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Inspiration for "The Answer" in DC:tAS?


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Okay, my virtual worlds are colliding.


Over on the Straight Dope message board, someone's noticed a similarity between The Answer in Dark Champions: the Animated Series and the Straight Dope's own inspiration, Cecil.


And, there's a thread on it here


Anybody know where the inspiration actually came from? Allen? Steve?

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Re: Inspiration for "The Answer" in DC:tAS?


Being an avid reader of Unca CeCe's myself, I actually find the premise brilliant, its just that much funnier if reference to the SDSAB was accidental.


Are aphids born pregnant? I've won multiple bets because of my old Uncle CeCe.


Are they? I forget.

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Re: Inspiration for "The Answer" in DC:tAS?


Never mind, here's the answer:


Dear Cecil:


I heard aphids are born pregnant. Is this true? If so, how does it work? --Lilian Wentworth, Silver Spring, Maryland


Dear Lilian:


You think your life is miserable, cucumber, just be glad you're not an aphid. Not only are they born pregnant, they're pregnant without benefit of sex. Not that sex with an aphid sounds like much of a treat. Two things are at work here: parthenogenesis and paedogenesis.


Parthenogenesis, also known as virgin birth, is rare in humans (one known case) but common in insects. The baby bugs, all of which are female, develop from single cells in mom's body. The advantage of this is that reproduction is very quick--none of this flowers and perfume jive--which helps when you've got as many natural enemies as aphids have.


Paedogenesis--pregnancy in the young--speeds up the process even more. "Although the young are not born until the aphid has reached the adult stage," it says here, "their development may begin before she is born while she is still in the ducts of the grandparental generation." Aphids can give birth ten days after having been born themselves. The baby showers must be murder.

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