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A Creature Write-Up I Did Recently...

Marcus Impudite

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For those of you who remember the 80s Thundercats cartoon, you'll probably recognize this thing as being very similar to something that was found in Mumm-Ra's pyramid. I added some of my own touches to be sure, though most of the abilities on the sheet are based on what was seen of it in the episode it appeared in and what seemed logical for such a monster have. It could easily be used as an enemy/obstacle for players in a Pulp/Horror campaign if any of the action involves doing a "dungeon crawl" through the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, for example. Feel free to use it in your games, and if you do, let me know how well your players did against it.

Magically-Animated Bandages.pdf

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Very cool, though Strength and Body seem a bit high for heroic level...

Thanks. And I do see where you're coming from on STR and BODY. Although...

  • The high BODY score is because it's supposed to be a rather large swarm (i.e., completely obliterating it should be a tall order, even for more powerful characters).
  • The extra STR is limited to grabbing and holding; and while it is quite a bit for heroic characters to grapple with, there are still ways they can defeat (or at least, escape from) this thing if they can keep their wits about them.
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An interesting concept, but BlueCloud may have a point regarding the monster's STR. Also, if a PC gets captured by this thing, it looks like they're pretty much screwed; any rescue attempt would be more likely to get the would be rescuer(s) captured rather than succeed. About the only sensible thing most characters could do upon encountering one of these bandage monsters is make a mad dash for the exit and hope it's still day outside.

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With the MA removed and the extra STR for Grabs reduced to +10 STR, it seems a little more fair. Overall, however, it still looks like Heroic Level characters would crap themselves if they had to fight something like this. It may only have 1 PD/1 ED, but the Damage Reduction from its Swarm Form, its regeneration, and the fact that it's an Automation and all its abilities are bought 0 END (!) means this thing is damn near unstoppable and relentless. Unless someone in the party speaks Ancient Egyptian and can order it to stop, or someone figures out its weakness to sunlight and a way to exploit it, the PCs would still be screwed if they go down into a catacomb where that monstrosity is lurking.

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