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Where's Amelia Earhart?

James Gillen

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Re: Where's Amelia Earhart?


Streicher was, and that had as much to do with his involvement in the Nazi war industry as anything. Goebbels killed himself after Hitler did.



Streicher was the publisher of a newspaper. He was executed for his role in inciting the public to go along with the Final Solution through his anti-semitic screeds from his newspaper Der Sturmer, he wasn't involved in industry.


You are right about Goebbels, my error. He would have been executed at Nuremburg had he made it to trial, though he would have most likely been charged with wagin a war of aggression as well.



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Re: Where's Amelia Earhart?


Earhart's fame was NOT manufactured. You can correctly argue that some UK/British Empire aviatrix's were better flyers (I might even agree with that)' date=' but Earhart was famous for her accomplishments, not manufactured fame.[/quote']


I am not the first to say that Earhart's fame was manufactured. My specific reference was Prof. John H. Lienhard of the University of Houston, who has written many times on the history of females in aviation. (For his bio see http://www.uh.edu/engines/jhlbio.htm ) Earhart had the best publicist (Putnam); she was more "famous", particularly in America.


I'm sorry if you disagree, but I see it much as the difference between "movie stars" and "actors".


I guess to you being the first female to fly the Altantic was no big deal. I just disagree with your statements.


As far as her 1928 flight is concerned, no. No more of a big deal than the contents of first crate of cargo to be flown over the Atlantic.


My argument is not that Earhart wasn't a famous woman pilot; my original disagreement was with the statement that Amelia is *more* PULP than Beryl.

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Re: Where's Amelia Earhart?


I must STRONGLY disagree with you. As a "STAR" meaning popularity Charles was far more popular. Agreed. As for aviation she did many firsts (a huge list)' date=' among them first woman to fly the Atlantic solo. She set speed records and many other firsts. [b']She was a assistant professor at Purdue University and founded the University's airport. [/b]She helped to popularise aviation and made it a profession for women. A significant accomplishment in an era of "women should stay home and not do man's work".
Both of these are false. The Purdue Airport was founded in 1903, well before Amelia ever set foot on the University. She wasn't a professor (she never even held an advanced degree) she was a special advisor on women's issues and what roughly be considered a Faculty Advisor to one of the Women's Residence Halls.


TB --Current Purdue Student. 5 years and counting...

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Re: Where's Amelia Earhart?


a year or two ago there was a report that they had a lead on her grave, and that it was supposedly under a parking lot on the island of Guam or on Tinian

both in the Marianas

And here I thought it was inside Al Capone's tomb? :whistle:




"Seasoned? That’s a hell of a thing to say to a man!"

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Re: Where's Amelia Earhart?


An expedition to rescue Amelia from Japanese captivity makes a great scenario for a Pulp game ! I tried it the first time I tried to run a Pulp campaign (using the "Daredevils" rules' date=' and it seemed to work fine !)[/quote']


That is the default in my game. I read a comic book back in the 70's (Not a superhero comic. I was about 7 but the idea stuck) that alluded to this. I noticed the oversight in Pulp Hero and was displeased by it. The funny thing is that she was the first name I went looking for.

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