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  1. Q: Dude, have you been watching nothing but nature documentaries all day? A: Unfortunately, Booker and Elizabeth are too busy playing Bioshock Intimate to be much help at the moment.
  2. Re: Jokes So, two guys run into each other in the afterworld and strike up a conversation about the circumstances of their deaths. The first one, Bob, said simply, "I froze to death. It sucked." The second, Greg, nodded sympathically then recounted his tale: "I was a rich man, and an insanely jealous husband. I was always paranoid that my wife was cheating on me. One day, I came home from the office and found another man's clothes thrown over the couch in the den. I tore through the entire house top-to-bottom looking for the bastard, screamed at my wife, and eventually collapsed from a sudden, fatal heart attack in the kitchen." Bob shook his head. "that is a shame, really. Hell, if you had only looked in the walk-in freezer, one of us might still be alive."
  3. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Is the service really that slow around here? A: Ouch! My Dragonballs!
  4. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Dude, is that a Fnord? A: Quite simply, the CEO is MIA, the CFO is AWOL, and we are all SOL.
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