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Champions Power Advantages and Disadvantages

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I am a gamer from way back. I have Champions 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition. I have been looking at some of the newer products. I have picked up the 4th and 5th edition sourcebooks. There seems to be quite a few new power advantages, but no list of the specific effects of these advantages. In particular I see penetrating and persistent a lot but I cannot find exactly what they do/mean.

My question:

Is there a comprehensive list of Power advantages and disadvantages for Champions? And if so where can I find it?


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The 4th Edition Champions book (the Big Blue Book) includes both the Hero System rules, and the Champions source book in one volume. The 5th edition Champions source book does not include the Hero System rules. You need a copy of Hero System 5th Edition Revised to get the rules for play.

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