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Dark Champions: The Animated series game recruiting


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Hudson City Knights


Hudson City, the pearl city, the big sleazy, sin by the sea. Never the nicest place to live it was cosmopolitan in a way like nowhere else. Truly if you could make it there you could make it anywhere. But as of late the Pearl City has become still more tarnished this time by forces far odder than organized crime or street gangs that plague its streets. A new breed of criminal has emerged. Cunning, ruthless and extreme, these criminals are obsessed with a certain variety of crime or a theme. They wear costumes, employ gimmicks and henchmen and can be singularly ruthless in pursuing their insane agendas. A wave of costumed madmen now plague the city, bringing death and chaos with them. And as of yet, no one can handle them.


But that might be about to change. With these new trouble, new heroes have emerged. Men and women personally touched by these events that have taken up the mantle and some of the methods of these new villains They’ve donned costumes and obtained gimmicks and training that allow them to fight back against the madmen not as vigilantes but as masked heroes and mystery men. They are the Hudson City Knights. You are one of their number.


Character Creation:

Characters will be the most important heroes in the game. In fact, they will be the only heroes. Though they're influence will not spread much beyond Hudson City, the fate of that city will be in their hands. It will be up to them to stem the tide of crime and madness that threatens to engulf their city and homes.


Background: Characters should have one defining moment in their background. One instance, one event that changed their left and set them on the path to heroism. It could be surviving an attack, witnessing a crime or some other incident. Thing how Bruce Wayne became Batman. This moment should be part of their theme, their personal obession. Be it an animal, a concept or act, the hero should have a focus that is the focus of his persona and what he uses to leave his mark on the criminal underworld.




Code vs Killing: All character should have this to some extent. You are Heroes, not vigilantes. You still believe in the rule of law but in these strange extreme time, extreme measures must be taken.


Disadvantages like Enraged or Berserk are no recommended but might be used to represent an extreme reaction some stimulus tied to the hero's origin.


Total Psych lims are advised. Your character will be prone to be driven intense characters.


Hunted should be limited to one "super villain" with the rest being relatively normal. These characters have only been in the crime fighting business for 5 years at most so they haven't had time to make allot of enemies. Try to tie your one super hunted into your background if possible. Origins should be tight and focused.


Genre rules: One of the rules of the genre is that goons get taken on first. If the villain is there with his horde of stooges, he's a secondary target until he actively joins that fight then he's fair game.


Base points: 150

Disadvantages: 100

Characteristic Maxima: 30

Speed: 5

CV: 9

Def: 18

Resistant Def: 6 (Guns should still be a credible threat)

Normal Tech: Paid for with points

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Re: Dark Champions: The Animated series game recruiting


I'm confused. Join what group?


What sort of origins are you looking for? Do you want people with actual powers, or people with skills and tech? What Powers, Lims, Advantages, and Disads are off limits?


Sorry, I'll post the group link shortly.


Actual powers are off limits. Super skills, gadgets and the like are preferred. Batman:TAS type characters. Guns and other lethal attacks should be limited and able to be used in a non lethal fashion. I listed some disads and suggestions in the initial ad.

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