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The Zentraedi and the Tactical Battle Pod.


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I based this conversion of the main villians for the first chapter of Robotech on the Palladium RPG stats, which make them big but that that powerful. I converted a basic Zentraedi Battle Pod pilot, 1st level, with average stats, wearing environmental armor, carrying a laser pistol, and piloting a battle pod. Came in for 250 points.


Zentraedi Pilot - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/ZTBPOD.pdf




Tactical Battle Pod - http://home.comcast.net/~mathewignash/PDFs/BATPOD.pdf



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Re: The Zentraedi and the Tactical Battle Pod.


Thanks. I started looking at the Battle Pods with missile launchers. Converting them straight by the rules, they are very powerful weapons - missile launchers with RKA charges, with explosion or area effect, extra range, autofire. They can do some REAL damage early on in a fight. You can basically empty a bunch of missiles in any similar target and kill it instantly. This also makes things like the Spartan Destroid very powerful.


I'll try to post some more Robotech pilots and mecha soon.

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