Access
3 2) Limited Federal Police Powers
2 3) Security Access
6 Contact: Lt Frank Guerrini – HC SWAT Commander (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has extremely useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact) 8-
3 Contact: Barbara Cox - Knockout (Contact has very useful Skills or resources) 8-
Resource Pool (in development)
1 1) Equipment (65 Points)
0 2) Vehicle/Base (10 Points)
0 3) Contact (5 Points)
Perks Cost: 25
Cost Equipment END
Protector - Combat Shotgun [Notes: 2.5d6, AR 2, Shots 12, LR 50"] 0
Jericho 941 Pistol [Notes: +1 OCV, +1 RMod, 2.5d6, AR1.25, Shots 11] 0
Equipment costs shown above are for reference only, and are not included in Total Cost.
Val Disadvantages
0 Normal Characteristic Maxima
10 Social Lim: Subject to Orders (Frequently, Minor)
15 Hunted: The Conclave 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)
10 Hunted: Swansong 8- (As Pow, Harshly Punish)
15 DNPC: Ex-Wife & Mother 8- (Normal; Group DNPC: x2 DNPCs)
15 Psychological Limitation: Feels destined to fight evil. (Common, Strong)
10 Psychological Limitation: Affiliation with HCPD SWAT (Uncommon, Strong)
Disadvantage Points: 75

Base Points: 125Experience Required: 0Total Experience Available: 0Experience Unspent: 0Total Character Cost: 197

Height: 1.94 m Hair: Brown
Weight: 106.00 kg Eyes: Brown
Appearance: John is a rugged man in his early 30s. His massive body is sculpted from years of grueling training. He is 6'4" tall, weighs 230 lbs. While the top of his head is bald, he usually looks like he could use a shave. His eyes are dark blue, almost black in dim light, and they are usually moving to watch his surroundings. John dresses in lose fitting clothes and a long matrix style duster. If you could combine the style of Morpheus from the Matrix movies and a 30-something Bruce Willis then you got his look dead on.Personality: Beyond anything else John wants to make a difference – like the two men in his life. That desire led him to the join HCPD. However, the desire has mutated somewhat since his near death experience. He still has a desire to help but he has am overwhelming need to make those who walk on others and live beyond the law - pay. The near death experience has led him to consider other, less traditional means of helping people.


John is a devout Catholic, a trait that once caused him no end of guilt. He has spoken at length with his priest about this new gift and about his new job to which the elderly man replied “God gives us the tools to do the job he requires of us, my son. Don’t waste what God has so wondrously bestowed upon you.â€


His feelings towards his ex-wife are only slightly mixed. On the one hand, he loved her enough to marry, and to stand by her for years. On the other, he cannot forget the pain and betrayal.


John has isolated himself both emotionally and physically. When he is not with his mother he seldom interacts with people. He is a driven man and those people who do speak with him, are uncomfortable with his intensity.


He is generally soft-spoken, preferring to observe and gather information before speaking his mind. If he perceives violence as the only option to end a confrontation then he will use it - as swiftly and forcefully as necessary to end any perceived threat. He does not like hurting people, but he has grown just callused enough after years on the street to realize that sometimes it's the only way to resolve a situation. His focused, almost disinterested attitude while fighting is a touch unnerving, but he's learned that becoming emotionally involved in a fight is a step away from being angry - and that's just a step away from losing control and getting hurt.

Quote:"You don't want this to escalate."Background: John Mason was born to Avery and Suzanne Mason, an Irish fire fighter and a professional wife respectively. He was born and raised in Hudson City, residing with his biological parents until he was six. At that time, his father was killed in the line of duty while trying to rescue a family trapped in the Belington Hotel. Unable to cope with the stress, Suzanne suffered a breakdown and was institutionalized after a suicide attempt. For a short time John was placed into a Catholic school for boys but was eventually taken in by his paternal grandparents. Bryce and Jessica Mason, his grandparents, were moderately wealthy after retiring from civil service. The elderly couple provided a solid home for John to grow up.


His mother has recovered from her illness and has done better with the introduction of newer antidepressants, still she was distant or absent during his youth which has created a coldness between them. Suzanne Mason has since spent an excessive amount of time studying psychology and behavioral sciences at Hudson City University where she teaches.


John’s grandparents were killed in an automobile accident while vacationing nearly a decade ago. The couple willed what little money they had to him.


John joined the Hudson City Police Department immediately after he finished school, working as a patrol officer for six years, while attending HCU part-time. He had little in the way of a social life during this time. He did develop an interest in the martial arts through his trainers on the force and soon began competition earning several national titles.


During his sixth year on the force John was selected for the Special Weapons And Tactics unit. He served as a member of SWAT for three years. During that time, he encountered some of Hudson City’s more notorious criminal elements including several costumed freaks. During a hostage crisis, John discovered his softness for vigilantes after he assisted the wounded LIBRA member Knockout to safety. The injured vigilante required extensive first aid and in the process of providing the required aid, John identified the young women wearing the mask. John never reported the incident and has recently re-established contact with Knockout.


Just before his selection as a SWAT member, John finally met the woman of his dreams, Lorraine Alvis. Lorraine’s income as a social worker & John’s money from both the police force and title fights allowed them a comfortable, if not extravagant lifestyle.


John and Lorraine were married in July of 1990; seven weeks later Lorraine delivered a stillborn daughter. The event placed a significant strain on the couple's marriage, John as usual, coped with the problem by increasing his physical demands. John accepted an invitation to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Challenge XXI. The event turned into a disaster as a full-scale riot broke out after gunshots ripped through the stadium. John found himself in the middle of a pitched battle between an assassin dubbed by the media as Swansong and an unidentified target(s). John engaged the assassin in melee and was able to prevent the murder in the process he saved dozens of lives. He was unable to apprehend Swansong.


Several days later, SWAT was called in on a crack house bust that was expected to turn violent. When the SWAT team arrived at the crack house, they were immediately ambushed. Half the team was killed that day and the other 4 members were all hospitalized, including John.


In shock from the cold blooded murder of his team, John frantically called his wife before allowing any procedures to be done on him. Unable to reach his wife by phone, John leaped to the (correct) conclusion that the tip had been a trap set by Swansong, and then leaped to the (incorrect) one that his wife had also been killed. John sped home immediately, dreading what he would find.


Instead of a murdered wife and a ransacked home, he found Lorraine at home in bed - very much alive. But she wasn’t alone. She was too engaged to answer the phone with another officer, a quick-tempered fellow named Anthony Schiavelli. There were a number of screams, accusations were made, and somewhere in the middle, a fight broke out between Anthony and John - a fight that ended with the already injured John being shot. John was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Several hours later, a morgue employee ran screaming into the emergency room, ‘He ain’t dead’. Apparently, the physician missed the several essential calls, or maybe he didn’t.


After his brush with death John set out to hunt down Swansong but the elusive assassin was never found. Since waking up in the morgue freezer he has also discovered an ability to read people and their intentions that borders on being supernatural. This power has frightened John and forced him to re-evaluate his goals in life. Working with a corrupt police force and releasing criminals that he knows a guilty of terrible deeds eroded his faith in the institutions of law enforcement luckily that was when he was contacted by The Conclave.

Powers/Tactics: John (Call sign Crucible) tends to go immediately for the most formidable opponent - moving to incapacitate them in the quickest manner possible. He is equally skilled with modern firearms and hand to hand combat. Campaign Use: 
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Re: Conclave Agent for Review


For those of you who notice the AR notation in the weapons... This is a house rule that our group uses and has to do with how effective the weapon is a penetrating armor. Generally speaking the lower this value the better. For instance that Jericho pistol is doing a 2 1/2d6 RKA but any resistant armor it encounters counts as 1.25 times its normal value.


Eosin, I like the write-up. You'll get your 2 bonus points for the back story of the character. I'll enter your weapons of choice into our prefabs so you'll have the proper equipment point cost for them.

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Re: Conclave Agent for Review


Can someone explain how "Only To Fire Into Combat" is worth a -2 Limitation? :nonp:


I thought the character was a very effective Heroic Level character that would fit in many of my games... until I saw that bit. I'm assuming there is some kind of campaign explanation, but off the cuff, it looks pretty ridiculous.


+5 to hit... only when trying to hit something in combat?



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Re: Conclave Agent for Review


Can someone explain how "Only To Fire Into Combat" is worth a -2 Limitation? :nonp:


I thought the character was a very effective Heroic Level character that would fit in many of my games... until I saw that bit. I'm assuming there is some kind of campaign explanation, but off the cuff, it looks pretty ridiculous.


+5 to hit... only when trying to hit something in combat?




It is a penalty skill level to avoid hitting your friends. It is exactly the same as Combat Archery in FH. I suppose only when firing into melee would have been a little more explanitory.



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