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  1. Very helpful - much easier than having 5 people trying to use the same laptop. Much easier to have them pencil-whip it here and then you can always transfer it to a more durable format later. Thanks Chris!
  2. Re: Super Names Hello Captain Shiny-Pants!
  3. Re: Super Names A few more: Alderman Angelkiller Black Khan Black Lynx Blue/White/red/Whatever Orchid Board-Man (speedster with a high-tec skateboard) Cannonbrawl Crimson Wraith Galatea Game Show Host, The Goldface Grand/Great Khan HomoSimian Human Wave Odd Fellow Red Guard Roundup Shadow Justice Southern Belle Thermal Inversion Tie-Die Timberwolf War Angel
  4. Re: Super Names I few from various sources that I didn't see on the list: Built To Last Chronicle Cogito Dagon Daystar Doc Steel Falken (really just an alternate spelling) Farenheit Figment Film Noir Firecracker Flamebird Glorianna Great Bear Kid Shiva Lifeforce Livine Lonestar Lozi Magnetica Night Archer Opaque Roc (as opposed to ROC, which is on the list) Salamanca Sanguine Shellhead Sunflare Surefire US Steel Wikkid (another alternate spelling) Wunderkind Also, has anyone pulled in any names from the Name That Band!
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