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  1. I agree. He's sabotaging because his friend the paladin/samurai (name escapes me atm) told him he was working for the wrong team.
  2. I started playing DnD when I was 10 years old. My RPG experience is old enough to drink.
  3. Am I the only person that hears Seth Rogen's voice whenever Sergent Schlock talks in Schlock Mercenary?
  4. The best I can share is an incident from our Pathfinder Game... The Party: Othar Deltrothus, Gentleman Explorer - Half-Elf Gear Head from Pure Steam Shantara Swiftstaff - Half-Elf Bard/Fighter that will be taking the Dervish Presitige Class Veleda the Huntress - Human Ranger with a Monkey named Spanky as an animal companion Belanon, Scourge of the Undead - Cleric of Pelor The PC's had been sent to look for a Precursor Artifact to help kill a Vampire who was trying to become a God. The person sending them was a Demonic Oracle. Their search took them to a Hobgoblin Crypt to find the remains of a Hob Archaeologist who specialized in Precursor MagiTech so they could find said Artifact. There they found and killed a strangely powered-up Gelatinous Cube. Inside the cube they found a small glowing orb. I explained to the players that the orb is a fragment of a Demon Soul, typically created when a Demon is not powerful enough to resist having a piece of it soul sheered off. Basically a Long-Term investment, as the Soul-Shard grants control over the Demon much like knowing its True Name. When they holed up for the night, they heard a whisper coming from the Orb. It was the Demon Oracle. "It's about time, I thought you'd never find my Soul Shard." Othar: "I thought we were looking for the Sun Stone?" "You forgot rule number one. Demons Lie, Dumb-a$$." Othar: "I'm really starting to like her." Me: "Is that because I'm role-playing her the way I think you act?" Othar's Player: "And you are doing a wonderful job!"
  5. Independent RPG game or HERO-system RPG? Either way, this probably belongs in the Champions, Player Finder, or General Roleplaying catagory.
  6. Here is what I have copied to my blog so far... https://cloudcraftsite.wordpress.com/game-craft/the-people-of-campaign-city/
  7. It is indeed! Would you mind if I created a page on my blog for these? Because I am sure there are others who would love to use this but don't peruse these forums. And of course I would credit you as the originator (whether you wanted me use your real name or screen name).
  8. I think I may have read that many moons ago...
  9. No, but Black Harlequin would in a jiff.
  10. I enjoy Papercraft terrain and vehicles (and paper minis too!), and wanted something to for my soldiers to drive around in. So I give you the BC-101a "Warthog" Armored Personnel Carrier: BC feels the need to point out that the 101a variant of this multi-purpose vehicle is an unarmed Armored Personnel Carrier. Future variations are in the works (The 102 Bush-Crasher armed with dual side-mounted Gatling Guns or Flame-Throwers, and a turret-mounted 120mm Cannon and the 103 Razorback armed with a Turret-Mounted Metal-Storm system and grounding clamps). BC would like to point out that the 101b will come with a top-side mount for a gunner. For anyone interested in owning their own BC-101a Warhog, please view the following literature:
  11. But not everyone uses a Hex Mat, many use a Grid or no mat at all (ie, play it like 40k and measure everything with rulers/tapes/whatever). Especially those who use gaming tiles (the tiles I did for my city board have a 1" square grid that you can barely see except on the sidewalks/concrete sections - pics can be found on my blog here: https://cloudcraftsite.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/product-review-paper-make-its-city-streets-bundle/). Many gamers I know are going "off the grid" so to speak. So it makes sense that HERO would abandon the Hex Measurement system.
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